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Top 190 Alternatives to Simplyaweeb to Watch Your Favorite Anime for Free


Are you an anime or manga enthusiast looking for the best website to access new and old series? Simplyaweeb is one of the leading websites that provides users with quick and easy access to a wide range of content.

This article will discuss all there is to know about Simplyaweeb, its alternatives, and any potential associated risks. Whether you want to watch Naruto Shippuden or Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4, this guide offers something for everyone interested in watching anime online in 2023.

Content Highlights

  • Simplyaweeb is a user-friendly streaming platform for anime and manga fans.
  • It offers high-quality content free of charge, making it an appealing choice for those looking to be entertained without spending money.
  • Similar sites, like Simplyaweeb, include 9Anime, Anime-Planet, Funimation, and KissAnime, which provide quality anime content from different sources.
  • Benefits of using Simplyaweeb include access to various titles, ease of use, and support for original creators while alternatives such as AniWatcher, AnimeFreak, Crunchyroll, and Animelab offer additional options when selecting what to watch.

What is Simplyaweeb?


Simplyaweeb is an online platform for anime and manga series developed specifically with otaku fans in mind. It allows viewers to watch anime and read manga from various sources rapidly, efficiently, and conveniently, helping them stay up-to-date with their favorite shows.

Simplyaweeb boasts an extensive library full of high-quality content that is free to access, making it appealing to those looking for a way to keep entertained without slashing their wallets.

Its user-friendly design contributes to its popularity since the website was made intentionally simple so users can quickly navigate it to find what they need. With all these features combined, Simplyaweeb has gained the attention of many anime enthusiasts & otaku communities as one of the leading platforms for accessing legal online content quickly & easily.

Similar Sites to Simplyaweeb

Several streaming alternatives to Simplyaweeb are 9Anime, Anime-Planet, Funimation, and KissAnime.

Website Description
JustDubs An online platform providing English dubbed anime for free.
AnimeBubble A website offering an extensive collection of popular anime series and movies.
KissAnime It’s known for its vast library of anime content, including classics and latest releases.
9Anime A popular site for streaming high-quality anime content.
Anime-Planet Anime-Planet offers a comprehensive anime and manga database, reviews, recommendations, and social networking features.
Funimation A platform specializing in the dubbing and distributing of foreign content, most notably anime.


9Anime is an ideal alternative to Simplyaweeb for anime enthusiasts, especially those looking for various options. 9Anime offers a range of choices, including classic series and exclusive simulcasts from Japan.

It also caters to international audiences with subtitles in multiple languages—making it very user-friendly. Plus, it has partnered with other well-known sites such as Anime-Planet and Funimation, which helps create a unique viewing experience by providing even more content variety than what’s available on SimplyAWeeb alone.

For example, these additional partners give streaming services the opportunity to include original shows or provide access to more widely known titles without running into legal issues since all listed content is leased royalty-free under their agreements—promoting authentic works as opposed to pirated versions or bootleg releases that one may find on clones similar to the original site.

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Established in 2006, Anime-Planet is one of the most popular sites like Simplyaweeb. It offers 45,000 industry-supported anime episodes available for streaming in its library. With Anime-Planet, users can track their progress and maintain a list of content they have already watched, allowing them to pick up where they left off at any time.

In addition, reviews are available that help narrow down the options to find something that might be appealing. An interesting feature unique to this platform is discovering new anime tags based on favorite representation data, making it easier than ever to find content that suits an individual’s interests even more accurately.

Overall, Anime-Planet offers many advantages and benefits for anyone interested in watching legal anime content online with ease from tracking and discovering new titles and recommendations from other users!


Funimation is a renowned online streaming platform that offers a wide range of anime content. It provides users access to an extensive library of classic, modern, and upcoming titles for Japanese and Western audiences.

Furthermore, Funimation has launched special subscription plans where users can get full access to their exclusive collection of original shows and dubs from major publishers. Not only that, but it also supports creators by offering audience engagement at different levels, including forum discussions with fans, as well as monetization options such as advertisements on videos or direct donations.

Moreover, Funimation connects itself with similar sites to Simplyaweeb, which significantly benefits from its selection while allowing users more choices when looking for their desired anime shows or movies.


KissAnime is a popular free online streaming site for watching anime, cartoons, and movies that shut down in 2021. Fans of the platform were left frustrated when it was taken off the internet; however, luckily, numerous alternatives to KissAnime were available in 2023.

Alternatives such as 9Anime, Funimation, and Anime-Planet provide quality content similar to what was available on KissAnime for viewers who miss the idea of being able to watch their favorite anime shows from a dedicated website.

Furthermore, users can also find excellent alternatives to KissAnime on Reddit or by downloading different app files from sources like GitHub. Though these clones may not be affiliated with licensed companies, they still provide access to high-quality material, including subtitle versions of Subbed/Dubbed Animes And One Piece Movies.

Benefits of Using Simplyaweeb


With Simplyaweeb, users enjoy easy access to anime content from around the world, a wide variety of anime options to choose from, and support for original creators.

Easy access to anime content

Simplyaweeb offers anime and manga fans a comprehensive library of digital content to explore. Its user-friendly interface, efficient search function, and extensive list of streaming options make it easy to find the perfect anime that meets your preferences.

Whether it’s an ongoing series or newly released movies, Simplyaweeb has something for everyone. The site also prides itself on supporting original creators by linking directly to their work or stores where they can be supported financially should viewers choose to do so.

Easily keep track of your favorite shows with bookmarks and watch history tracking – ensuring no show is left unwatched!

Variety of anime options

Simplyaweeb is an excellent destination for all anime fans with its broad selection of titles. From classic hits to new releases, Simplyaweeb offers users plenty of options when selecting what to watch.

If you’re looking for an action-packed series or something more calming and serene, Simplyaweeb will have it. Chances are that no matter the genre, they most likely have something available to relieve your craving for anime.

Additionally, viewers can find comedy shows like No Game No Life Zero or traditional romantic ones like Love Live Sunshine Aqours season 1 on the website! In other words, there is sure to be at least one show out there ideally suited for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Support for original creators

Simplyaweeb. to is a popular website among anime fans for its commitment to original creators in the industry. It provides links to showings and recommendations so that users can access their favorite shows while supporting artists’ work in the process.

This helps authors, animators, and directors keep up with technological advancements, secure more followers, and generally have better control over how their content is being used online.

Simplyaweeb works hard to keep Japan’s intellectual property safe by ensuring it remains easy for people who love watching anime worldwide to find legal streaming programs without pirating or unlawfully reproducing copyrighted material.

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Best Alternatives to Simplyaweeb

Users can choose between popular sites that offer similar content to Simplyaweeb, such as AniWatcher, AnimeFreak, Crunchyroll, and AnimeLab.


AniWatcher is an excellent alternative for Simplyaweeb, specifically targeted at anime fans. It has an easy-to-navigate user interface to provide viewers with quick access to its extensive catalog of subbed and dubbed series.

Thousands of titles are available in full HD quality, making this site ideal for streaming all the latest episodes or older favorites. Various filters can be applied by genre, type or status to find shows that fit specific criteria quickly.

Moreover, AniWatcher supports original creators through their referral and donation system. Thus, it allows users to free up space on local storage drives while watching good-quality anime from any device with no ads!


AnimeFreak is a popular streaming site among anime fans due to its expansive library and user-friendly interface. It’s free, easy to navigate, and has ads that are relatively unobtrusive compared to other sites of the same ilk; making it an excellent choice for those wanting quick and convenient access to their favorite shows without losing any quality in the process.

AnimeFreak offers dubbed anime versions and subbed options so viewers can watch both languages natively. Furthermore, Netflix exclusives are available on AnimeFreak as well, giving you more freedom when choosing what type of content you want your show or movies to come from!


Crunchyroll is a popular site for streaming anime. It boasts an extensive collection of dubbed anime with thousands of episodes and many original titles. In addition to streamed simulcasts and dubs from Japan, Crunchyroll offers its proprietary series, such as High Guardian Spice or Wonder Egg Priority, both exclusively several weeks before its broadcast on other platforms.


AnimeLab is a fantastic streaming service that offers users an expansive library of anime content. This platform is particularly great for its quality selection, featuring thousands of popular and acclaimed titles from Japan, such as Bleach, Naruto, and Death Note.

AnimeLab also has something for all viewers: with genres ranging from comedy to horror, there’s certain to be something here a viewer would enjoy. The site even provides information about different shows, like their episode count and the year they aired.

For those who wish to support the original source material creators, AnimeLab makes this easy, too–there are direct links that link out to creator sites so you can show your appreciation!

Risks of Using Clones

Using clones can compromise user security as they may contain malware and potential legal ramifications from accessing pirate sites.


Malware is a serious concern with cloning services, as it can expose users to sophisticated hacking tactics that steal personal information and lead to potential financial ruin. Malicious ads, URI spoofs, browser redirects, suspicious cryptocurrency thefts, and rogue pop-ups are some dangers hidden beneath the surface.

With such malicious software lurking in its depths, misleadingly named downloads containing malware could leave unsuspecting viewers exposed to identity or data theft on their devices.

Therefore if you plan on using clones of Simplyaweeb, it is best practice for users to ensure they have appropriate anti-malware solutions installed and kept up-to-date, as well as only accessing secure sites from trusted sources.

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Legal issues

Using clones for websites such as Simplyaweeb and alternatives in 2023 may raise legal issues. Human cloning techniques are still relatively untested and can potentially pose unacceptable risks to clones, including shortened life spans and unfavorable health conditions.

This means that the legality of using human clones for commercial purposes is a contentious topic. It is important to consider both ethical implications and legal ramifications when considering the use of clone sites — researchers have yet to fully understand all potential effects on cloned humans or their consent should they be liberated.

Additionally, these questionable methods used to create clones make it difficult to ensure the safety of user information or guarantee fair terms between users and Original Content creators. So it’s critical to make sure you stick with safe sources when exploring anime streaming options online in terms of both financial security and legal compliance concerning copyrights.

Top Alternatives to Simplyaweeb

Now we’ll find the best 180 alternatives to Divicast to stream Movies and TV shows. So, check them out. 

  1. See HD
  2. Movies2watch
  3. Stagevu
  4. HDMovie5
  5. Vidics
  6. MoviesJoy
  7. FMoviesFree
  8. Drama Cool
  9. PutLocker .vc
  10. PrimeWire
  11. MX Player
  12. StreamOnHD
  13. Nites .tv
  14. Kocowa
  15. Cineb
  16. Ziggo GO
  17. XUMO
  18. SinterklaasJournaal
  19. Classiccinemaonline
  20. AllMoviesHub
  21. 123MoviesHub
  22. Vudu
  23. SSR Movies
  24. IceFilms
  25. TV4 Play
  26. Kshow123
  27. Just Watch
  28. Prime Wire
  29. TVGemist
  30. Cmovies
  31. Soap2Day
  32. M4UHD
  33. Watch Free
  34. TinyZone
  35. PelisPlus
  36. Hindilinks4u .to
  37. SockShare
  38. Yify TV
  39. DramaCool
  40. HackIMDB
  41. 0123Movies
  42. Kocowa
  43. MoviesPapa
  44. Moonline
  45. PopcornFlix .run
  46. 5Movies
  47. Global TV
  48. New PrimeWire
  49. KissTVShow
  50. TVGemist
  51. Ssrmovies
  52. Vijf
  53. XMovies8
  54. AvAMovies
  55. HDBollyhub .uno
  56. GoStream
  57. JustWatch
  58. DivxCrawler
  59. WatchSeriesHD
  60. Stagevu
  61. Repelis24
  62. 123Movies .net
  63. Movies2watch
  64. EupixHD
  65. WatchFree
  66. SinterklaasJournaal
  67. Hindilinks4u .to
  68. Music HQ
  69. PrimeWire
  70. HDMovie5
  71. Rezka
  72. Sony Crackle
  73. Ziggo GO
  74. SinterklaasJournaal
  75. IceFilms
  76. StreamLikers
  77. Kocowa
  78. TV4 Play
  79. StreamLive
  80. Prime Wire
  81. KatMovieHd .Vin
  82. Rainierland
  83. 5Movies
  84. Watch Free
  85. HDBollyhub .uno
  86. Drama Cool
  87. MoviesPapa
  88. WatchSeriesHD
  89. 123MoviesHub
  90. F5movies
  91. XUMO
  92. Hoichoi
  93. HDMovie5
  94. TVGemist
  95. See HD
  96. Classiccinemaonline
  97. TV4 Play
  98. Afdah
  99. WatchSeriesHD
  100. StreamOnHD
  101. Drama Cool
  102. SockShare
  103. 123Movies .ch
  104. Movies2watch
  105. DivxCrawler
  106. zee5
  107. Cmovies
  108. 123Movies .net
  109. DramaCool
  110. Putlocker9
  111. Repelis24
  112. SinterklaasJournaal
  113. AllMoviesHub
  114. Cineb
  115. New PrimeWire
  116. PutLocker .vc
  117. Watch Series
  118. Ssrmovies
  119. Global TV
  120. XMovies8
  121. HDmovie5
  122. Music HQ
  123. AvAMovies
  124. TV4 Play
  125. EupixHD
  126. Stagevu
  127. TinyZone
  128. Yify TV
  129. Just Watch
  130. M4UHD
  131. Rezka
  132. MX Player
  133. WatchFree
  134. SockShare
  135. StreamOnHD
  136. IceFilms
  137. Njam TV
  138. DosMovies
  139. MoviesJoy
  140. Zapp
  141. Kshow123
  142. KissTVShow
  143. Sony Crackle
  144. Ziggo GO
  145. Classiccinemaonline
  146. HD streamz
  147. Kijk
  148. Yes Movies
  149. FreeFlix
  150. Movie4u
  151. Rainierland
  152. HouseMovie
  153. PrimeWire
  154. XUMO
  155. HDMovie5
  156. Hindilinks4u .to
  157. putlocker
  158. 123MoviesHub
  159. Rainierland
  160. 5Movies
  161. Yify TV
  162. Cmovies
  163. KatMovieHd .Vin
  164. WatchFree
  165. HDBollyhub .uno
  166. WatchSeriesHD
  167. StreamOnHD
  168. CineBloom
  169. YoMovies
  170. Monoline
  171. FreeFlix
  172. MoviesJoy
  173. Hindilinks4u .to
  174. Movie4u
  175. JustWatch
  176. Putlockers2
  177. TamilDhool
  178. Kocowa
  179. SubAdictos
  180. HDBollyhub .uno

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Is it safe to use Simplyaweeb?

Simplyaweeb is considered one of the most reliable websites for streaming anime content. With a secure platform and much user praise, Simplyaweeb has earned itself an excellent reputation.

Many visitors have praised the site’s usability and array of options for watching their favorite shows. Additionally, viewers can rest assured that all content released on Simplyaweeb respects the copyright laws put in place to protect original creators.

Furthermore, reviews left by viewers allude to Extremely satisfactory user experience while using Simplyaweeb’s services – no dangerous viruses or malicious software were detected with any viewer reviews yet given.


Simplyaweeb is an excellent option for anyone watching anime and manga series online. It offers a huge variety of content, easy access to fans’ favorite series, and support for original creators in the anime industry.

However, users should be sure to look into the safety of any website they are considering using as well as familiarize themselves with potential legal issues raised by specific sites.

Although many alternative sites exist, Simplyaweeb remains popular among anime and manga enthusiasts due to its user-friendly interface, wide selection of content, and commitment to helping out original creators.

With this in mind, it is clear that in 2023, Simplyaweeb will remain a great option for online access to quality anime content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to know more about Simplyaweeb, check the answers below.

1. What is Simplyaweeb?

Simplyaweeb is a web hosting service that provides users with reliable and secure online hosting plans.

2. What features does Simplyaweeb offer?

Simplyaweeb offers multiple server locations, unlimited storage, one-click setup, 24/7 customer support, and other helpful features for website owners.

3. Are there any alternatives to Simplyaweeb in 2023?

Yes, many competitive services, such as HostGator or WordPress, could be suitable alternatives for those looking to host their websites in 2023.   

4. Are there discounts or special promotions offered by Simplyaweb?

Yes! You may find promotional codes on the official website or use coupon sites such as CouponCamel to access temporary discounts and promotional offers when signing up with Simplyawebs’s services.

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