135 Best 123Anime Alternatives for Watching Online Animes in 2023

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123Anime is a website that allows users to stream anime episodes and movies. It also features a vast library of free episodes and films that you may watch with advertisements. The website also provides paid subscriptions that remove advertisements and provide films in HD quality.

Some people choose to watch anime online because they lack a television or because they are constantly on the move. Several websites provide access to free anime online, but there is a catch. If you want to watch anime for free online, 123Anime is a great option for other free anime websites.

The video quality is lower than if you had viewed it on television or streamed it from your computer. Everyone can watch anime, but it was designed for children and teenagers. There are numerous genres of anime films that appeal to audiences of all ages and levels of interest, so there is always something for everyone to enjoy!

What is 123Anime?

123Anime is a well-known website that offers anime streaming services as part of its online viewing offerings. With 123Anime.mobi, customers may also watch free anime series. The user-friendly layout of 123 Anime displays a changing list of anime types, movies, and other stuff. Also, you may search for English subtitles and translated clasps in a vast collection of anime. New anime series are frequently added to the 123Anime website. The performances and scenes are recorded in HD and are accessible for free. Everyone enjoys 123Anime.mobi because its job is straightforward and simple to comprehend.

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Features of 123anime Site

123anime features a noteworthy feature that will make you fall in love with the website.

Fast Streaming

Several servers are used to stream a single anime episode, ensuring that there are no glitches and that the process is swift. It also allows you to broadcast without buffering by reducing the stream’s quality.

Unlimited Genres

Unlike other popular sites, 123anime allows users to view free anime from a limitless number of genres. You will have numerous selections and amusements to fill your leisure time. The website’s Genres consist of Action, Adventure, Cars, Comedy, Psychological, Romance, Gaming, Supernatural, Thriller, Samurai, Mystery, and a great deal more. You may quickly select your preferred genre and start watching or downloading content from there. Although unlimited genres and the content will not be available immediately, the site offers everything, and we recommend giving it a shot.

Easy Access

Everything is simply accessible on the site. The Menu area provides seamless and simple access to the anime genre of your choosing. Filter, All Shows, A-Z anime, Japanese, Chinese, Subbed, Dubbed, and proxy are types of menu sections. Select anything with a single click and begin watching or downloading immediately. 


The status section of 123anime displays ongoing, completed, and forthcoming anime. Ongoing refers to anime programs and films that are still airing or being released. Completed refers to anime whose episodes have been released and are complete. Upcoming refers to anime that will be released in the near future. What could be better than a tool to locate your favourite anime instantly?


You may also find anime to watch using the ‘Types’ option. This section lists several types of anime, including TV series, movies, ONA, OVA, and specials. This feature is one of the most compelling reasons to visit the website immediately. 

Movie and Anime

This section of 123anime contains the Kissanime and 123movies websites. Kissanime is an additional dependable source for anime fans that provides endless animes, and the 123anime website also contains a link guiding its visitors. The 123anime department offers Japanese films and other animes for free viewing and download.

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Schedule and News

In the schedule area, you can find the animes that will be available on the website at a particular date and hour. And the news section will provide you with the most recent anime-related news. In addition to anime news, you may also find relevant information here. In addition, viewers can see anime videos uploaded by other members and read related forums.

Why is 123Anime So Popular?

Even though 123Anime’s success is simple to explain, given that it is a free platform, this is not the sole explanation. The success of 123Anime among anime enthusiasts may be ascribed to a number of factors, including its user-friendly interface and infinite free anime streaming.

  • 123Anime website continually updates its database to provide its viewers with the most recent anime content as soon as it is shown.
  • The 123Anime platform offers a variety of video resolutions so that you may view your favourite series in the finest possible quality.
  • The 123Anime service also provides subtitling for anime videos. You have complete control over whether the function is enabled or disabled.
  • Android users may utilize their mobile devices to download the 123Anime mobile app and watch uninterrupted anime on 123Anime.

How to Download Anime From 123Anime?

You can now use the app on your Android device to download anime. If you’re going on a long trip and won’t have access to the internet, you could use this.

Here’s how to use the app to get anime:

  • First, go to the website for Riptiger to get the latest version of the APK.
  • Get the 123Anime APK file and install it on your phone. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up APK.
  • Launch the 123Anime app once it’s been set up to start streaming anime.

What Kinds of Anime can be Watched on 123Anime?

The website of 123 Anime offers a vast variety of genres. At 123Anime, you have numerous alternatives to choose from. Dementia, Demons, Drama, Martial Arts, Josei, Parody, School, Slice of Life, Yaoi, and Yuri are offered, among many more.

123 Anime has divided it into numerous categories to make it simpler for viewers to access 1080p video. By categorizing each film or television show, 123Anime’s online content loads more quickly and is easier to access.

135 Best 123Anime Alternatives Websites to Watch Online Animes

  1. AnimePahe
  2. AnimeTake
  3. AnimeDao
  5. Funimation
  6. Animestreams
  7. Crunchyroll
  8. Netflix
  9. VRV
  10. AnimeKarma
  11. AnimeUltima
  12. 9anime
  13. Vidstreaming
  14. Rooster Teeth
  15. WatchAnimeMovie
  16. AnimeFreak
  17. AnimeFrenzy
  18. Animeseason
  19. Otakustream
  20. Animebix
  21. GoGoAnime
  22. AnimeNova
  23. NarutoGet
  24. Anilinkz
  25. Because. me
  26. BakaBT
  27. Daisuki
  28. AnimeLand
  29. KissAnime
  30. Anime Planet
  31. AnimeNana
  32. Chia-Anime
  33. AnimeShow
  34. Terrarium TV
  35. Kiss Cartoon
  36. Justdubs.org
  37. Amazon Prime Video
  38. WCO Stream
  39. Cry Anime
  40. Jkanime
  41. Animelab
  42. MasterAnime
  43. BabyAnime
  44. Hulu
  45. AnimeHeaven
  46. DarkAnime
  47. DubbedAnime
  48. Because.Moe
  49. Nyaa Torrents
  50. AnimeFLV
  51. 4anime
  52. 7anime
  53. NWAnime
  54. Anime Door
  55. AnimeKaizoku
  56. CartoonCrazy
  57. Animexd
  58. CartoonsOn
  59. MyAnimeList
  60. Anime Tosho
  61. AnimeHeroes
  62. AnimeBee
  63. Horriblesubs
  64. FMovies.to
  65. HDRezka
  66. AniWatcher
  67. animebam
  68. 123Movies.net
  69. AnimeHeros
  70. Masterani.me
  71. ConTV
  72. SockShare
  73. 123-Movies.com
  74. XMovies8.io
  75. PutLocker.vc
  76. WatchCartoonOnline
  77. Animexd.me
  78. AnimeRebel
  79. Mangapark
  80. Manga Rock
  81. Darkanime.stream
  82. AsianCrush
  83. animejo.com
  84. Masterani
  85. VIZ
  86. WatchOP
  87. AniChart
  88. gogoanimeplay.net
  89. onepunchmanepisodes.com
  90. animesepisodes.com
  91. nattyworld.in
  92. kissanime.fm
  93. kissanimedb.com
  94. thegogoanime.net
  95. onkissanime.cc
  96. Wcoanimesub.tv
  97. onepunchman.online
  98. gogoanimehub.tv
  99. livekissanime.com
  100. kissanime.uk.com
  101. animeshow.tv
  102. thewatchcartoononline.tv
  103. Merchhoodies.com
  104. gogoanime.video
  105. kissanime.me.uk
  106. wcostream.com
  107. kissanime.vc
  108. ani.me
  109. actiontrack.org.uk
  110. dubbedanime.biz
  111. animepisode.com
  112. animecloud.net
  113. 9anime.uno
  114. aniwatcher.com
  115. animebix.com
  116. wcoanimedub.tv
  117. 9animes.io
  118. techruth.com
  119. animekisa.tv
  120. animesub.cc
  121. animeflix.io
  122. animeok.net
  123. kiss-anime.ws
  124. kissanime.monster
  125. kayoanime.com
  126. animefever.tv
  127. Animehail.me
  128. 4anime.to
  129. Gogoanime.watch
  130. alltechbest.com
  131. animekaioken.com
  132. animecracks.com
  133. myheroacademiaseason4.com
  134. gogoanimehd.org.uk
  135. Animeheaven.ru

Is 123Anime Safe?

According to ScamAdviser, 123Anime appears to be a legitimate and trustworthy website. Also, 123Anime has received great feedback. The positive trust score of ScamAdviser is based on an automated review of forty various online data sources, such as the technology utilized, the location of the company, other websites hosted on the same web server, etc.

Generally, websites with a score of 80% or higher are safe to use, and those with a score of 100% are extremely safe. Therefore, we strongly advise you to investigate every new website on which you want to shop or provide your personal information. Criminals have been identified as possessing highly reputable websites.

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Do You Need a VPN to Stream with 123anime?

There is always an arising question. Is 123anime safe to use? Regarding security, we must consider two factors: Malware and content piracy 123anime may include pirated content, and streaming may result in infringements of intellectual property rights. So, while watching on this site, you should utilize one of the best VPNs.

Similar to Virus, multiple adverts will be presented while watching. Hence, if you click on the wrong advertisements, you risk infecting your device with malware. Thus, you must utilize the best antivirus software.


For many years, anime has been a popular type of entertainment. It is a Japanese animation consisting of drawings and sound. They typically contain an emotional plot, are frequently situated in another universe, and focus on youngsters who are experiencing some type of hardship or struggle.

There are some anime with more serious topics than others, but the vast majority also contain some form of humor. The easiest method to determine what you may enjoy is to watch some free episodes on 123Anime Alternatives To Watch Free Anime!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about 123Anime

What are the proxy sites for 123Anime?

There are many proxy sites for 123Anime, such as 123animes.ru, 123animes.co, 123animes.club, 123anime.go, 123anime.mobi, 123anime.to, and 123animes.info, that can be used to unblock 123Anime.

Is 123Anime Legal?

Now that technology has come so far, it’s easy to get to everything. But if some places and waterfalls in your area are off-limits, it is almost always against the law for you to go there. So, it’s hard to say if it’s against the law when you watch 123 Anime. Find out if sites like 123Anime are blocked where you live or by your government.

Is a 123Anime app available for download?

Yes, you can get the 123Anime app from Google Play. You can also find the apk file on the internet and download it.


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