Property Vs Asset Management: Key Differences You Should Know

Property and asset management are the key parameters for any long-term investor worldwide. These are the two most important components of the real estate industry operators and investment planners.

Both property and asset management work is involved directly with wealth management and investment planning. While asset management is involved long-term and mid-term management, real estate or property management usually involves long-term investment.

If you are planning for a long-term investment for a better future in property and assets, it is imperative that you zero in on a reputed company handling these two issues. Any miscalculation or wrong selection of a property consultant can lead to huge monetary losses.

A marketing survey conducted by the EY (Ernst & Young Services Private Limited) finds that 37% of Australian wealth management clients think managing their wealth has become more complex over the last two years. This has led to huge demand for reputed property consultants across Australia among real estate investors.

Before going further, it’s essential to determine the difference between these key terms: property and asset management.

Property and asset management may seem identical, but they are different.

Here are the Key Differences Between these Two Terms

The Basis of Focus: An asset management company is concerned about managing assets of different sorts, like financial markets. They will advise you on investing in different areas to book profits.

It may include buying bonds and securities, investing in gold, investing in the stock exchange, and real estate. On the other hand, property management involves:

  • Maintaining a property.

  • Dealing with the property’s daily requirements.

  • Advising you on whom to sell the property if you want to book a higher profit. 

Value Addition and ROI: Property management involves improvement in property value. They guide you on whether you should continue with the same property with no appreciation in price or sell it at prevailing prices to book profit. Asset managers aim at higher ROI (Return on Investment) for the assets purchased or obtained by clients. Asset managers guide asset owners (including property owners) about real-time assessment of market conditions to safeguard their ROI.

Marketing Aspect: An asset manager is concerned about investment avenues. He may guide you in which area to invest in (including housing). He will suggest you buy, hold or sell a particular asset, be it gold, bond, share, or real estate.

The property management company will suggest areas where the real estate should be purchased for long-term high appreciation of ROI (like in prime localities in a city) and tell you about the current market trend and future of the same.

Area of Specialization: A property management company can inform you all about the current prices of land parcels, the leasing price trend of commercial properties, and the future of city area-centric price appreciation of both land and real estate.

The asset managers offer you the best investment plans and explain your investments’ long-term, mid-term, and short-term possibilities in different areas. They can manage your investment portfolios.

Core Purpose: Property management companies such as help you find tenants for your residential flat or lease out your office premises to a company. It will do marketing for you. Your asset manager does not market for you but helps you invest your disposable income in profit-generating investment areas. The company primarily wants to ensure that your asset generates profit or income.

If you’re in doubt, contact a property and asset consultant or expert, which can ensure that you get a very good return on your investment by managing your asset and selling it at a much higher price if you decide (to sell the asset to book profit).

In Conclusion

One of the primary reasons why selecting the right property and asset management company is very important for you is that such a reputed company can help you in multiple ways to select the ideal property and manage this asset over the years. 

You should always go for a company or firm that provides full-service solutions for property acquisition and managing assets. They should also take care of all legal affairs related to it.

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