Personal Data Breach Suit Against ChatGPT Creators

OpenAI is charged of “stealing private information” from millions of Internet users, including kids of all ages, in order to advance and create technologies for financial gain.

This Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed in California (USA) against the American artificial intelligence research company OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, for infringing the rights to copy and the privacy of millions of internet users.

The case was filed on Wednesday and made public on the Clarkson legal firm’s website, where it was said that they wanted to defend “real people whose information has been stolen and inappropriately commercially diverted to create this very powerful technology.”

In his letter, the author accuses OpenAI of “stealing private information” from millions of Internet users, including children of all ages, in order to advance technology and make money.

The case principally focuses on the development of ” generative ” artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ” chatbots ” (ChatGPT) and picture generators that produce creative content using pre-existing data taken from the internet.

These tools are fed by human-generated material, such as private conversations and medical records, which were frequently acquired without the creators’ permission.

According to the lawsuit, “immediate legal intervention” is required to safeguard human interests and values against AI’s potential to “exploit human beings without regard to their welfare or consent.”

Additionally, it emphasizes that specialists are already imagining a catastrophic situation that could result in the extinction of the human species “as a threat to their objectives” if there is no regularization of these technologies.

This month, a radio DJ sued OpenAI for defamation, claiming that ChatGPT created text unfairly accusing it of fraud. OpenAI had previously been accused of unlawfully monetizing open source technology (Github) to train its AI systems.

One of the main demands of the Hollywood Writers Guild strike, which is that the major producers must safeguard their copyrights and my ability to work as a writer, is the debate of fair regulation of AI, which has also gained popularity in the entertainment industries.

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