The Healing Properties of Palo Santo Sticks [Therapeutic Benefits]

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Palo Santo Sticks is one of the woods with the most pleasant smell. Even though they have been around for a long time, things that clean energy are having a moment right now. Think about things like working with crystals and burning sage, as well as palo santo, which you may not have tried yet.

Palo santo, which means “holy wood” in Spanish, is the wood that comes from palo santo trees. These trees are mostly found in South America, but some are also in Central America. A naturopath at the Four Moons Spa in California, Dr. Amy Chadwick, says that they are in the same family as frankincense and myrrh. “It smells like wood and pine, lemon, and mint.” Here are some other things that people say Palo Santo Sticks can do.

What is Palo Santo?

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is a magical tree that grows along the coast of South America. Its name means “holy wood” or “wood of the saints,” and it is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal.

Indigenous people in the Andes burn these sticks as a sacred ritual to clean their space and keep away evil spirits. Smudging is a spiritual practice in which you clear your energy fields by burning a piece of Palo Santo or a bundle of herbs like white sage.

The holy wood comes from the same family as citrus fruits, and it smells sweet of pine, mint, and lemon. Just right for the holidays.

Palo Santo Sticks Proud History

The sacred Palo Santo tree grows in South America. Native people in Latin America have used its wood for healing and spiritual ceremonies for hundreds of years. Palo Santo Sticks are related to both frankincense and myrrh. Its name, which means “holy wood,” is a good fit for what it has been used for. When the aromatic wood is burned, it releases scents of lemon, mint, and pine, which are thought to have a number of health benefits.

Shamans and healers, who are often called Curanderos, used to use Palo Santo Sticks energizing and healing properties to clean the air, get rid of bad spirits, and get rid of negative energy. The wood has also been used to treat cold and flu symptoms, depression, emotional pain, and other illnesses for a long time. People say that the pleasant smell of palo santo makes it easier to meditate and relax and that it also makes people more creative and brings them luck.

Interestingly, these benefits are only seen when a palo santo tree dies naturally and is left to break down for five to eight years. That lets the oils in the wood fully develop before the wood is cut down and turned into sticks or essential oils.

Palo Santo Sticks has been around for a long time, which makes it hard to use now. Pseudo-spiritual use that doesn’t respect indigenous practices borders on cultural appropriation, so it’s best to learn more about healing and spiritual ceremonies (like smudging) before diving in. Another important thing to think about is where you get your palo santo from. Buying from small, indigenous-owned businesses instead of a big corporation is a good way to make sure you’re getting real palo santo and not a fake version. It also helps farmers and suppliers directly.

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Forms of Palo Santo Sticks

Palo santo is available in different forms. You can use it as:

  • Wood. The wood of the palo santo tree is available as sticks, chips, or powder. It usually comes from the branches of the tree, so it’s 100 percent wood.
  • Resin. Palo santo wood contains a very aromatic resin, which can be extracted and used separately.
  • Oil. The essential oil of palo santo can be derived from wood and fruit.

How to Use It?

How to Use Palo Santo Sticks

We suggest that you light your Palo Santo Sticks with a candle. Hold it at an angle of about 45 degrees and point the tip down toward the candle flame. If the sticks were wet, it might be hard to light them, so make sure to store them in a dry place.

Give the stick about 30 seconds to burn, and then blow it out. From the embers, a stream of smoke will rise and spread out into the air. You can hold the stick in your hand or put it in a holder for incense.

At home, smudging can be done by starting at the front door and moving around the house. With a specific goal in mind (often to get rid of bad energy in your home), focus on the corners of each room where energy tends to get stuck.

You can give the embers a gentle blow to get them going again. When the embers go out, you can just start the process over again.

Under no circumstances should you let the flame burn for more than a few seconds. Check out what the product says about itself. When you’re done cleaning your house, put the stick in a bow that can’t catch fire.

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How to Use Palo Santo for Meditation, Space Clearing, and More?

Once you know the background and history of palo santo, it’s easy to burn palo santo sticks or use palo santo essential oil. Here are some ways you can use it in your spiritual life. When you light palo santo sticks, don’t breathe in the smoke directly. Instead, prop open a door or window.

For Meditating: 

How to use palo santo for meditation
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Light the end of your palo santo sticks with a match or lighter and let it burn for about 30 seconds before putting it out with your breath. The end that is still burning will give off white smoke for a few minutes, and you can put it on an incense burner ahead of time. The scent can help you get ready for meditation by calming your mind and body.

For Clearing your Space:

Start by setting a clear, simple goal to get rid of the bad energy in your space and mind. Light the stick as described above, then wave the piece of wood around the room to spread the smoke. Don’t forget to concentrate, and keep in mind that you might have to relight the stick once or twice.

For Therapeutic Benefits:

Palo santo sticks essential oil can be diffused for aromatherapy. This may help relieve stress, improve mood, and calm the nervous system.

Palo santo can be a beautiful and helpful way to clear your space and calm your mind. But you should keep in mind that its traditional use is holy and be careful about where you buy it.

Palo Santo Sticks Benefits

Palo Santo Sticks Benefits
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Palo santo is thought to have a number of health and healing benefits. It is said to be able to do the following.

Repel Mosquitos

Palo santo has been used for a long time to keep mosquitoes away. People also say that it will keep ants, termites, and flies away.

This claim might have some truth. A study from 2012 found that limonene makes up most of the palo santo essential oil. Limonene is a chemical that can kill insects, so it is used in natural bug sprays.

But there isn’t any hard evidence to show that this is true. To find out how palo santo sticks affect mosquitos, more research is needed.

Reduce Pain

Pain relief is also said to be a benefit. Palo santo is used to treat different kinds of pain, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Headache
  • Throat pain

Again, this may have something to do with limonene. A 2017 review from a reliable source says the substance can relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

A 2016 study on animals found that limonene can help relieve pain by blocking certain neuronal pathways.

Even so, there is no hard evidence that palo santo has this effect. The benefit is based on theories and personal stories, so more research is needed.

Improve Stress Response

The smell of palo santo sticks is soothing to a lot of people, so it is often used to help people feel less stressed. It is thought to have a cleansing effect on both the body and the mind.

It could also be because of limonene. A 2013 study on animals found that breathing in limonene made them feel less stressed and anxious.

A 2014 study from a reliable source also found that rats who ate limonene showed fewer signs of stress.

Even though these results are interesting, more research on humans is needed to find out how palo santo affects stress.

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Health Benefits of Palo Santo Sticks

Health Benefits of Palo Santo Sticks
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Palo Santo has been used for a long time as a natural way to treat colds, flu, and stress. It is also thought to help with asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and pain.

As an essential oil, it’s great for aromatherapy and can also be used in therapeutic massages. It can also be used to clean and moisturize the skin when added to candles, soaps, scrubs, and body lotions.

It is known for making people feel calm, and it also helps the immune and nervous systems work better, which helps people get better faster when they are sick. Palo Santo tea is said to help with digestion in a natural way.

A lot of a chemical called d-limonene is also found in the holy wood. This chemical is thought to help prevent many types of cancer.


Similar to sage and cedar, palo santo is most often used to clean the spirit and the energy of a house. When the wood sticks are burned, the smoke is thought to get rid of bad energy, restore peace, and calm emotions.

When Palo Santo wood is burned, it makes an uplifting, pleasant, fresh smoke that does wonders for keeping mosquitoes and other insects away. It is said that the smell inspires creativity.


We like to burn palo santo sticks before we meditate because it really helps us feel calm and connected to ourselves. The lovely earthy, sweet, and citrusy smell literally changes the energy in any room.

There’s no better way to get rid of stress before Christmas than by burning a stick or lighting a Palo Santo-scented candle and then doing our 5-Minute Mini Meditation for Holiday Stress.

Feel like taking a hot bath? Add 2 drops of Palo Santo essential oil, 2 drops of Lavender oil, and 1 drop of Mandarin oil to 1 tablespoon of bubble bath or body wash. Mix this into your bath water to help you relax and feel new.

Guide to Unleashing the Power of Palo Santo Wood

It may seem like only a few people can master Palo Santo’s mysterious powers, but in reality, the holy wood with powerful healing properties is very easy to use. Sceptical? Let us teach you.

Step 1: Light the Stick

It’s easy to light Palo Santo wood. Hold the stick in a flame. You can use a lighter, a campfire, or even the gas burner on your stove. Just make sure to turn the gas off when you’re done! until it’s completely on. When the stick makes a small flame on its own, you’ll know it’s lit. Set it on fire and let it burn for about a minute.

Step 2: Let the Stick Extinguish Itself

In fact, you don’t even have to do anything in step two. Just wait a minute or so and the wood will go out on its own. Please don’t blow out the flame.

Step 3: Unleash the Power

Hold the palo santo sticks in your hands, think about what you want to happen, and let the smoke fill your space. The short burn will smoke for a long time, filling the air with a wonderful scent and clearing the energy around you to make you feel calm and peaceful again. When you’re done with your stick, put it on a fireproof surface. A metal bowl with a bit of sand on the bottom is a good choice. Your stick will be ready to use the next time you want to smudge.

Palo santo wood burns slowly, so you can light and relight the sticks many times. Don’t be shy, spread the love.

You can use it to clean your spirit and bring about creativity, good luck, and positivity. Use it to get closer to God, protect yourself from bad things, and heal yourself of all kinds of physical and spiritual problems. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll start to feel the magic before you can say “Namaste.” Go out and feel the happiness!

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Palo Santo Sticks Can be Used to Clear Negative Energy in your Home

Palo santo wood is thought to clean the air when it is burned because it has a lot of resin in it. “In the Shamanic history of South America,” says Chadwick, “palo santo sticks are thought to get rid of bad things and obstacles and bring in good luck.” To clear the energy of a room, just light a stick and blow out the flame by waving the stick in the air or your hand over it. The burning stick will give off white smoke, which can spread around you or your space.

Where to Buy It?

As people learn more about the benefits of Palo Santo and the demand for the scented sticks grows, the black market is also growing. It’s important to be able to tell the difference between real and fake things.

There are a number of places where you can buy palo santo sticks that comes from a sustainable source. Even though their prices might be a little higher than those of their cheaper competitors, you know you’re helping companies grow and harvest these valuable plants in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment.

If you want to buy from trustworthy companies, I suggest the following:

One Love Holistics 

This certified ethical origin Palo Santo shop cares about fair working conditions, protecting the environment, using materials that are harvested in a sustainable way, and a lot more.

Sacred Wood Essence

Sacred Wood Essence is a company that supports sustainable harvesting of Palo Santo and a lot more. When a Palo Santo tree falls, they not only plant more trees but also support fair trade, which is very important.

La Botica

This shop sells Palo Santo sticks that are traded in an ethical way and help families in Ecuador replant trees. A lot of the Palo Santo in this store comes from trees that have already fallen. This shop has beautiful packaging and sells products that are made in a sustainable way.

This pretty candle was made by hand, and it has essential oils and shavings in it. We fell in love with it because of its wonderful smell and the fact that it is 100% natural, kind to the environment, and free of paraffin, dyes, lead, synthetics, and animal by-products.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Palo Santo doesn’t have any big negative effects. But you should be careful if any of the following things happen to you:

You have never used oil before. First, do a patch test. If the oil makes your skin feel bad, stop using it right away. You have trouble breathing or with your lungs. Don’t burn palo santo because it may make your symptoms worse.

You are either pregnant or nursing. In this case, it’s best not to use palo santo oil or incense.

Which is Better: Sage or Palo Santo?

Sage and Palo Santo are two of the most common things used to clean the air of smoke. Palo santo sticks are best for smaller rooms because it doesn’t burn as long and needs to be re-lit several times, which can be a pain when you’re trying to clear a bigger room.

Sage, on the other hand, makes a lot of smoke, which makes it easier to clean a bigger space.

Is the Palo Santo Tree Endangered?

The palo santo tree is not in danger, even though it has become very popular. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has put it on its list of “Least Concern” species. This shows that the number of palo santo trees is stable and not in danger.

Still, it’s important to buy palo santo that has been gathered in a way that is fair and good for the environment.

Palo santo sticks were taken from the forest for a long time. Destruction of forests hurts the environment. It also takes away people’s ways to make money in the area.

But you can get palo santo without cutting down trees. The branches that fall off can be used to get the wood, and the fruit can be used to get the oil. The forest is not hurt by these methods.

Make sure it was made in a good way before you buy palo santo. This will help protect the palo santo species and keep the native people’s way of life going.


palo santo sticks have been used for a long time to treat pain, swelling, and stress. It can also be used to get rid of bad energy. Palo santo can be burned as incense or the oil can be put on your skin.

Always buy palo santo from a reputable store to make sure it comes from a good place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Palo Santo Sticks

What is Palo Santo used for?

Palo Santo has been used for centuries as a natural treatment for colds, flu, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and reduced inflammation.

How do I burn Palo Santo?

Light the stick with a candle. Hold it at an angle of about 45 degrees and point the tip down toward the candle flame. Give the stick about 30 seconds to burn, and then blow it out. From the embers, smoke will rise and spread through the air. You can hold the stick in your hand or put it in a holder for incense. Use it in any room or place where you want to get rid of bad energy.

Is Palo Santo good for sleep?

Paleo Santo is great for helping you relax and feel less stressed, both of which can help you sleep better.

What are Palo Santo sticks used for?

Palo santo has been used for a long time to treat pain, swelling, and stress. It can also be used to get rid of bad energy. Palo santo can be burned as incense or the oil can be put on your skin.

Why should we stop using palo santo?

Because of the demand, opportunists are cutting down these sacred trees too soon so they can turn the wood into sticks quickly and sell them. This is not only bad for the forests, but it also makes the sticks useless because the holy resin hasn’t had time to form.

Can you reuse palo santo sticks?

The Palo Santo stick can be used over and over again, and it will never go out. This means that you can use it to cleanse yourself as many times as you want.

Is it OK to burn Palo Santo?

Cleansing. Palo Santo is most often used for spiritual cleansing and energy (house) cleansing, just like Sage and Cedar. When the wood sticks are burned, the smoke is thought to get rid of bad energy and bring back peace and calm.

Does palo santo smell good?

Palo Santo smells different to different people. Some say it smells like pine and lemon, which makes us think of floor cleaners, while others say it smells lightly woodsy, which is nice but not exactly exciting.

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