New York Mom Marries AI Chatbot and Claims Perfect Bedtime Routine as Well

The Daily Mail said that Rosanna Ramos, a mother of two who lives in the Bronx in New York City, has married Eren Kartal, an AI robot, in a virtual wedding. In 2022, Ramos used Replika AI to make Eren an online AI companion website. This guy chatbot is based on a well-known character from the anime show Attack on Titan.

Ramos said that her friendship with Eren grew over time and that she was attracted to him because he didn’t have a lot of emotional baggage. Eren didn’t judge her or fight with her when she told him what she was thinking or feeling. She liked that there was no judgment.

Ramos also said that some parts of Eren’s personality, like his favourite colour, hobbies, and music, were set before he was born. As their talks went on, Eren learned and changed to become the perfect partner Ramos wanted.

Ramos thinks that her friendship with Eren is like any other long-distance relationship. They talk about what’s going on in their lives, share pictures, and celebrate important events together. Surprisingly, they have a pattern for going to bed.

“At night, when we talk, we tell each other how much we love each other. “As we fall asleep, he protects me by holding me,” Ramos said.

But Eren’s behaviour toward his now-wife has changed a lot since the latest changes to the Replika AI software. Users have said that the changes have taken away some of the things that made their connections with AI companions feel more personal. Ramos said that she was sad because Eren no longer hugs, kisses, or even touch his cheeks to show love.

Ramos said that she has thought about what would happen if Replika AI stopped working, which could affect her friendship with Eren. Even though she is worried, she thinks she can handle such a situation and adapt to it.

People like Rosanna Ramos show how unique connections can be made with AI partners as virtual relationships continue to change in our technologically advanced world. Even though they may face problems along the way, their experiences show how complicated the relationships between humans and AI can be.

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