Netflix Policy Tightens: Ends Password Sharing in India

Do you know Netflix Ends Password Sharing in India. For most of us, Netflix has always been a communal experience. One person handles the bill, and several others reap the benefits of access to unlimited streaming.

It’s been this way for as long as Netflix has been a go-to entertainment choice for Indians. But it seems those days are now numbered. In a surprise move, Netflix has started emailing users to say their accounts should only be used by them and people in their households. If anyone outside the family circle is freeloading on their subscription, they’ve been advised to move their profile to a new account (which they’d need to pay for) and think about resetting their password.

While Netflix’s decision to clamp down on password sharing might have caught us off guard, it wasn’t entirely unforeseeable. Rumors about Netflix putting an end to this widespread practice have been swirling for a while. Now, it appears they’re making good on that speculation.

Netflix Ends Password Sharing in India

Netflix has shared a fresh update on their blog, stating, “From today, we’re sending emails to users in India who’ve been sharing their Netflix outside their immediate household. Netflix is meant for a single household’s use. Anyone living in the household can enjoy Netflix anytime, anywhere — whether they’re chilling at home, commuting, or on a vacation — and they can also benefit from the new features we’ve added, such as Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices.”

The post continues, “We understand our subscribers have a whole buffet of entertainment options to choose from. That’s exactly why we keep pumping in heavy investments into an expansive array of new movies and TV shows. So no matter your mood, taste, language preference, or viewing partner, you’ll always find something engaging to watch on Netflix.

An accompanying image in the blog post gives us a peek at the email Netflix is sending out to its users. The gist of the email is pretty straightforward – your Netflix account is for you and your household members alone. If anyone outside of your household happens to be tuning into Netflix on your dime, it’s high time they shift their profile and update the password.

Netflix Users—What to Do?

First, users need to take a quick look at who’s been logging into their account. It’s a simple trip to the security and privacy settings of their account, where they’ll find the ‘Manage access and devices’ option.

Next, it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning. Users should sign out any devices that shouldn’t have access and shake up their passwords. And if there’s someone who’s been watching Netflix from outside their household, well, it’s time to get them to transfer their profile.

Netflix Household Setup

Customers must create a Netflix household, which is essentially the TV they use to watch Netflix the most. The business also stated that the consumers’ Netflix Household will automatically include any devices that share the same internet connection as the TV.

User can set up a Netflix household by doing the following:

1. Use a TV that is connected to your home internet to log into Netflix.

2. From the Netflix home screen on your TV, open the menu and choose Get Help, followed by Manage Netflix Household.

3. Select the Update My Netflix Household or Confirm Netflix Household tab.

4. Select either the Send Email or Send Text option at this point. A verification link will be emailed to the email address or phone number you have registered with Netflix as soon as you complete that. After this, you have 15 minutes to take action before the link expires. You will only see one option to verify if you haven’t added both an email address and a phone number.

5. After clicking the link for verification, choose Yes, This Was Me. To proceed, select Update Netflix Household or Confirm Netflix Household. That’s it; your contribution is complete. You will get a confirmation on your TV screen, and you will also get a confirmation email.

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