Mole Removal Treatment – Trusting A Dermatologist with Treatment

There are many types of moles, and it takes the expertise of a dermatologist to analyze it. This type of process will usually include a biopsy where the mole is examined in a lab and generate an appropriate report. It is best to seek help from an expert dermatologist if you have a mole that you are worried about and are not sure if it needs to be removed. The expertise has many laser mole removal treatments to remove a mole with minimal discomfort to the patient and avoid any scaring.

A dermatologist can help with move remove and several other procedures as well, like including for psoriasis treatment London. However, it is important not to avoid ignoring the development of a mole on your skin. This can be a dark spot or an irregularity on your skin with the risk of causing cancer.

Main Cause for Moles to Occur

Moles can occur to anyone irrespective of race, skin color, and some people are born with them, while others appear in childhood. The mole that appears till the age of 20 might not be of a big concern. However, one should be concerned about the ones that appear after the age of 35. It is necessary to seek medical evaluation for such moles, which are likely due to being overexposed to UV rays.

Mole Removal Methods

There are methods to remove your mole; in fact, there are several websites that have listed many ways to transfer your mole yourself. It is highly risky to attempt to remove your mole yourself, and it is always good practice to consult a skin doctor for this purpose.

Some of the dangerous DIY methods listed online are listed here:

  • Burning the mole using apple cider vinegar.
  • Breaking down the mole from inside by tapping garlic.
  • Making use of iodine on the mole.
  • Cutting off a mole using a blade or scissors.
The mole removal procedures that a Dermatologist might use are listed here:
  • Shave removal: This procedure involves using a thin tool (resembling a razor) to carefully slice the mole away. The device used for this purpose may have a tiny electrode at the end to perform electrosurgical feathering. This process will reduce the effects of the excision, and it does so by blending the edges of the wound with the surrounding skin. This procedure will not require any stitches and allows the doctor to examine the mole using a microscope. This procedure will usually not take more than 10 minutes and is recommended for raised moles. It is performed under local anesthesia and hence is mainly pain-free and tends to scar very little.
  • Excision removal: This procedure involves a deeper excision as compared to the shave excision. It is similar to traditional surgery, which consists of cutting out the entire mole include the section below the subcutaneous fat layer. This process requires stitches as well to close the incision. Once the mole is removed, it is examined for cancerous cells.
  • Laser or electrocautery: Laser removal procedure is useful to remove small, non-cancerous moles that do not protrude a great deal over the surface. It includes an intense burst of light radiation to break down the mole cells in the skin and may take up to two or three attempts to remove it thoroughly. This procedure can take up to 5 minutes, is pain-free, and is ideal for small moles, skin tags, and skin blemishes.

Benefits of Trusting a Dermatologist in London

A dermatologist will have the expertise to assess and analyze every case. They will also select the best method to remove it to ensure minimal discomfort and ensure there is the least amount of scaring. Besides treating the mole in the right manner and analyzing it to check if it is cancerous, a skin doctor will also much need aftercare. This includes dressing as well as advice on when it needs to be changed. They will follow up with you for a few weeks to either answer your queries or need help with either pain or redness.

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