Meta to Launch Celebrity AI Bots to Entertain Users

Meta, in its latest venture, is merging pop culture with artificial intelligence. Mark Zuckerberg himself unveiled Meta’s plan to introduce 28 chatbots on both Facebook and Instagram.

Notably, the legendary rapper, Snoop Dogg, will be lending his distinctive voice to one of these AI chatbots known as the “Dungeon Master,” specializing in all things related to video games.

During Meta’s presentation at the Connect developer conference held in California last week, Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that their approach to AI aims to add an element of fun. Rather than just being limited to answering questions, Meta is injecting entertainment into the mix by collaborating with some noteworthy personalities. It’s a move that promises more than just information; it aims to engage and entertain users in unique and exciting ways.

Contrary to what many expected, Meta’s approach to their bots doesn’t involve replicating the likeness of celebrities. Instead, they’ve given each of their new AI bots a distinct persona, complete with faces to represent them. For instance, tennis star Naomi Osaka is portrayed as an anime enthusiast, and Mr. Beast embodies the AI “big brother” here for humor and banter, rather than deep emotions. Notably, Paris Hilton lends her voice to Amber, the mystery-solving detective, while NBA Hall of Famer Dwayne Wade voices Victor, the exercise coach.

Meta’s take on AI chatbots is quite unique, as they’re focusing on adding personality and identity to these bots, a departure from the expected celebrity look-alike approach.

According to reports from The Verge, Meta’s AI relies on a “custom-made” Llama 2 language model, although it doesn’t have real-time access to information at this point.

In any case, the current role for each of these bots revolves around answering questions or providing suggestions based on the context. For instance, if you’re in the mood for a sports-related chat, you can simply engage with Bru, Tom Brady’s AI avatar.

It’s worth noting that while having AI Snoop Dogg craft a narrative for a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) campaign might not make it the most immersive experience (no offense to the Death Row Records owner), Mark Zuckerberg and the team at Meta are giving it a shot.

Beneath all the buzz surrounding Meta’s new AI chatbots, there’s also Meta’s AI studio, which offers businesses the ability to create AI applications and chatbots. This empowers businesses to develop AIs that align with their brand’s identity and enhance customer service interactions. Additionally, it provides a platform for both amateur and professional coders to experiment with their own applications.

Overall, this crossover between pop culture and AI is quite unexpected and certainly adds an intriguing twist to the tech landscape.

Speaking of unexpected crossovers, who would have ever imagined seeing Master Chief in Rainbow Six Siege? Or Inarius and Lilith making appearances in Call of Duty? It’s undeniably a world where crossovers are becoming increasingly common, leaving us to ponder whether it’s all for the better or not.


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