Israel Palestine War Updates: Music Festival Goers Under Attack in Gaza

The outdoor Nova Festival near the Gaza border was supposed to be an all-night dance party on October 7th, 2023. But terror gripped the event as Gaza militants fired rockets and gunmen attacked in the early morning hours. Festival attendee Tal Gibly said the first rockets began around 6:30am, followed by more sustained bombardments. Hundreds were killed and injured as attendees scrambled for cover.

Panic and Confusion Lead to Deadly Chaos

As terrified concertgoers fled in their cars, roads became jammed and gunfire erupted. Gibly described the scene like “a shooting range” as she and friends abandoned their vehicle and ran into the forest on foot. Gruesome videos emerged showing festival attendees gunned down amidst stopped traffic. Hundreds were reported missing amidst the chaos. Additionally, you can also read about- Israel Declares State of War as Death Toll Passes 600 in Hamas Clashes

Militants Kidnap Hostages, Parade Them Through Gaza 

Hamas militants were seen on video kidnapping festival attendees Noa Argamani and Avinatan Or at gunpoint. Other videos showed hostage Shani Louk, a German-Israeli national, unconscious as militants paraded her through Gaza. Family members pleaded for help locating their missing loved ones. The number of hostages taken remains unknown as reports continue to emerge.  

The brazen attacks marked the deadliest coordinated assault inside Israel ever carried out by Hamas. Israeli authorities are working to locate missing festival attendees as militants parade hostages through Gaza. The harrowing episode highlights the constant threat of violence simmering along the Israeli-Gaza border.

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