Inside Game Walkthrough: A Comprehensive Guide to Solving Puzzles and Finding Secrets

Inside Game Walkthrough

Are you wandering through the dark, eerie world of “Inside,” only to find yourself stumped by its complex puzzles and elusive collectibles? You’re not alone. Many players find themselves scratching their heads at the intricacies of this atmospheric adventure game, unsure how to proceed or where to uncover hidden treasures. Explore all the details about the inside game walkthrough in this comprehensive guide.

“Inside” isn’t just a game; it’s an intricate maze that tells a story through silence and shadow. As you step into the shoes of a young boy navigating through mysterious environments, every puzzle solved brings you closer to understanding his silent narrative.

Our walkthrough is crafted with precision, providing clear solutions for each challenge and pinpointing all the secret orbs scattered across this muted dystopia.

Let our guide illuminate your path as we delve deep into uncharted territory together, revealing secrets tucked away in corners you might have missed and strategies for conquering those particularly perplexing obstacles.

Dive into our comprehensive walkthrough and say goodbye to being lost in the gloom. Ready for answers? Let’s begin!

Content Highlights

  • The guide helps players through every part of Inside,” showing how to solve puzzles, stay safe from danger, and where to find hidden orbs.
  • Key strategies include paying attention to your surroundings, using timing, and experimenting with different actions to overcome challenges.
  • For collectible orbs, look in unexpected spots and use objects around you to reach secret areas.

Comprehensive Inside Game Walkthrough

Inside Game Walkthrough

Dive into the heart of ‘Inside’ with our comprehensive walkthrough, meticulously guiding players through each enigmatic stage—from the eerie silence of The Forest to the startling dangers within The City, and from braving the depths in Underground Challenges to solving the perplexing Underwater Puzzles.

Navigate complex scenarios such as mastering The Platform Puzzle, outpacing shockwaves, uncovering secrets in The Underwater Lab, and reaching new heights at the Surface and Observatory.

This section equips you with strategies to defy obstacles and advance through each chapter of this atmospheric journey.

The Forest

The Forest is your first step into the mysterious world of ‘Inside.’ Trees and shadows hide dangers, and you must guide a young boy to safety. You’ll find tricks for moving past hunters and wild dogs.

Watch out for traps! They can surprise you if you’re not careful. Learn how to use boxes to reach higher places or switches to change the water level. Find secret orbs hidden in this dark place.

Figuring out these early puzzles sets up your adventure ahead. Each challenge helps you learn how things work in this game. Mastering the forest will make you ready for what comes next: the farm, where new obstacles wait. In addition, you can also read an article on- What is Level Design in Video Games? Tips, Tools, and a Beginner’s Guide

The Farm

On the farm in “Inside,” you’ll face new challenges. You must sneak past sleeping farmers and avoid bright lights that trigger alarms, and evade the dogs. Hide behind crates, use timing, and move quietly to stay out of sight.

Sometimes you need to push objects like hay bales to climb over fences or walls.

Puzzle-solving gets trickier here as well. For example, you have to figure out how to control a group of chicks—it’s not just cute; it helps you progress in the game! Make sure you explore thoroughly because this area holds some hidden orbs crucial for game progression and unlocking the secret ending.

After leaving the farm behind, get ready for the busy streets of the city up next.

The City

After leaving the farm behind, you’ll enter the city from inside. This place is full of tall buildings and bright lights, but also many dangers. You must be smart to move through this area without the guards and their scary dogs catching you.

Use boxes and other objects to hide or reach high places. Watch out for cameras that can spot you!

The city has tricky parts where you need to control people using a mind device to help solve puzzles. Work with these characters like they’re part of a team, moving them around to push buttons or lift heavy things.

Mastering how everyone works together will let you find your way through this urban maze and get closer to uncovering the game’s mysteries.

Underground Challenges

Digging into the ‘Inside’ game, you’ll find yourself in a world of underground challenges that will test your wits. Dark tunnels and hidden dangers wait around every corner. To move ahead, you might have to press buttons quickly or swing across gaping holes using ropes.

It’s all about timing your jumps right and figuring out puzzles before they can trap you.

There are mind-control devices here too. You use them to make strange creatures that help you get past hard parts. Getting through these underground parts can be tricky, but keep going! Up next, you’ll dive into underwater puzzles, where more adventures await. Additionally, you can also read about- Top 250 Online Unblocked Games to Play in 2023 [Latest Updates]

Underwater Puzzles

After mastering the underground challenges, you’ll dive into the water-based mysteries of Inside. The underwater puzzles may seem tricky at first, but with a bit of strategy, they become manageable.

You’ll need to swim carefully and use objects around you to get past obstacles. Pay close attention to how things move in water; sometimes floating items or currents can help solve a puzzle.

To tackle these soggy brain-teasers, think about how you interact with your environment. For example, if there’s a switch deep below the surface that seems out of reach, look for something buoyant.

Push it underwater and let go—it might just hit the switch as it rises! With each splash and stroke through these submerged sections, remember that patience is key. Solving these liquid locks takes time and careful thought about every element around you.

The Platform Puzzle

Moving from the depths of underwater challenges, the journey in “Inside” brings players face-to-face with the platform puzzle. This tricky part requires quick thinking and sharp reflexes.

You must leap across moving platforms and dodge dangerous traps. Sometimes you have to push or pull objects to create a path forward or use them to reach higher areas.

The platform puzzle isn’t just about jumping and running; you also need to figure out the right timing. Watch how platforms move, and plan your jumps carefully. In some places, you’ll find switches that control platforms or parts of your environment; using these can help you get past tough spots.

Remember, every move counts in this atmospheric storytelling experience, where environmental interaction shapes your path through each section of the game’s mysterious world.

Escaping Shockwaves

After mastering the platform puzzle, you’ll face the challenge of escaping shockwaves. You must be quick and smart to stay safe! Shockwaves inside can knock you down if they catch you.

Look for places to hide behind walls or other objects that won’t move when the shockwave hits them. Timing is everything; watch how the waves come and wait for the right moment before running to a new spot.

You can use things around you so that shockwaves don’t hit you, too. Move boxes or barriers into places where they can protect you from the powerful blasts. Listen carefully; often there’s a sound before a shockwave comes, so it gives you time to get ready and find cover.

Stay alert, keep moving forward, and use your environment—this will get you past these deadly waves safely!

The Underwater Lab

Diving into the Underwater Lab in “Inside” brings new challenges and puzzles. This part of the game is full of secrets and hidden orbs to discover. Bryan Dawson gives us clear steps to tackle each puzzle you find here.

You need to pay close attention to every detail as you swim through this watery maze.

Players will need sharp timing and quick thinking to get past moving obstacles and eerie dangers lurking in the depths. Pull levers, dodge dangers, and use objects around you wisely.

Success here will help unlock the mysterious secret ending tied to this section. Next up: surface and observatory.

Surface and Observatory

In the Surface and Observatory section of “Inside,” you will solve puzzles that test your timing and smarts. You’ll need to move quickly so that lights and cameras don’t catch you.

Watch out for tricky leaps and use boxes to climb higher when needed. The guide spells out each step so you can find hidden orbs without any guesswork.

Moving on, get ready for detailed puzzle guides packed with strategies to tackle the most challenging parts of “Inside.”

Detailed Puzzle Guides and Solutions

Our guide dives into ‘Inside’s intricate puzzles, providing players with step-by-step strategies to tackle even the toughest challenges and smoothly advance through the game’s most demanding sections.

Strategies for Complex Puzzles

For tough puzzles in “Inside,” stay calm and look around. Often, you need to move objects or use machines to solve a puzzle. Try different things if you’re stuck. You might have to push a box, flip a switch, or even control animals! Remember that timing can be key.

Some puzzles require you to act fast once you see the solution.

To get past the tricky parts, think about what the game has taught you so far. Have guards caught you? Learn their patterns and sneak by when they’re not looking. Been chased by dogs? Find ways to slow them down or block their path.

Use these strategies as building blocks for the harder challenges ahead.

Now let’s take a dive into finding hidden orbs and collectibles!

Navigating Through Difficult Sections

Once you’ve got a handle on the strategies for complex puzzles in Inside, it’s time to focus on moving through those tricky parts. Some parts of the game can be really hard and might make you want to give up.

But don’t worry! There are ways to get past these tough spots.

First, take your time and look around. Often, the answer is not right in front of you. It could be hidden or need some quick moves. If an area seems too dark or scary, there might be a hidden path or a clue nearby that will help you move forward.

Make sure to control your character with care so that he can jump correctly and avoid dangers like shockwaves and enemies lurking in the shadows. With patience and smart thinking, even the hardest sections become less scary as you learn how each part works and what it takes to beat them.

Keep calm; keep trying different things until something works!

Finding Hidden Orbs and Collectibles

Discover the elusive orbs hidden throughout ‘Inside’ by unlocking the secrets of each environment, leveraging tips and tricks to unearth collectibles that deepen the gaming experience.

Locations of All Orbs

Finding every orb in “Inside” is like a treasure hunt. They are spread across many areas, from the deep woods to the silent city, and even hidden in the dark underground. You will have to look closely and sometimes solve extra puzzles to grab them all.

Each orb you find helps unlock new achievements and gets you closer to discovering all the game’s secrets.

Look in unexpected places as you make your way through each zone. Orbs might be tucked away behind secret walls or above tricky ledges. Think outside the box, push against boundaries, and always explore thoroughly if you suspect an area contains a collectible.

With patience and sharp eyes, you can collect them all and unveil something special within “Inside.” Now let’s move on to tips for uncovering those sneaky secret areas where more orbs might be hiding.

Tips for Uncovering Secret Areas

After learning where all the orbs are, it’s time to discover how to reach them. Look for clues in the environment, as these often hint at hidden paths. Move boxes or other objects around; they can help you climb walls or jump over gaps to get to secret areas.

Keep your eyes open for unusual patterns on walls or floors, as they might lead you to a concealed orb.

Listen closely while exploring because sounds can guide you toward secrets. If guards or dogs are nearby, use stealth and timing. Hide behind things and wait for the right moment to move past them without being seen.

This way, you will find new routes that take you closer to collecting all the orbs and unlocking that special ending of Inside!

Understanding ‘Inside’s’ Secret Ending

Inside Game Walkthrough

Unveiling the enigmatic alternative conclusion of ‘Inside’ demands a meticulous approach, as players must unearth hidden orbs scattered throughout the game’s eerie expanse. With each discovered orb, we are one inch closer to deciphering the true essence behind Inside’s cryptic finale, inviting interpretations that often provoke more questions than answers about this darkly immersive adventure.

Steps to Unlock the Alternate Conclusion

To unlock the alternate ending in “Inside,” you need to get all the orbs. These orbs are hidden and tricky to find. You must look everywhere on each level. Some are behind secret walls or in dark places.

Each orb you find gets you closer to seeing something different at the end of your game.

Make sure you grab every single orb, as missing even one will keep the secret ending locked away. Follow guides closely, and use tips from other players if needed. After collecting all orbs, head back to a very early part of the game where a locked door now opens for a new finish.

The story changes here, and it’s worth seeing what happens next! Now let’s move on and explore what this secret ending might mean.

Interpretations of the Secret Ending

The secret ending of “Inside” gives players a lot to think about. After you find all the orbs, you see something surprising that changes how you view the story. Max Parker talks about what this could mean for the game’s big ideas and messages.

This special ending makes us ask questions and look at the clues in a new way.

Some people see the secret ending as showing true freedom, or maybe even what’s really going on behind everything else in “Inside.” It adds layers to the game’s plot and gets players talking.

What it actually means is up to each person who plays, but one thing is sure: it makes “Inside” an even deeper experience.

Inside Game Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Mastering control intricacies enhances maneuverability, while a keen understanding of enemy patterns and environmental obstacles empowers players to traverse the enigmatic world of ‘Inside’ with greater ease and confidence.

Optimizing Controls for Better Maneuvering

To move better in “Inside,” you have to get good at using the controls. You will swim, jump, and grab things to avoid trouble and solve puzzles. It’s important to know how each button works so you can react quickly.

Practice makes perfect here.

Mastering control of the boy also means understanding how he interacts with his world. Use what’s around you, like water levels and objects, to go through areas easier. This helps a lot when puzzles seem hard or when enemies are close by.

Now let’s look into staying safe from obstacles and bad guys.

Avoiding Common Obstacles and Enemies

Getting through “inside” means you have to be sneaky and smart. You’ll face guards and their dogs, who will chase you if they see you. Stay out of sight by using things like shadows and tall grass to hide.

Move quietly, and don’t rush unless you need to.

You can also use the animals in the game to help you stay safe. Sometimes, pigs or birds might block your way or get too close for comfort. Learn how those animals move, so you can get around them without trouble.

Remember, there are hidden orbs in the game that can make some parts easier to collect. Look for these, as they may open up new ways to avoid danger altogether!

‘Inside’ Technical Requirements

To ensure a smooth gaming experience with ‘Inside’, your system needs to meet certain technical prerequisites. For PC users, the minimum specifications include Windows 7/8/10, an Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and DirectX Version 9.0c compatibility, while recommended specs suggest upgrading to an i7 processor and 8GB of RAM for optimal performance.

Console players can enjoy the game on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms without additional requirements.

Minimum and Recommended PC Specs

You will need a good computer to play “Inside.” The game works on Windows 7, 8, or 10. Make sure your PC has at least an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor that runs at 2.4 GHz, 4 GB of RAM memory, and a GeForce 250 GTS graphics card.

You also need DirectX version 9.0c and space for the game, which is about 3 GB.

For the best experience with “Inside,” it’s smart to have even stronger parts in your computer. Use an Intel i7 that goes at least at 2.7 GHz, double the RAM up to 8 GB, and get yourself a GeForce GTX 660 graphics card if you can.

This setup uses DirectX version 11 but still needs just as much space—only about three gigabytes.

Now let’s talk about how you can find help while playing “Inside.”

Console Compatibility

Right after you check if your PC can run inside, it’s good to know where else you can play this game. Inside first came out for Xbox One, so Xbox players can dive right in. If you own an Xbox One, you’re set to enjoy the dark and gripping adventure of Inside.

This means a lot more players get to solve its mysteries and puzzles.

The game is not just for Xbox One users, though. Later on, it was made available for other platforms as well, so many different gamers could join in the fun. It matters that everyone gets a chance to explore this eerie world, no matter what console they prefer.

Whether at home or with friends, Inside offers a hauntingly beautiful experience across various consoles.


Now, you must be well-equipped with all the tips and tricks of the inside game walkthrough. This guide gives you all the steps to beat “Inside” and find every hidden thing. You now know how to solve tricky puzzles and where to look for secret orbs. These tricks will help you move with ease, stay safe from guards and dogs, and discover new paths.

If you want more help or like talking about the game, there are lots of places online to go. Remember, each challenge in “Inside” is a chance to show your smarts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have more queries about the inside game walkthrough, please review the following questions and answers:

What is the Inside Game about?

Inside is a video game where players solve puzzles and avoid dangers to help a boy escape from a dark project, similar to an earlier game called Limbo.

Can this guide help me finish inside?

Yes, this comprehensive guide can show you how to solve puzzles in Inside and find hidden items so you can complete the game.

Will I get all the collectibles with this walkthrough?

Absolutely! This guide gives you tips on where every collectible item is hidden in Inside, so you won’t miss any as you play.

How long is inside game completion?

The average completion time for “Inside” varies depending on the player’s approach. Casual players can finish the main story in 3 to 4 hours, while those seeking a more immersive experience should allocate 4 to 5 hours for completionist gameplay.

What is the goal of inside game?

Inside’s open-ended narrative invites players to draw their own conclusions about the boy’s journey and the game’s underlying message. While interpretations vary, common themes explored include control and manipulation, the struggle for individual freedom, the exploitation of individuals for experimentation, and the illusion of choice. Ultimately, Inside aims to provoke thought, raise questions, and encourage players to reflect on the deeper meanings embedded within its immersive world.

How do you beat the farm in inside?

To conquer the Farm section of Inside, employ stealth tactics to avoid waking farmers, utilize timing and strategy to evade dogs and utilize objects like hay bales to progress.

Does inside have 2 endings?

Inside has one regular ending and a secret ending that can be unlocked by collecting all hidden orbs. The secret ending offers a different perspective on the game’s story.

Is there an end to the game inside?

Yes, Inside has an ending, and it’s a bit ambiguous, leaving players to interpret the events as per their understanding. While there are multiple theories about the story, some of the prevailing themes include control and manipulation, the struggle for individual freedom, the exploitation of individuals for experimentation, and the illusion of choice. Still, the game’s true ending can only be experienced by reaching the end of the game.

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