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Saturday, June 10, 2023

HubSpot Introduces ChatSpot Generative AI Tool to Boost Productivity

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ChatSpot uses the technology from OpenAI called ChatGPT, as well as HubSpot’s CRM, DALL-E 2, and Google Docs.
Today, HubSpot released ChatSpot, a new tool that uses AI to come up with ideas. HubSpot’s own CRM, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, and Google Docs apps like Google Sheets and Google Slides are all part of the new app, which is still in its early stages. This is according to a video posted by HubSpot founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah (see below).
This week, Salesforce also introduced Einstein GPT, which connects ChatGPT to their CRM, sales clouds, and Slack.

1. ChatUX

The goal of the ChatSpot app is to make it easier for people to use HubSpot’s CRM by giving them general language prompts. Shah calls this technology “ChatUX.” It makes it easier for users to interact with the CRM and do different marketing and sales tasks in fewer steps.

2. CRM

Shah talked about a few ways ChatSpot could be used for CRM and other things.
For example, if a user wants to add a contact to the CRM, they must type the contact’s information into ChatSpot instead of digging through the CRM’s menus.
The ChatSpot app can also answer questions about contacts in certain markets, organizations of a certain size, or businesses in a certain industry. This can help with sales research and answer questions about contacts in those markets.

3. Content

The ChatSpot app can send emails and other messages, including information about the company and the person being contacted.
With one click, the user can copy these messages to the clipboard so they can use them in their favourite channel.

4. Reporting with ChatGPT Data Sets

ChatSpot makes it easier to access data in the HubSpot CRM by using natural language. It also pulls in more data sets through its integration with ChatGPT.
For example, when making a report about global markets, the user can add columns of information from ChatGPT about the populations of countries and other information that isn’t in the CRM.
Why it matters, this is an early look at how generative AI and chat functions could help marketers do less repetitive work. Shah says in the video below that the content that ChatSpot makes for emails is just a “first draft” that needs to be edited by a human.
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