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How To Support a Loved One Following Their Arrest?

How To Support a Loved One Following Their Arrest

Imagine getting a call that one of your relatives has been arrested. It will leave you shocked, scared, and confused. On top of it, you will feel helpless due to a lack of information. No one wishes to face such a situation but you can never imagine when something similar happens in your life.

In such circumstances, people make incorrect decisions, which worsens the situation. Therefore, keeping yourself calm is necessary. We know you feel emotional, but this is not the time to panic. Your loved ones need your support, and here are some useful ways to help them from the outside.

Remember, your loved ones need emotional support, and you must stay in your senses for them.

Arrange Money to Have Them Bailed 

Your loved one being inside jail, won’t be able to do much and will require help from you. The first and foremost task is to help your friends get out of jail. For that, you will need to have them bailed and that requires money.

If you want to help an ESL friend or relative, you should conduct a Google search for ‘costo de fianzas‘ to gather relevant details. The bail amount could vary based on several factors, including the severity of the crime. Individuals who intentionally harmed another or acted in self-defense may not be required to pay the same bail amount.

To get an idea of this amount, contact a bond agent. These people connect with courts to find the minimum amount needed and give you an idea of how much money you’ll need to free your family member from police custody.

So, you can use all your resources to collect enough money, which could get them temporary freedom.

In case, you don’t have enough money in your account, these bond agents can help you for the time being. However, they ask you and your loved one to sign a bond that makes you responsible for paying back the amount.

Gather Basic Information 

Remember to gather as much information as possible from the call you receive and not say anything that could go against your loved one in court. The sudden situation might seem confusing but don’t forget to note important details.

Understand the reason behind their arrest, where they are being detained, and what bail needs have to be fulfilled. Even note down the number of the police department where your loved one is being held. That way, you can ask questions from them later.

Since bail will take some time, you can gather information and search for evidence yourself to support your friend in need. Your private investigation can help find proof of your loved one’s innocence.

Tend to The Individual’s Needs 

An untimely arrest means your loved one didn’t have time to gather belongings or take anything with them. So, ask them what they require. Whether it’s a particular medicine, food, or clothing, have it delivered to them.

Similarly, they might need legal assistance, which you could help them with. The minute your loved one knows they have a lawyer to rely on, they feel positive.

If you’re worried about the authorities not letting you deliver these things to your friend, get in touch with a lawyer. An attorney can guide you on how to get medication and other necessities to your loved ones without delays.

Arrange a Bail Hearing

Often, bail hearings can take time, and the more delayed the matter is, the longer your loved one stays in jail. So, work to have a hearing arranged as soon as possible. All citizens and judges have the right to set bail according to the rules of the Supreme Court.

There are different kinds of hearings, including release without bail, release with bail, and release on conditions.

The sooner you get a hearing date, the higher the chances of setting your loved one free.

Maintain Confidentiality of the Matter 

Sharing the details of the incident with several people could lead to problems. If your loved one has trusted you with confidential information, keep it to yourself. Sharing details with every other person can prove to be harmful in court.

You never know when someone twists your words and uses them as evidence against your dear friend or family member.

Instead of telling anyone else, a wise move is to narrate the incident to an attorney who could work on the case.

Find a Confident Criminal Defense Attorney 

One should understand that no one will be more helpful than an attorney. You will need legal assistance to set your loved one free from charges. So, look for an experienced attorney who excels in criminal defense.

They will look at the matter in detail and guide your loved one on how to move forward. That means telling them about what to say in court. Being professionals, these people have an idea of how to handle tricky situations.

Thanks to a seasoned attorney, your loved one will be out of jail quickly.

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