How to See What Someone’s Like on Instagram in 2021?

Recently in 2019, Instagram has changed its features so you cannot see someone’s activity since some features have been removed. In 2021 it’s arduous to see what someone’s like on Instagram but don’t get worried about this. In this blog post, you will see the best Instagram tracker that will help you what someone likes on Instagram. Moreover, with the help of this Instagram tracker, you will not be only able to see someone’s liked images, but comments, follows, and many more.

Let’s jump towards the tool.

There is the best monitoring tool naming snooppreport, which allows you to track the Instagram activity of users even without following them. They give a complete report about the person you want to track, like what they like, and comment on whom they follow. The fantastic thing about this tracker is that you can track multiple users at the same time.


  1. Once you get to know about people’s interests, needs, preferences, and habits, you can make a report and target them through ads to generate sales.
  2. Parents could monitor their children’s activities to ensure there is nothing unsafe they are doing on Instagram.
  3. Sometimes, people are more obsessed with their relationships. If you have trust issues, you can easily track your partner.
  4. Hashtags that users like you can also track.

Before we move ahead to discuss how to use this Instagram tracker, it’s mandatory to know that it is mentioned on the snooppreport website that they only provide data from public accounts. You won’t be able to track private funds and access their activity.

Guide to snoop report 


Go Snoopreport .com website. You need to make an account first. Click the signup button, put your valid email and password, and hit the signup button after creating your account. You will be diverted to the dashboard page.


On the dashboard, click on add account button, and a pop-up will arise to buy a subscription. There will be three plains. Select one of these plans according to your need. Put payment information and click subscribe, that’s all. 


Now once you have subscribed to the package, let’s move to track someone’s activity on Instagram. Click on add account button, type the username of that person whose activity you want to track, and click on the check, but if you want to track multiple accounts, then use a comma after the user names. Now you will be provided their activities report every week by Snoopreport.

In this section, you will see how active a person used his account in the previous week. Moreover, you can also check the upcoming week’s report on top of the page. These reports will be available. 

New Follows and liked media tag.  

Scroll down you will see the likes section. You can find out likes received by the person. Here you can also see follows section. It allows you to see the new followers of a person you are tracking, along with that a little below in the media tag section. Snoopreport Instagram tracker also shows hashtags that the user has liked in the previous week. 


In the last, you get to know about the personal interest you will see in which specific category the users are interested. The interesting fact about this tool is that you can also download the report.

Is snoopreport safe and legal?

The answer is yes. It is a hundred-person safe tool. So don’t worry about your privacy. The person you are tracking won’t know that you see their activity. Snoopppreport only uses open sources to track user activity. They don’t ask for personal information; additionally, it’s legal to use because no hacking method is involved. All the data is collected publicly.


Coming to the point, as you have seen in this article. With the help of this best Instagram tracker, you can easily find out in 2021 that how to see what people like on Instagram. Furthermore, their other features are also marvelous to use. If you are willing to track the activities of others, click snooppreport and enjoy this tool.

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