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How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft? [The Ultimate Guide]

How to Make Smooth Stone

Are you looking for the way how to make smooth stone? It is likely the most prevalent block in Minecraft. Although this is a lovely block, some people prefer a smoother, cleaner texture. One of the oldest blocks in Minecraft dating back to Minecraft Classic, comes into play here. This intriguing block has evolved over time, as has how it is made and what its purpose is. This will be a quick tutorial on how to make Smooth Stone so you can get back to building wonderful things! Let’s get this party started.

You can now use this, albeit in limited crafting recipes. The majority of players use it for its ornamental value and silky texture. The next tutorial will show you how to construct plane blocks and slabs on any platform, as long as you have the necessary game version.

In Minecraft, you can gather several sorts of rocks building blocks and then polish the material into sleek by crafting. Cobblestone is the most frequent form of stone, and it is rather easy to find with early game equipment. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of building how to make smooth stone in Minecraft, as well as the items you’ll need to do it.

Where to Find Smooth Stone?

It spawns naturally in Minecraft villages. They may be picked up with any pickaxe. You can also use a Stonecutter block instead of a Crafting Table to transform flat rocks into plane Slabs if you just need less than 6 soft Slabs.

With these Smooth Stone recipes, we hope your Minecraft creations get some style in terms of appearance and utility.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

In order to create how to make smooth stone Minecraft, users must first gather raw blocks, specifically Cobblestone. Cobblestone is a popular block found in the overworld as well as in mines and caves. Players can create a Furnace after collecting enough Cobblestone, which will then be utilized to smelt flat and soft.

Collect eight blocks of Cobblestone with a pickaxe to make a Furnace. Collect more Cobblestone in order to smelt the blocks into Smooth Stone. One part of it will be produced from one stone block. The Furnace’s fuel can be either wood or coal; however, coal is the more efficient of the two. Coal can be found in mines and caves where Cobblestone is abundant.

As previously established, can be utilized to construct a Blast Furnace. The following is a list of the materials required to make the Blast Furnace.

  • x5 Iron Ingot
  • 1 x Furnace
  • 3 Smooth Stones

Smooth Stone can also be used to create plane slabs, which can be used as walkways, staircases, or other decorations.

Minecraft is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft 1.14?

If you asked me what is the main point of how to make smooth stone. Cobblestone is the first material required to create a smooth stone. Cobblestone is plentiful, so gather as much as you can and begin the process:

  1. Make a furnace out of eight cobblestone pieces.
  2. Place your cobblestone blocks on top.
  3. For fuel, use sticks, charcoal, or anything combustible.
  4. Smelt your cobblestone stack to make normal stone.
  5. Increase the amount of fuel in the normal stone stack.
  6. To get smooth stone, smelt the ordinary stone.

Make a better furnace out of the smooth stone blocks, or start utilizing them as decorative or building blocks.

How to Make Smooth Stone Slab in Minecraft?

How to Make Smooth Stone Slab in Minecraft

Many people want to know how to make smooth stones. Its Slabs are essentially scaled-down copies of complete blocks that are primarily suited for roofing and smaller-scaled areas in Minecraft. All you’ll need is some soft rocks to make the Slabs.

To make it, simply enter the crafting menu and arrange one plane of rocks horizontally across all three squares within it. This will provide a total of six Slabs once created, as indicated in the image below.

How to Make Smooth Stone Slab in Minecraft 1.14?

In Minecraft, you have two options for creating slabs. Let’s start with the standard technique. 

  1. If you don’t already have one, build one.
  2. Activate the crafting screen.
  3. In the bottom row, arrange three smooth stone blocks. Six smooth slabs will be formed as a result of this.

The stonecutter is an alternative to the crafting table. Smooth stone slabs, like other forms of stone, can be crafted by the stonecutter.

If you don’t know how to create a stonecutter utility block, Here’s how:

  1. At the crafting bench, open the crafting menu.
  2. One iron ingot should be placed in the top middle square.
  3. Finally, finish the stonecutter by placing three stone blocks in the middle row.
  4. Set the stonecutter down on the ground.
  5. Bring up the crafting screen for it.
  6. Insert your smooth stone blocks and choose the slab recipe.

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Smooth Stone Stairs in Minecraft

It slabs in Minecraft have the same qualities as other varieties of stone. However, they are ineligible for use in many crafting recipes.

That doesn’t mean you can’t apply the way how to make smooth stone construct steps the old-fashioned way.

  1. Smelt a large pile of smooth stone slabs.
  2. Lay a standard block on the ground.
  3. On top of the block, place a slab.
  4. One slab should be placed in front of the block.
  5. Destroy the standard block.
  6. You will have built the first two steps of a staircase.
  7. Repeat the procedure to guarantee consistency and to avoid gaps between slabs.

How to Make Smooth Stone Bricks in Minecraft?

While there is no rocks Block variant, normal Stone Bricks function nicely with soft rock. The procedure for generating these blocks is the same as for Smooth Stone, except instead of burning the rock a second time, you simply stop there.

  • Once you have your Stone Blocks, arrange them in a square manner (as seen below) to make the Bricks.
  • While these aren’t as attractive as plane rock blocks, they effectively serve the same purpose.
  • That’s all there is to it when it comes to learning how to make smooth stone in Minecraft.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on Switch?

It may now be created in Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch console as of version 1.9.0. It’s a really straightforward procedure:

  1. Construct a furnace.
  2. Melt cobblestone to make ordinary stone.
  3. Smelt the rough stone to make smooth stone.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on PS4?

This is not available to PS3 players, although it is available to PS4 users as of version 1.86.

  1. Open the smelting menu in your furnace.
  2. Insert an ordinary stone inside.
  3. Fuel should be added.
  4. To get flat, smelt the ordinary one.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on Xbox?

Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 version of the game does not allow you to smelt smooth stone. You can smelt normal rock into flat rocks if you have an Xbox One and Minecraft version 1.9.0.

  1. Construct a furnace.
  2. Collect and smelt cobblestone to make normal stone.
  3. To obtain the smooth stone type with superior texture, add extra fire and smelt the stone.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on PC?

Because it is difficult to locate in the open world, PC users can produce it as well.

  1. To create a furnace, use eight cobblestone blocks on the crafting bench.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on PC

2. Fill the furnace with a cobblestone stack and fuel.

Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

3. Melt the cobblestone to make stone.

Smooth Stone in Minecraft

4. If necessary, add extra fuel to the furnace.

add extra fuel to the furnace

5. Restart the smelting process by stacking your ordinary stone.

Restart the smelting

6. When you’re finished, take out your smooth stone blocks.

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft on iPhone and Android?

With the release of Minecraft 1.9.0 for the Pocket or Bedrock Edition, iPhone and Android users may now make That blocks to enjoy the beauty of the game.

  1. Gain access to your furnace.
  2. Place a mound of stones on top of the fuel.
  3. Melt the cobblestone to turn it into a normal stone.
  4. Fill the furnace with more fuel and the standard stone stack.
  5. Smelt the ordinary rock to make it soft.

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How to Make Smooth Sandstone in Minecraft?

Smooth sandstone is another visually appealing Minecraft component. If you have standard sandstone, you can make how to make smooth stone. The following step-by-step procedure will show you how to make smooth stones.

  1. Collect sand blocks with a shovel.
  2. In the upper right area of the crafting screen, place at least four sand bricks.
  3. Four individual squares of sand bricks must be filled.
  4. You will receive one sandstone block for every four sand blocks.
  5. Place the sandstone stack on your furnace screen.
  6. Fill the furnace with fuel to smelt the sandstone into smooth sandstone blocks.

Sleek sandstone, as opposed to smooth stone, is more useful as a crafting material. When using cobblestone or normal stone, you can make almost anything – steps, slabs, and so on.


In Minecraft, you may know how to make smooth stone. It has few applications. The majority of gamers utilize it for aesthetic purposes and to build sleek staircases. It seems better because of its plane texture and shiny finish.

The flat rock looks more appealing when third-party shaders and textures are used. Technically, I don’t see any use for it beyond creating a blast furnace. You can mine or create sparkling stones in the game. But we must make do with what we have. So, in Minecraft, you can finally craft your furnace to make a blast Yousmooth stone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Make Smooth Stone in a Blast Surface?

It can be made in any furnace that has enough fuel to process an ordinary one.

What Are the Types of Stone in Minecraft?

The first sort of stone you may obtain in Minecraft is cobblestone. Another variety that can be found in dungeons is mossy cobblestone. Granite, diorite, andesite, and calcite are some of the other types. Sandstone is another type of stone block that can be crafted or mined on beaches and in deserts. Even gravel is a form of stone block, but it is largely ineffective.

Netherrack, basalt, Blackstone, and endstone are all stone varieties unique to the Nether area. You can also employ a special flowstone in the Nether for its light-emitting properties. Prismarine is a form of stone that can only be found in the sea.

What Block Goes Well With Smooth Stone?

It has a highly polished appearance. It’s essentially what stone blocks look like in Minecraft before you break them down with a pickaxe to become cobblestones.
Aesthetics are often subjective, but smooth stone looks great when mixed with stone bricks and polished andesite. If you’re going for a dark theme, any black decorative blocks would do.

How Do You Get Stone in Minecraft?

If you wish to work with a smooth stone, you must first work with a normal one. Stone is widely available. You only need a furnace, fuel, and cobblestone. Smelting one cobblestone block yields a standard stone block. The texture of the stone is nicer, but not as plain as that of it, therefore the obvious name choice.

What Can You Make With Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

The first and most important application of smooth stone is in the manufacture of blast furnaces. It can be used to enhance the standard furnace, allowing you to process ores or armor at twice the speed. A blast furnace, on the other hand, only gives half the pleasure.
Smooth stones can also be used to transform villagers into armourers. While those blocks aren’t very useful, you can make them plane slabs from three blocks in the crafting screen’s middle row. Slabs offer more building applications than standard blocks.

Where Do You Get Smooth Stone in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are various ways to obtain the soft rocks. The quickest method is to smelt normal stone, which may be crafted by smelting cobblestone.

The game also makes smooth stone blocks in a variety of locations, most of which are inside buildings. It can be found in dwellings and settlements throughout the plains, savanna, and snowy tundra biomes. It is more likely to be found at the butcher’s house.
Another option is to loot from Mason’s chest.

Is This  Still Have a Long Way to Go?

Did you realize that the majority of the bricks in Minecraft are air blocks? Stone blocks are ranked second. The game contains more stone blocks than mud, water, or sand.

It’s not surprising that it has a diverse set of varieties, given that it’s the second-most available block and the most abundant resource. Despite its limited utility, it is critical to the core game in its current version. Do you want the do it to be a viable element in other stone block and slab recipes? Please share your thoughts in the comments area.

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