4 Ways to Improve Your Focus at Work?

Work is an important part of life. It’s how you contribute to society and support yourself — and possibly a family — through your earnings. As important as it is, work isn’t always the most fun activity. The hours can get long, the tasks can be difficult, and some days you’re just plain tired.

A lot of individuals don’t try their hardest at work. They easily lose focus, motivation, and drive. It’s understandable, given that some employers and work conditions are suboptimal. When you find a good fit, however, you should strive to be your best. The better and harder you work, the more opportunities you have for growth and success.

So how can employees stay focused on work even when they’re tired, under the weather, or feeling burned out? The answer can vary on an individual basis. However, there are tried-and-true changes you can make to improve your overall concentration. No matter what obstacle you face, your focus will waver less if you do these things:

1. Level Up Your Nutrition

For your mind and body to function at full capacity over the course of a full workday, you’re going to need some fuel. People don’t just eat and drink because doing so tastes good; it’s a basic life necessity. When it comes to work and focus, the types of food and beverages you consume matter.

Highly processed foods are generally not ideal for providing sustained energy during a workday. A sugary treat may provide a short boost, but you’ll have an even harder crash to look forward to later. Healthier foods packed with vitamins and minerals might not always be as tasty, but they’ll be so much more beneficial in the long run.

Fortunately, there are convenient ways to get vital nutrients that also taste great. Take super greens powder, for instance. This beverage supplement is made of superfoods like kale, broccoli, and berries, which can increase energy levels and immune system function. Mixed into your favorite smoothie, it’s a tasty way to treat your body right.

2. Take an Occasional Break

There’s nothing wrong with taking a short break when you’ve been working hard all day. In fact, it might be in your best interest. Periodic pauses throughout the day can help you recalibrate when you’re losing concentration or fighting fatigue.

A short break can help you regain your focus by letting you take a step back. It also provides you with a short rest to restore your energy and avoid getting burned out. A quick five minutes is well worth the time when the remaining hours spent working are much more efficient and productive.

Your breaks don’t have to be lazy, social media–filled periods of time where you do nothing useful. You could take a brief walk, do some stretching, or refill your water bottle so you can rehydrate. Sometimes what you need is simply a shift from what you are doing to another task. Being hyperfixated on a difficult job can actually cause you to lose focus. Switching temporarily to a different activity helps you to loosen up while still making good use of your time. 

3. Get Organized, Stay Organized

One of the easiest ways to lose your focus is to get caught up in a distraction. These come in many shapes and forms and vary from person to person. There are some common distractions, however, that can affect just about anyone.

In today’s digital age, the most common is probably a personal device or the allure of social media. So put your phone on silent and tackle the next step, which is organization. If you have a messy workspace, you’re much more prone to being distracted. You may lose concentration because an important document is lost, you’re sidetracked by an old sticky note, or you have to tidy up again.

Take the time to get organized and then stay organized. Don’t just leave your papers in a pile for the next time you need one. Develop a filing system so your paperwork is out of the way but also easily accessible. When you’re done with a document, it can go right back where it belongs instead of beginning a new cycle of clutter on your desk. Better yet, go paperless so the docs you need are easily searchable on your laptop or tablet. 

4. Improve Your Ergonomics

Improbable though it might sound, your posture and positioning may just be the difference-maker that helps you reclaim your focus. The body is an incredible machine, capable of accomplishing so many things. However, it can be a bit fickle if it’s not in an optimal working environment. This is where ergonomics come into play.

For starters, it’s easier to stay on task when you’re comfortable. If your back is sore or your wrist is aching, that’s what will draw your attention — not the job at hand. Get a chair that properly supports your back and align your monitor so you don’t strain your neck. Wrist/palm rests can keep your hands properly positioned while typing to avoid stress. With everything in the right place, you’re less likely to experience discomfort and fatigue while on the job.

Proper ergonomics also help you prevent painful injuries. Bad posture can lead to chronic back pain. Prolonged typing without proper form or equipment can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. By staying healthy and pain-free, you’ll find yourself staying more focused.

There will be days where concentration can be found in abundance. There will also be days where even an IV drip of coffee can’t keep you on track. No matter how your workday shapes up, these focus-fostering tips will bring out the best in you every single day. 

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