How to Effectively Clean Invisalign Aligners

While it is true that you’ll replace your Invisalign aligners every couple of weeks, it is still important that you keep them clean during that time. If the aligners are not cleaned properly bacteria will start to build up and they may start to smell as well as look discolored.

Needless to say it is best if you avoid all that, which is why you need to know exactly how to effectively keep your Invisalign aligners clean.

Rinse Them Frequently

The first thing you need to get into the habit of doing is rinsing your aligners frequently. Try to rinse your aligners every time you remove them so that you get rid of any plaque and saliva that may be starting to accumulate. Do not use hot water however, as that could damage your aligners and make them less effective.

If possible you may also want to brush and floss your teeth before putting the aligners back in so that food particles don’t get trapped when you wear them.

Store Aligners in the Case

As a rule of thumb you should never leave your trays in the open. Instead you should always place them in the case as soon as you take them out so that they won’t be exposed to open air which can cause bacteria to build up more quickly.

If you do happen to forget and leave your aligners exposed, it is best to clean them (or at least rinse thoroughly) before either placing them in the case or back in your mouth.

Brush Aligners Daily

At least once a day you should clean your aligners thoroughly by brushing them. It is recommended that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush as well as a gentle, clear liquid soap. However you should not use toothpaste, denture cleaners, or scented as well as colored soaps.

Another option that is a bit more effective at cleaning the aligners is to use Invisalign’s Steraligner to sterilize them, or its cleaning crystals. Both can be used to soak your aligners for a few minutes before brushing them.

It should be noted that brushing is only slightly less effective than these options – so it is really up to you.

Be Prepared

Once you start to use Invisalign, make it a point to always be prepared. It is a good idea to carry around a small cleaning kit (consisting of a brush and soap) with you just in case you need to clean your aligners while you’re out.

Aside from that you may also want to carry your previous and next aligners if you go on a long trip. The previous aligners can act as a spare in case your current aligners are damaged, and the next aligners can be used if you’re scheduled to switch aligners during that time.


All said and done it really isn’t that difficult to clean your Invisalign aligners effectively – as you can probably see. If you have any doubts it is best to talk to the Invisalign Fulham dentist that provided the aligners and ask them what to do.

By keeping your Invisalign aligners clean, you can avoid many issues and maintain good oral hygiene. On top of that the aligners will not end up discolored (or smelling) – and will stay almost invisible while you wear them.

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