Here are 3 Ways to Clear a Blocked Drain

Blocked drains in Coogee can be very frustrating and a source of foul odor. It not only often causes a huge inconvenience to your household but can lead to health and safety concerns that might be costly. If you don’t sort it out as soon as possible, it can be a great nuisance to a homeowner and a bad experience for everyone. Note that this is the same whether it’s a blocked toilet drain, shower drain, or sink. 

Many things can cause clogged drains, some of which you can easily DIY through small steps. However, if you don’t have the right tools and skills, it is better to call Coogee Plumbers to help you remove the foreign objects clogged down the drain. Understanding the causes of blocked drains can help you prevent the situation from happening in the first place. This article will explore ways to clear a blocked drain.

  • Blocked Drains from Grease Build-Up

Like the hair in the bathroom, the grease and fat can build up in the kitchen sink over time, clogging the sink. Unblocking the drains and pipes can be a great nuisance to clear since they don’t leave the pipes as easily and quickly as you could expect.

  • Ways to Fix this Situation

To prevent grease build-up, you must avoid washing these fatty ingredients down the drain. The Greece washed down the drain will cool and harden in the pipes. A thoughtful way to prevent this build-up is collecting all the grace in jars instead of pouring them in the drain. A plumber can also help you in clearing the drain.

  • Blocked Drains from Hair

One of the most underrated causes of clogged drains is the accumulation of hair. Sometimes, removing the hair can be a simple task if it’s moderate; however, if it’s not cleared straight away, it can cause many issues. The hair falling off the body in the sink or shower is a common problem for most homeowners.

  • Ways to Fix It

You can remove a small amount of hair by pulling it with a gloved hand before it worsens. You can also look for drain cleaning devices that can help remove the hair from the drain. When purchasing the device, ensure you look for high-quality devices since some cheap ones can worsen the problem. If you cannot remove the clog, contacting your plumber to help you is excellent.

  • Blocked Drains from Toiletries

Most people habitually dispose of toiletries and sanitize them down the drain. This is one of the significant problems of blocked drains requiring help from a professional plumber. When immersed in water, baby wipes and nappies absorb the moisture and enlarge, which quickly blocks the pipes and drains. 

  • Ways to Fix 

Disposing of toiletries in the toilet is dreadful for everyone and can lead to costly repairs. You should dispose of the toiletries in the right way. At home, the items should be disposed of together with our garbage. While in the public, people should use the designated bins. If it’s too late, book a qualified plumber to help clear the drains.

To Conclude!

Blocked drains can be avoided using the correct practices. However, if you are still experiencing clogged drains, call a reputable and experienced plumber before it’s too late.

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