The Key Reasons Why Playing American Football is Fantastic for Your Health?

It’s no secret that sports and physical exercise are incredibly beneficial to our health and overall wellbeing. However, American football is uniquely positive for a number of reasons. In this article, we’ll be going over some of the amazing health benefits associated with playing American football. 

Background: What is American Football?

American football, which is also referred to as gridiron, is the sport played in the US’ NFL. Matches see two teams with 11 team members each pitted against each other, with points being scored by way of touchdown, field goal, or safety.

If you aren’t all that familiar with the NFL or American football, then don’t be surprised if this all sounds a bit confusing. The sport is quite complex, and it can help to learn NFL terms to understand the game better, if you end up taking an interest in it.

The first-ever match of American football was played way back in 1869, and the sport has exploded in popularity since then. Nowadays, the Superbowl is one of the biggest days of the year in the US, and people all around the world know all about the NFL.

American football is, naturally, especially popular in the USA, but it does have something of a following worldwide. Playing the sport requires both good cardiovascular health and musculoskeletal strength, so it’s fair to say that it confers significant health benefits to participants. 

The Health Benefits of American Football

The health benefits of playing American football go far beyond developing a stronger body, though. Demanding good teamwork skills, hand-eye coordination, and cardio, American football can be a very holistic way to improve your health in a number of areas. 

Better Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal Health 

It probably is obvious that sports like American football, which require plenty of running, confer plenty of benefits as far as your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health are concerned.

Taking part in regular physical activity is fantastic for the health of your brain, as well as helping you maintain a healthy weight, and keep your body strong. This is especially important as we age; the older we get, the more prone we tend to be to our bones and muscles getting weaker and worn down.

By staying physically active, we can stave off this process for as long as possible, as well as minimizing it to an extent. In doing so, we can ensure that we have as long and healthy a life as possible, as well as one that is minimally impacted by degenerative conditions like arthritis and dementia.

With, high-impact sports like American football do carry some risk of injury with them. This is unavoidable, though it can be limited somewhat by preparing properly for every match and training session.

For one thing, make sure you warm up properly before playing. Also, if you do end up getting injured, then you’ll want to seek medical advice promptly. Doing so means that you’ll get the best possible treatment for your injury, which, in turn, limits the risk of you developing any complications from it further down the line.  

Team-Building Skills 

Belonging and a sense of community are both especially important for our mental wellbeing. This is why playing American football can have such a positive impact on our self-esteem; it helps us feel like we belong to a larger group working towards a common goal.

We can foster deep, lasting friendships with our teammates, too. Having supportive friendships is a cornerstone of mental wellbeing, and what better place to cultivate such relationships than with our teammates from American football?

What’s more, team sports like American football really force us to be able to work effectively with others. The soft skills we can either gain or refine through team sports have plenty of use in other spheres of life, too; so, these are abilities that are very much worth having, no matter what walk of life you come from or what job you do. 

Stress Reduction

One of the great things about playing sport is how beneficial it can be for your mental health. Physical activity plays a major role in helping us reduce and manage stress, for one. Another thing to keep in mind is the positive impact having hobbies often has on our mental wellbeing.

We all know how boring it can be working constantly, especially if we feel like we don’t have any time to ourselves. This is why it’s important we give ourselves time for healthy, positive hobbies on a regular basis. By committing to something like playing in an American football team, you’ll generally have games and training sessions to attend throughout the season, which is a great way to get you out of the house and spending some time outside.

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