Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro to Launch October 12, Prices Slightly Higher

Google is preparing to release the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro on October 4, and we’ve learned a lot about them thanks to a massive leak. The price of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in the United States has already been revealed, and it has risen slightly.

Since the Tensor relaunch with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, pure value has been a big part of the equation for selling the Pixel flagship series. Google’s flagship phones are hundreds of dollars less expensive than comparable hardware. at example, the Pixel 7 is now available at $599, which is $200 less than the equivalent Samsung Galaxy S23. Meanwhile, the Pixel 7 Pro costs $899, which is $300 cheaper than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. And, for the most part, those pricing disparities have been a huge part of what has made Pixel so appealing, despite Tensor and signal performance issues.

However, with the Pixel 8 series, we’ve learnt that Google will raise the prices of both devices in the US market.

According to a retail source, the Pixel 8 will cost $699, while the Pixel 8 Pro will cost $999 – a $100 increase across the board.

Both smartphones will be available in stores on October 12, with Google previously confirming that pre-orders will begin on October 4. Leaked prices from European markets also revealed a price hike.

Notably, this follows a $50 price hike for the Pixel 7a to $499. That price rise came as Google’s mid-range tablet introduced a significant camera update, a 90Hz display, and wireless charging, as our Max Weinbach explained at the time. The upcoming hardware enhancements for the Pixel 8 are a little murkier.

A rumor earlier this weekend suggested that the main camera sensor on both Pixel 8 handsets will not change, but other camera advancements, such as auto-focus on the selfie camera and the Pixel 8’s ultrawide sensor, look to be on the way. Tensor G3 is also said to be a significant update in terms of hardware modernization, and as we previously reported, Google is planning to extend the lifespan of these devices, which will come at a significant long-term expense.

Storage is fraught with uncertainty. Many smartphones, including Samsung’s 2023 flagships and the recently released iPhone 15 Pro Max, have migrated to a 256GB basic model. The Pixel 8 series, on the other hand, will reportedly continue to offer a 128GB option.

Whatever the case may be, it will be interesting to see if Google’s new products can live up to their higher prices.


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