Google Faces Big Changes If It Loses Antitrust Trial

The US government’s antitrust case against Google could bring major changes to the world’s dominant search engine. But it’s still uncertain if the judge will rule against Google’s alleged monopoly. 

A Verdict Against Google Could Open New Online Avenues

If Google loses, the judge may force them to allow more competitors. This could create more options for consumers and businesses when seeking information and services online. More competition might lead to higher quality services as rivals challenge Google’s supremacy.

Google’s Massive Search Market Share Was Hard-Won Through Innovation 

Google earned its commanding position in search through technological innovation and usefulness. Its search engine quickly provides people with helpful information from the billions of webpages it has indexed. Additionally, you can also read about- Microsoft is Pressuring DoJ to Punish Google for Antitrust Violations

Paying For Default Search Status Is Key to Google’s Dominance

Google also pays billions to be the preset search engine on popular smartphones and browsers. Users can change this default, but few actually do. The government argues these lucrative deals maintain Google’s monopoly illegally.

Banning Payments For Defaults May Spur More Competition

If banned from paying for defaults, experts believe Google may have to allow choice of search engines during device setups. This already happens in Europe, though most still choose Google. But more visible options could promote competition.

Microsoft and Others Could Bid for Default Status Without Payments 

As long as rivals can also bid for defaults, Microsoft and others may pay for preset search status. Microsoft’s CEO says this may be the only way to change entrenched search habits. If you want you can also read- Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Testifies About Competing With Google in Antitrust Trial

Defaults May Persist Without Payments, Leaving Google Dominant

But if payments end, default search deals may continue. People may stick with Google out of preference or trust in the brand. Google could remain dominant while keeping billions once spent on deals.

Broader Default Bans Could Have Unintended Consequences

A blanket ban on defaults could affect other companies like Apple. If Google no longer pays them, device prices may rise. Also, Google could spend its default-deal money on further cementing dominance elsewhere.


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