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Google Assistant’s Massive AI Upgrade: A Historic Leap Forward

Google Assistant AI Upgrade Historic Update

If you experienced an earthquake recently, it could be attributed to Google’s most recent announcement. Google has recently released the complete version of its advanced AI model, Gemini, marking a significant milestone for the company. Google has decided to make some updates to its chatbot.

They are changing its name from Bard to Gemini, introducing a new Gemini mobile app, and also offering a premium AI subscription service. One of the most significant updates that will greatly impact your daily life is the recent addition of Gemini to Google Assistant. From this moment forward, countless individuals will engage in voice conversations with an exceptionally potent AI model available on the market.

“Every launch is significant, but this one is particularly momentous,” stated Sissie Hsiao, Vice President of Gemini Experiences and Google Assistant, during a press conference. Google sees Gemini as more than just the models. This represents a significant change in our perspective on cutting-edge technology and the overall system we are constructing around it. We are not only focused on creating products that impact a vast number of users, but also on providing APIs and platforms that empower developers and businesses to drive innovation.

The Gemini mobile app is now available on Android devices, and the company has also included Gemini in the Google app on iOS. To access Gemini Ultra, our most advanced AI, you can subscribe to a monthly plan priced at $19.99. And throughout Google’s services, nearly everything related to AI is now referred to as Gemini. This represents a significant change in the company’s desired image.

Up until this point, Google has chosen to keep its chatbot technology separate from the general public. Only Bard (formerly known as Gemini) is accessible through a dedicated website, and the company emphasizes that all of its AI tools are labeled as “experimental.” After nearly a year of being cautious, it appears that Google is now prepared to support its AI products, at least to some extent.

Gemini is Bard’s New Name and Finally has a Voice

Google remains concerned about imposing AI on users; therefore, at present, you must actively search for Gemini. Google’s AI is now more accessible than ever. By choosing to opt-in, you will have the convenience of accessing Gemini on Android devices. You can activate it by simply saying “Hey Google” or pressing the power button on select phones, just like how you interact with Assistant.

It is truly remarkable how significant it is for Google to grant Gemini a voice, both in terms of computing and the impact it will have on your relationship with the internet’s most influential corporation.

That has some interesting implications. Google now has a personality and offers a fresh way to engage in casual conversation with the company. Rest assured, you won’t be interacting directly with Google, but the experience will certainly make it seem that way. For nearly a decade, users have been able to interact with Google through Assistant, but the pre-programmed responses have always lacked the authenticity of a genuine conversation. Now, Google is prepared to engage in conversation.

We asked Hsiao about Gemini’s sense of humor and its personality traits. According to her, individuals find Gemini quite charming, although she didn’t provide any specific details.

The assistant is still available, and if you prefer the previous version, you have the option to keep it. However, it appears that Google may ultimately intend to fully replace Assistant with Gemini. Apple is following a similar trajectory. There have been widespread rumors suggesting that the upcoming iOS 18, set to be released later this year, will bring about a significant overhaul that incorporates artificial intelligence into Siri.

There are other products that have recently undergone a rebranding, and Bard is one of them. Duet AI, an AI tool that assists with writing and other tasks in apps like Gmail, Docs, Meet, and Drive, will soon be known as Gemini as well. Google did not provide a specific timeline for that change.

Interestingly, Gemini may be unaware of its new name.

“Self-awareness is a challenge for the models,” Hsiao noted. On Thursday, if you inquire about someone’s name, you can expect a response. Perhaps it will respond with the name “Bard.” We are actively addressing that issue. It is evident that AI is currently a tool that is not fully under human control.

Google’s Gemini Ultra Costs $19.99/mo

In December, Google introduced Gemini, which initially only offered the Gemini Pro tier, a basic and less powerful option. Consumers can now gain access to Gemini Ultra, but it comes with a price.

Google claims that Gemini Ultra is the most advanced AI available in the market. According to the company, Gemini Ultra has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the performance of human experts on a standardized test known as MMLU (massive multitask language understanding). This test evaluates an AI’s proficiency and problem-solving skills across a wide range of subjects, including math, physics, history, law, medicine, and ethics.

Google’s latest AI venture bears a striking resemblance to ChatGPT. The free version of Gemini operates on the basic Gemini Pro model, similar to how the free ChatGPT tier operates on GPT-3.5. For the complete range of features offered by Gemini Ultra, the monthly cost is $19.99, just slightly less than the price charged by OpenAI for GPT-4.

Gemini Ultra also offers additional benefits. Now, it has been incorporated into a new premium tier of Google One, the subscription service that offers additional storage and other benefits. Gemini Ultra is included in the new Google One AI Premium plan, which offers all the benefits of the 2-terabyte storage plan. If you’re interested, there’s a free two-month trial available for you to get a preview. (For those who prefer not to use AI, the standard 2 TB plan remains priced at $9.99 per month.)

Your Phone is an AI Device Now

With Gemini on your phone, you have the incredible convenience of a powerful AI device right at your fingertips. That might not be as thrilling as it initially seems (if it even seems thrilling at all). Currently, large language models such as Gemini and ChatGPT are quite useful for various writing tasks, such as brainstorming ideas, generating images, coding, and a few other functions. However, this is just a glimpse into the upcoming era of computing that will gradually unfold over the next few months. Initially, the consequences may be subtle, but they will be felt immediately.

As an illustration, the internet is becoming increasingly inundated with text and images generated by AI that lack quality. Get ready for a major boost to that problem. Yesterday, if you were interested in creating AI content, you had to be motivated enough to access a dedicated app or website. It’s not a significant barrier to entry, but it’s just inconvenient enough to protect us from some of the worst AI-driven impulses in humanity. Now, the possibility of creating your own AI is just one voice command away.

Expect to receive a significant amount of text and emails composed by Gemini, along with an increase in visual AI hallucinations. Every corner of the world is set to be inundated with an unprecedented surge of AI technology.

However, there will also be positive outcomes. In the past, when it came to computers, one had to go through the process of translating their thoughts, desires, and intentions into a language that machines could understand. This involved learning the specific commands of your device and experimenting with various actions like swipes and double clicks. As our phones become more integrated with AI chatbots, we are moving closer to a future where our machines can understand our intentions just like our friends (or something similar).

It is the ultimate goal to have the capability of instructing your phone to carry out its functions using only your voice and have it comprehend your commands regardless of how you phrase them. And that’s the vision that becomes evident from our current standpoint. A remarkable transformation in computing will empower individuals to develop apps, functions, and processes that are currently beyond our imagination. That’s all a distant aspiration, but Google has recently taken us one step closer. And from the past 18 months of AI madness, we’ve discovered that the future is much closer than we realize.

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