Google’s Next-Generation AI Gemini Could Beat ChatGPT

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Google DeepMind’s CEO, Demis Hassabis, has revealed that Google is in the process of constructing an advanced AI system named “Gemini” that is expected to surpass ChatGPT in performance. Hassabis informed Wired that Gemini is currently undergoing development and is anticipated to require several months before it is fully operational. The project’s expenses could potentially reach hundreds of millions of dollars.

Gemini is anticipated to specialize in text-based applications and is likely to share numerous similarities with ChatGPT-4.

However, Google does not want to simply reproduce what is already available. The CEO stated that the company’s engineers are adopting tactics from AlphaGo, the AI that defeated a Go champion, to power Gemini. Gemini should be able to plan and solve problems as a result of this. According to Hassabis, massive language model capabilities will be integrated with these competencies.

AlphaGo was created via reinforcement learning, which is when software makes repeated efforts to complete a task and adjusts its performance depending on feedback.

Hassabis and his team may possibly attempt to improve Gemini by incorporating concepts from other areas of AI, such as robotics and neuroscience.

“We also have some new innovations that are going to be pretty interesting,” Hassabis explained.

Gemini was announced at Google’s I/O conference this year. The company stated at the time, “Gemini was designed from the ground up to be multimodal, highly efficient with the tool and API integrations, and constructed to support future innovations such as memory and planning. While it is still early, we are already observing multimodal capabilities that were not present in previous models.”

Gemini will be available in a variety of sizes and capacities, according to the company.

In April, a Google employee wrote an internal memo that was leaked, claiming that the business was losing its AI edge to the open-source community, which is better positioned to make rapid changes to its lean products. A month later, Google eliminated the waiting list for Bard, its response to Open AI’s ChatGPT. However, due to privacy concerns, it was recently forced to postpone its European launch.

Google will undoubtedly design Gemini’s entry to be watertight after Bard’s factual error while answering a question in its first presentation caused parent company Alphabet to lose $100 billion in market value.

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