4 Emojis with Variations that You should Start Using!

Emojis are fun to use in chatting and messaging, and they can make otherwise dull messages sound expressive or unique. After all, there is a difference between an average “Good morning” message to one with a smiley face. Although you cannot use them in formal messages for work or school, emojis make casual messages sound more genuine. And whether you use them with your friends, family, or significant other, emojis can add or even change the entire meaning or mood of a message.

Although you can creatively use these eye-catching emoticons, using the same emoji over and over again can feel boring or redundant. Sure, they still make your messages more expressive, but when something is repetitive, it gets pretty stagnant or lame in the long run. So, to help you explore more icon variations, such as the brown heart emoji, here are five icons with different designs that you can try adding to your messages.

1. Smiling Cat with Heart-Eyes

Are you fond of cats? Do you like their fluffiness and occasionally odd antics? If you do, then the smiling cat with heart-eyes is the icon for you! This adorable emoji was introduced in 2010 as a part of Unicode 6.0. Depending on the platform you are using, it shows either an orange or yellow cat, akin to ginger cats. And as its name indicates, it has hearty eyes and is smiling widely.

Feel free to send this emoji when your friend or a family member sent or showed you a picture of their cat. Most of the time, when they receive cat photos or videos, people would send heart or heart-eye emojis as a reaction. So, why not make your message reaction related to cats? Send this icon when you have message reactions like “What a cute cat!” The emoji will fully express the adorability of the cat photo or video you saw.

2. Mechanical Arm and Leg

You will not need new clothes, boots, and a motorcycle with these two emojis! Unlike a certain time-traveling robot, the mechanical arm and leg emojis will not hurt you or anyone. If you use them properly, they can even promote body positivity. Aside from that, these two emojis are a lot cooler than their usual yellow-colored counterparts.

These two emojis were both introduced in 2019 as part of Unicode 12.0. Unlike their original versions, mechanical arm and leg emojis are chrome or metallic in appearance. And depending on the platform you are using, the design of these icons may have a cartoonish or 3D appeal. The color patterns may also vary, but the hues mostly include silver, black, and other shades of gray. The mechanical leg emoji also wears a shoe, which may be black or red.

Use these icons when you express the pain in your arms or legs. Maybe it was a tough session of lifting weights or a cramp-inducing jog. In either case, these emojis can help you say that your limbs hurt and feel like metal, and you will need some rest.

Alternatively, you can also use these emojis to support amputees who can power through their condition emotionally. Losing an arm or a leg is no joke, and people who happen to be on the receiving end of these unfortunate instances might feel pitied most of the time. So, instead of feeling sorry for them, let them know that you have their emotional support when they post how proud they are in powering through their disability.

3. People and Body Emojis

They may not look that much different to you, but to other people, the skin tone variations of certain emojis mean a lot, especially to persons of color. Several people and body emojis are now available in multiple skin color versions, including light, medium-light, medium, medium-dark, and dark.

There are also emojis with different hairstyles and colors available. For instance, the man and woman emojis come with different hairstyles. Some have a curly fashion while others have their hair straight. Their hair color also varies. Some available hair colors include black, blond, red, and white. Overall, the variations of these people and body emojis can let people fully express themselves while feeling represented.

4. Heart Emojis

And lastly, whether you rarely surf the net or are a regular resident of social media, you would have most likely seen heart emojis. These range from smileys with hearts to other variations of heart icons. But if you prefer a simple yet timeless icon, the red heart emoji introduced in 1993 would probably be your go-to. And now, it has several color variations.

These alternate colors include orange, purple, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, and white. And because of this variety, you can be more creative when sending heart emojis to someone. Is brown their favorite color? Send them a brown heart emoji! Your creativity is only limited when sending these multi-colored heart icons.

In a Nutshell

Variety is a good thing, and it applies to emojis as well. With these alternative looks, you can be more creative in expressing yourself in your messages. Not to mention, they can add a subtle difference to your messages. To learn more about these icons, feel free to check EmojiGuide.com!

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