Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing, Allowing Foreigners and Wounded to Leave

Egypt opened its Rafah border crossing with Gaza on Wednesday, allowing scores of foreigners and seriously wounded Palestinians to exit the territory for the first time since fighting began in early October.

Border Opened After 3 Weeks of Closure During Gaza Crisis. Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing on November 2, providing the first outlet for people to leave Gaza since Israel launched major airstrikes on October 7.

The crossing had been entirely shut throughout the 3+ week conflict between Israel and Gaza militant groups that left a humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave.

Hundreds of Foreign Passport Holders Depart Gaza

With the border reopened, hundreds of foreign nationals and Palestinians with dual citizenship began crossing into Egypt on Wednesday.

They included residents from over 40 foreign countries as well as staff from UN agencies and other international organizations trapped by the border closure.

Wounded Palestinians Evacuated for Treatment in Egypt

In parallel, Egypt allowed dozens of seriously injured Palestinians to be brought across the border for medical treatment at Egyptian hospitals.

Television footage showed a convoy of ambulances lined up to transport wounded Gazans in urgent need of care due to shortages of medical supplies.

Border Closure Worsened Humanitarian Situation

Rafah is the only way in and out of Gaza not controlled by Israel. Its closure exacerbated dire shortages of food, water, medicine and electricity.

Israel heavily restricted entry of humanitarian aid during its blockade and bombardment of Gaza in response to militant rocket attacks.

Egypt Condemns Israel Over Refugee Camp Strike

Egypt harshly criticized Israel for striking a refugee camp in Gaza on Tuesday, which killed 50 Palestinians according to local health officials.

Egypt warned Israel against consequences from attacking defenseless civilians after the strike on the Jabalia refugee camp.

Death Toll Passes 8,500 in Gaza After Over 3 Weeks

Gaza’s health ministry says over 8,500 Palestinians have died and tens of thousands more been wounded since Israel launched major airstrikes on October 7.

Two-thirds of reported casualties were women and children, exacerbating outrage over Israel’s tactics and the humanitarian plight.

In summary, Egypt reopened Gaza’s border on Wednesday, bringing small relief by allowing trapped foreigners and wounded Palestinians to exit the territory for the first time since fighting erupted in early October.


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