How to Create the Ultimate Home Cinema 

Creating a home cinema has become an affordable luxury. With cinema prices rising and the COVID-19 pandemic making everyone reconsider how much time they spend in public places, people have become more inclined to relax at home.

However, watching a film in your living room doesn’t tend to have the wow factor that a cinema does. So, why not create your own cinematic experience at home? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to creating the ultimate home cinema.

Is the room suitable?   

One of the best things about visiting the cinema is the uninterrupted viewing – the room gets soundproofed, so you don’t hear a peep from the outside world. With this in mind, consider the room you choose for your home cinema. Avoid one that is next to noisy utilities like washing machines and dishwashers, as this could disturb your experience. 

If you want to go the extra mile, soundproof your room so you can be guaranteed to have the best viewing experience possible. However, it is a process that can be expensive, so check your finances to ensure you have the means for such a costly project.

The seating 

We’ve all been there – sat in a cinema with your body going numb from the uncomfortable seats. Choosing the best seats for your home cinema will help everyone stay comfy for the duration of the film. 

Consider how much space there is in your cinema room as this will determine what you can fit in. Would you rather have individual reclining chairs or a large sofa? Do you want them to match or would you prefer an assortment of options? Once you have addressed these questions, you must try them before you buy. 

Projector vs Large TV 

This is all about personal preference because there are pros and cons to both. Projectors are great in that they can often cover a larger surface area than a TV. However, to ensure the picture quality is sufficient, you should invest in a high-quality screen. 

If you choose a large TV for your cinema room, the picture quality should be great. TVs are available in so many different sizes that you’re bound to find one that fits your space perfectly.


Dark, intimate cinema lighting always gets us in the mood for a film, so consider your lighting choices when designing your cinema room. Avoid stark lighting and opt for a soft hue. A dimmer switch is ideal – this way you can get everyone in the mood for a film but still get full brightness if necessary.



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