Buy Real Media Review – I Tried it! Let’s See How It Works

Have you ever found yourself in a condition where you try everything to boost a particular social profile, but nothing works? If this scenario defines your current situation, you will understand the true significance of social media promotional services.

People these days are turning to websites like Buy Real Media to purchase social signals for their profiles. That’s because it’s the sites like these that help creators achieve their goals easily, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Not so long ago, I tried the services of Buy Real Media, and they were mind-blowing. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first, like all other social media users, but this platform won my trust. So, in this Buy Real Media review, I will tell you everything you need to know about this site. The quality of their services, pricing, pros, and cons, learn about these details in today’s review.

Overview of Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is the web’s leading social media marketing site providing its services since 2011. This website offers its clients a wide range of authentic social media promotional services. From YouTube views to Instagram likes, and Twitter impressions to Discord members, it provides social signals for almost any social media platform you can think of.

After spending more than a decade delivering services, these guys have become unrivaled in quality and authenticity. In short, this site could be your key to success on your desired social media platform. But what does Buy Real Media have to offer? How does it exactly operate, and what’s its process? Well, let’s find out about it in the next section.

What Exactly Does Buy Real Media Do?

Before you try to understand the working of Buy Real Media, let’s take a trip through the basics of social media. No matter on what platform you are, social signals matter the most. Twitter poll votes, Discord members, LinkedIn endorsements, TikTok followers, YouTube views, Facebook likes, etc. All these social signals establish your worth on a platform and help you rise in rank.

However, due to the extreme saturation on social media platforms, it has become difficult to improve these stats now. Now, that’s where Buy Real Media comes in. This website provides social signals for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify, TikTok, SoundCloud, and several other platforms in affordable packages.

All you have to do is visit their website and look for the service you wish to purchase. After that, fill in the details and place the order. Once the order is placed, these guys will get to work and start delivering the social signal right away.

By the time they are done delivering their services, your problem will be fixed and your profile uplifted. So, that’s how Buy Real Media works.

Why Do I Use Buy Real Media for Buying Social Signals?

Now, you might wonder why I chose Buy Real Media for buying social signals. Well, the answer is hidden in the features that they offer. The following are some of its features that I found most fascinating.

High-Quality Service

 High-Quality Service

Buy Real Media has an impeccable record of delivering only high-quality services. Every promotional service they offer is completely legit and hits the spot perfectly. All their social signals are authentic and come from real accounts, proving this site’s dedication to quality.

Flexible Payment Options

With their secure and flexible payment options, you can purchase all their services easily and with complete confidence. It allows clients to use credit cards, Stripe, or cryptocurrency to pay for their orders.

 Affordable Pricing

This website has combined quality with affordability in biblical proportions and offers its services in budget-friendly packages. This makes it easier for creators to purchase their services regularly to keep their stats stable.

Responsive Customer Support

Reliable customer service is the backbone of a good service provider. Fortunately, the people at Buy Real Media understand that as their support team is just amazing. They are experts who help clients with placing an order, answer questions, and resolve doubts in a professional manner.

Refund Guarantee

All the purchases on this site are covered by a money-back guarantee, preventing clients from any monetary loss. As long as your claim meets the terms and conditions, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Targeted Services

This site allows you to build a presence in a specific region or reach its audience with targeted services. No matter where you are, you can buy social signals from the USA, France, Germany, Egypt, etc., at low prices.

Buy Real Media Pricing

Buy Real Media Pricing

Buy Real Media offers various services for all the major social platforms on the web. However, they hold an exceptional reputation for providing services for the following platforms at spectacularly affordable prices.


You can buy Facebook followers, views, group members, reactions, event attendees, comments, shares, poll votes, reviews, and comment replies at affordable prices. Some of their popular Facebook packages are:

  • Facebook views – 1000 views in $7 and 5000 views in $27
  • Facebook followers – 1000 views in $20 and 5000 in $97
  • Facebook likes – 1000 likes in 33$ and 5000 likes in $158


Buy Real Media provides TikTok followers, likes, views, shares, and comments, making it easier for creators to become famous. Their popular and affordable TikTok packages include:

  • TikTok views – 1000 views in $3 and 5000 views in $12
  • TikTok comments – 500 comments in $53 and 1000 comments in $100
  • TikTok followers – 1000 followers in $39 and 5000 followers $189


Step up your YouTube channel by purchasing legit views, subscribers, likes, favorites, shares, Watch time hours, dislikes, and comments. All the packages for YouTube services are pretty affordable, like:

  • YouTube views – 1000 views in $16 and 10,000 $156
  • YouTube subscribers – 500 subscribers for $89 and 1000 subscribers for $178
  • YouTube likes – 500 likes in $77 and 1000 likes in $149


Buy Real Media supports your professional career by providing LinkedIn followers, endorsements, connections, likes, comments, shares, recommendations, and employees. Their renowned LinkedIn packages are:

  • LinkedIn followers – 500 followers in $55 and 1000 followers in $90
  • LinkedIn connections – 100 connections in $37 and 500 connections in $185


You can easily buy Pinterest followers, Repins, and reactions to make your boards successful on the platform. The more amazing news is that all their Pinterest packages are super affordable:

  • Pinterest Repins – 1000 Repins in $20 and 5000 Repins in $77
  • Pinterest Reactions – 1000 Reactions in $33 and 5000 Reactions in $155
  • Pinterest Followers – 1000 Followers in $54 and 5000 Followers in $254

What Happened When I Tested Their Services?

Liked I mentioned earlier, I was skeptical at first and didn’t know what to expect from Buy Real Media. Still, I placed an order for Instagram followers because my profile wasn’t doing well. And oh man, the results I got were phenomenal! Within the first twenty-four hours, I noticed a sharp increase in my profile’s engagement, reach and post reactions.

Of course, that was the period when Buy Real Media was still delivering authentic Instagram followers on my profile. During the delivery period, my number of organic followers consistently increased, and the view count went higher than ever. Surprisingly, this improvement streak didn’t break after they delivered the followers.

That was all thanks to their high retention rate and authentic followers they procured from accounts of real people. Currently, my Instagram profile is in its best condition, with tons of organic followers and positive engagement.  Buy Real Media not only exceeded my expectations but also made me believe in its superior quality and authenticity.

What Did I Like?

There are certain things that I liked about my experience with Buy Real Media. Some of them are described as follows:

Services from Real Accounts

All the social signals that these guys procure come from active accounts of real people. Perhaps that’s the main reason why their services instantly enhance a profile’s engagement rate and organic reach.



Instead of delivering their services at once and jeopardizing the authenticity of a profile, Buy Real Media used the drip-feeding method. By taking this approach, they ensure that the process looks natural and doesn’t cause any suspicion.

Unrivaled Experience

My experience with this website was remarkable and quite beneficial too. From placing an order to successfully receiving the followers, everything went smoothly, and the results were just fantastic. That’s why I would say that Buy Real Media is truly unrivaled in its services.

Easy Payment Process

Purchasing a social signal was never this easy before. Enter the billing details, choose a payment method, and place the order. Not to forget that this site offers multiple payment options you can pick from. Seeing how they ensured security on their checkout page and didn’t ask for personal details made me feel confident.

What I Didn’t Like?

The world isn’t all cakes and lollipops, for there are thorns with every rose. There was just this one thing that I didn’t like about Buy Real Media.

No Free Trial

This website sure is perfect in all its aspects. However, I wish they allowed the clients to get a free trial of their services. There are certain packages that start from as low as $2, but none of them are for trial. 


On the whole, my experience with Buy Real Media was pretty amazing. It is by far the best social media promotional site I’ve seen. The Instagram followers I purchased were outstanding and efficiently enhanced my social presence and account stats.

Their customer support was also aces and helped me out in every step. Check out Buy Real Media’s services, and I assure you will not regret making this decision.

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