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Big Run Splatoon 3 Event: The Ultimate Guide for Maximum Reward

Big Run Splatoon 3

Ever felt overwhelmed by the chaos of Big Run Splatoon 3? You’re not alone; it’s a wild ride, even for seasoned Inklings and Octolings. But hang on, I’ve got a juicy tidbit: this time around, there’s an all-new boss Salmonid that’ll make your tentacles tingle.

My guide here is packed with insider knowledge to help you become a Big Run champ, from scoring sweet loot to mastering exclusive stages.

Dive in, and let’s get splatting!

Content Highlights

  • The Big Run is a special Salmon Run event with 3 intense waves of salmonids. You have to collect as many golden eggs as possible.
  • There are new rewards, like locker decorations and badges for high scores. The more eggs you get, the better the rewards.
  • The stages are fun: an amusement park, an art academy, a spillway, ruins, and a shopping center. Salmonids can surprise you.
  • Teamwork is important—throw eggs at teammates, use special weapons, and revive each other. Stick together against swarm attacks.
  • A new massive Boss Salmonid called Megalodontia joins Big Run. It’s named after the megalodon shark and will challenge players with its speed and bite.

Understanding the Big Run Event in Splatoon 3

If you thought regular salmon runs were intense, brace yourselves for the tidal wave of chaos known as the Big Run Event in Splatoon 3. This is not your average swim in the park; it’s a whole new level of splat-tastic action that’ll have you and your squids swimming.

I mean, running for your lives against none other than Megalodontia, talk about a big fish to fry! So grab your gear; it’s time to dive into what makes this event the talk of Inkopolis.

Description of the Big Run Event

The Big Run event in Splatoon 3 turns up the heat with a wild twist on Salmon Run. Imagine yourself and your friends fighting through hordes of salmonids, working together to collect golden eggs over three intense waves.

Exciting dangers like fog rolling in or a surprise visit from The Griller keep everyone on their toes. You’ll have a blast seeing who can snag the most eggs, even when things get super hectic.

You don’t need to be level 4 to jump into the action; anyone can play! With different tide levels changing with each wave, you’ll never know what’s coming next. It could be high tide with less room to run or low tide with more ground but more salmonid rushing at you.

And here’s the cool part: if you gather loads of golden eggs during a shift and make it your high score, you still win big even if all three waves aren’t finished. So grab your gear and get ready for an epic egg hunt!

Introduction to New Boss Salmonid: Megalodontia

Get ready, gamers! There’s a new boss in town for Splatoon 3’s Big Run event, and it goes by the name Megalodontia. This giant salmonid is bringing a whole new level of challenge to the battlefield.

You’ll have to team up and bring your A-game if you want to take this baddie down. It’s not just about splatting; strategy will be key.

Megalodontia is set to shake things up big time. With its debut, expect some epic battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And hey, what are the rewards for beating this beast? Worth the fight! Get those splatter shots ready; it’s going to be one wild ride with this monstrous fish in charge.

Next up, let’s dive into what kind of goodies you can earn when facing off against our toothy friend during Big Run! Additionally, you can also read about the 45 Most Anticipated Games of 2022.

Big Run Splatoon 3 Guide

[Video Credit: @JayMojiDeluxe]

Splatoon 3 just got a new update, and this weekend, there’s a cool event called Big Run. It’s like a super-sized salmon run on one of the game’s big stages. You team up with three other players to splat Boss Salmonids and collect as many Golden Eggs as possible.

If you’ve never tried it before, now’s a great time! This month’s Big Run happens on the Barnacle & Dime stage from Friday, December 1, at 7 PM ET to Sunday, December 3. Whether you’re a new player or have been around for a while, we’ve got some tips for you to make the most out of the event. If you’re interested, then you can check out the Top 20 Yandex Games Unblocked.

Big Run Splatoon 3 General Tips

In Big Run, your main aim is to gather as many golden eggs as possible. You get these eggs by defeating Boss Salmonids, and each Boss drops three Golden Eggs. The weapon you get in each wave during the Splatoon 3 Big Run event is random.

Sometimes, you might even get a special Grizzco weapon, which is stronger than regular weapons but can’t be used in normal matches. In the next section, we’ll talk about each Grizzco weapon and how to use it. For now, let’s focus on some general tips for success.

  • Throw Golden Eggs: The key is to put as many eggs in the basket as you can. Instead of swimming to the basket, throw the egg closer to it and keep attacking enemies. This way, your teammates can pick up the egg and deposit it. It uses up a lot of ink, but it’s a quick way to contribute.
  • Lure Boss Salmonids: Bring Boss Salmonids closer to the basket so that when you defeat them, their golden eggs are right near the basket. This is crucial for getting a high score. Be careful with bosses like stingers and flyfish; they can attack from a distance.
  • Use your Specials: Don’t save your Specials for later waves. If things get too hectic, use your Special early. Specials like Inkstrikes, Booyah Bomb, and Killer Wail are effective against bosses like Flyfish and Stingers.
  • Utilize Bombs: If your teammates are down, throw a Splat Bomb towards them with the R button. The bomb has a wide range, and if it’s close enough to a teammate, it will revive them.
  • Stick Together during Glowflies: When salmonids rush towards a specific player during Glowflies waves, it’s best to group up. Stand near a wall to stay out of their reach. If you have a roller weapon, take the front line and recharge your ink while standing still. Note: This tactic doesn’t work with Carbon Rollers, as they don’t deal enough damage to defeat certain enemies in one hit.

Specials in Splatoon 3: Big Run Simplified


Understanding specials in Splatoon 3 Big Run is crucial for success. In each Salmon Run wave, every player gets two uses of a random special ability. Notably, at least two players in each rotation are guaranteed to have a special that can hit Boss Salmonids from a distance.

However, with only two special uses for every three waves, it’s important to make them count. The primary objective in Splatoon 3 Big Run is to collect as many golden eggs as possible, and each special can play a key role in achieving this goal.

  • Booyah Bomb: One impactful special is the Booyah Bomb, which can be thrown at big shots to splat them or used at the basket to clear out multiple Boss Salmonids simultaneously. It provides the user with armor while charging, but caution is needed to avoid activation when surrounded by salmonids. Importantly, the Booyah Bomb can even outright splat flyfish.
  • Crab Tank: The Crab Tank is another special that allows players to engage in long-ranged rapid fire or release an explosion with the R button. Effective against stingers, fish sticks, and big shots, the rapid-fire mode is preferred. However, be wary of Maws, as the Crab Tank’s poor mobility makes it vulnerable to their attacks.
  • Inkjet: Inkjet is a special that lets players fly in the air and shoot slow-moving ink shots. This ability is highly effective against various boss salmonids, including stingers, fish sticks, steel eels, and steelheads. Additionally, it can be used to destroy flyfish baskets.
  • Killer Wail 5.1: The Killer Wail 5.1 is a long-ranged special targeting a specific enemy. While not ideal for reviving teammates, it is useful against distant Flyfish or Big Shots and pierces armor, allowing it to splat Drizzlers and Steelheads hiding behind their defenses.
  • Kraken Royale: Kraken Royale, a recently added special, grants invincibility and armor-piercing ability, making it effective against almost any boss salmonid except for fish sticks and maws. However, players should be mindful of their vulnerability during the transformation moments.
  • Reefslider: Reefslider, while generally not very useful, launches players straight ahead with a big explosion. This special’s effectiveness relies heavily on positioning, making it useful for surprising scrappers and steel eels from behind. It can even be used above an open flyfish basket for an instant KO, although executing this move can be challenging.
  • Triple Inkstrike: Triple Inkstrike, despite its startup lag, is effective against most Boss salmonids and flyfish. However, players should exercise caution to avoid accidentally throwing strikes into the water.
  • Triple Splashdown: Triple Splashdown, a new addition to Salmon Run, creates a medium-sized explosion around the user. While leaving the user vulnerable for a short period, it is useful for clearing out Cohocks or serving as a get-off-me move during a Glowflies wave.
  • Wave Breaker: The Wave Breaker creates waves that travel along the ground. This special is best utilized when two players or fewer remain, as it has a good chance of reviving nearby teammates. To avoid issues, activate it a bit earlier than needed, but be cautious of steel eels and maws, as they can destroy the wavebreaker. Understanding each special’s strengths and weaknesses is essential for maximizing success in Splatoon 3 Big Run.

Rewards and Badges in the Big Run Event

Oh, you better believe there’s some juicy loot up for grabs in this Big Run shindig! We’re talkin’ sweet, sweet rewards that’ll make you want to dance with sea cucumbers and glorious badges that are like plastic trophies for your inky achievements.

Get ready to flaunt ’em and strut through Inkopolis like the freshest squid on the block!

Overview of Rewards

Get ready for some amazing prizes, Splatoon 3 fans! The Big Run event showers you with cool stuff just for playing. Here’s the lowdown on what you can snag:

  • Locker decorations to spice up your space. Climb to the highest team-wide Golden Egg total in one shift and earn exclusive items.
  • Even if you don’t reach those top scores, you’ll still get a neat decoration for joining at least one shift. It’s their way of saying, “Thanks for splatting!”
  • After version 4.0.0 hit, they doubled up on fish scales following an Xtrawave. Double the loot, double the fun!
  • Each event has its scoring system that hits certain scores and unlocks different reward levels.
  • Collect badges as trophies of your skill they’re handed out for reaching high score tiers.

Importance of Badges

Badges in Splatoon 3’s Big Run event are like shiny trophies. They show off how good you are at squashing salmon with your squad. Each badge is a sign that you nailed it, reaching a high score and earning cool prizes.

Think of them as proof of your splat skills; the better you play, the cooler badges you get to decorate your locker with.

Earning badges isn’t just for looks; they motivate players to team up and aim higher. As scores change each time, grabbing those top-tier rewards means showing real dedication.

So, go ahead, collect those badges, and let everyone see what an amazing squid kid you are! Now let’s dive into the stages where all this action happens.

Exploring the Stages in the Big Run Event


Oh man, you’re in for a wild ride with the stages in Big Run; they’re like no other! Each one is a wacky, ink-splattered playground where strategy meets chaos, and let me tell you, figuring out your moves while dodging those pesky Salmonids is half the fun (watch your back for Megalodontia!).

Description of Various Stages

Hey there, game enthusiasts! The Big Run event in Splatoon 3 is a wild ride with some cool stages to battle through. Each one brings a fresh twist to keep you on your toes.

  • First up, Wahoo World spins the fun of an amusement park into a tricky battleground. Picture this: bright lights, wild rides, and salmon popping up everywhere! You’ll need quick reflexes to splat your way through.
  • Next, Inkblot Art Academy turns the class into chaos. Artistic flair meets aquatic warfare here. Dodge between sculptures and splash through courtyards to beat those boss salmonids!
  • Undertow Spillway gets gritty with industrial vibes. It’s all about tight spaces and sneaky corners where danger could be lurking. Stay sharp, and watch your back!
  • Um’ami Ruins feels like an ink-soaked treasure hunt. Ancient walls hide secrets and surprises that’ll test even the best squid kids out there.
  • Last but not least, Barnacle & Dime takes shopping to a new level! Navigate through shops and alleys while fending off some seriously pesky fish.

Quotable Moments and Dialogues in Big Run

Get ready to ink your heart out with laughter This event’s got lines so zingy, they’ll stick like a fresh coat of paint! (And hey, who doesn’t love a good chuckle amid the chaos?) Keep on reading; you won’t want to miss this splatastic banter!

Highlights of Memorable Quotes

Splatoon 3’s Big Run event is packed with action and excitement. Players are buzzing about the memorable quotes that spice up the gameplay.

  • “We’re in for a big run today, so let’s give it our all and take down those salmonids!” This line pumps players up. It reminds everyone to work hard and fight the tough salmonids together.
  • The shout, “Watch out for the Rush event—it can get pretty intense, but we’ve got this!” makes hearts race. It warns players of the hard times ahead but also cheers them on.
  • You hear, “Remember, the higher the Golden Egg total, the better our chances of getting those exclusive locker decorations!” This tip tells gamers that collecting more Golden Eggs helps them win cool stuff for their lockers.
  • Another one goes, “Even if we don’t meet the score thresholds, we’ll still get a basic version of the decoration for participating. So, let’s keep pushing forward!” It’s great because it says trying is important and rewards come even when you’re not perfect.
  • The fact that “The new system introduced in version 6.0.0 is a game-changer for the Big Run event—let’s make the most of it and earn those rewards!” gets everyone talking. It says there’s a fresh way to play Big Run that could help players do even better.

Interesting Dialogues From the Event

Hey, game fans! The Big Run event in Splatoon 3 has some awesome lines that’ll make you laugh and keep you pumped. Let’s dive into what these squids and doctors are saying.

  • “Stay off the hook!” Pearl cheers you on, mixing her signature phrase with a battle cry for survival.
  • “It’s raining fish!” When the salmon come storming in, Marina can’t help but notice how wild it gets.
  • Mr. Grizz cracks a joke: “Keep those eggs coming; I’ve got an omelet to make!”
  • “This is incredible!” your inkling might shout out during a crazy moment of the fight.
  • One squid says to another, “You see those moves? I was like, Whoosh, zap, splat!”
  • After winning a tough round, an Octoling could brag, “I could do this with my eyes closed!”

Trivia and Fun Facts About the Big Run Event

Oh, you think you know everything about Splatoon 3’s Big Run Event? Wait until you hear these juicy tidbits that’ll make your tentacles twist in surprise—some of them are as wild as a Splatfest night out! Stay tuned, ’cause we’re diving deep into the fun facts and trivia that will make every squid kid giddy with excitement.

Interesting Facts About the Event

So, you’re all about the Big Run event in Splatoon 3, huh? It’s like a party where everyone fights salmon and grabs cool stuff. Let’s dig into some fun facts that might just blow your squid hat off!

  • Every time you join this bash, it’s with up to three friends. So make sure they’re as ready for action as you are!
  • The more Golden Eggs your squad grabs in one go, the cooler your locker decorations get when it all ends.
  • This isn’t just any old fight; there’s a scoreboard. You hit certain scores, and bam! Rewards come flying at you.
  • Badges? Oh yeah. They’re like shiny trophies for reaching those high scores, and every big run can load you up with more.
  • It’s not just about splatting willy-nilly; each stage has its tricks and treats, and sometimes special weapons pop up!
  • The Big Run had three rounds before, right? Well, imagine loads of players joining in! We’re talking big numbers here. That’s how many folks love chasing after those salmonids.

Trivia Related to Boss Salmonid: Megalodontia

Hey gamers, Splatoon 3’s Big Run event is here, and it has brought a new challenge to the table. Meet Megalodontia, the boss salmonid that will make your battles extra thrilling.

  • Megalodontia isn’t just any regular fish in the sea. This massive creature takes its name from “megalodon,” hinting at its huge size and fierce bite.
  • Players will have to up their game when facing this boss. It’s known for being one tough cookie, or, should we say, one tough fish?
  • With gnarly teeth and a mean streak, megalodontia comes at you fast. Dodging and weaving through ink will be key to surviving its attacks.
  • The Big Run event turns up the heat with this baddie around. Expect intense fights as you work with your team to take down Megalodontia.
  • As part of the challenge, learning Megalodontia’s moves will give you an edge. Pay attention, adapt quickly, and victory could be yours.


So, there you have it! Big Run Splatoon 3 is a blast of inky fun that shouldn’t be missed. Together with friends or solo, battling those salmonids brings big thrills and cool rewards.

Remember, every splash counts as you chase after those high scores and shiny badges. Dive in when the event hits—it’s going to be wild!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s learn about some common questions in Big Run Splatoon 3.

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