The Best Places for Introverts to Travel Alone: Solo Travel Tips

Not really into crowds? Check out these Best Places for Introverts to Travel who crave some quiet and alone time.

Ever dreamt of wandering aimlessly in a new city where no one knows your name? Or does a mountain hideaway all to yourself sound like pure bliss? Maybe you even relish the thought of enjoying a meal solo?

You’re not alone in your desire to be, well, alone. Solo travel is booming, with adventurers cherishing the sense of independence and the break from the everyday.

But, heads up, not every place is on board with the solo travel trend. Case in point: Some restaurants in Barcelona made waves for snubbing solo diners to cater to tourist groups.

So where should the quiet-loving traveler venture next? Here are some top picks for the introspective souls, as suggested by the folks over at Reddit’s r/travel community.

Finland: ‘The World’s Most Introverted Nation’

If serene lakes, lush forests, and snow-kissed peaks are your thing, then Finland is calling your name. Fun fact: One Redditor even dubbed it “the most introverted nation in the world.”

Best Places for Introverts to Travel

But don’t get it twisted – it’s not about Finns being standoffish. They’re genuinely warm and friendly folks. The thing is, they value their personal space and will usually give you yours unless you strike up a chat. Another Redditor chimed in with a chuckle, “Don’t expect a convo unless they’ve had a few drinks.”

Reddit’s travel community is all praises for Helsinki, lauding it as “safe, walkable, and peaceful.”

Now, if your idea of a solo trip is some quality “me-time” deep in the woods, Finland is pure gold. Imagine hiking by lakes where it’s just you and the untouched wilderness or maybe canoeing in still waters. Oh, and let’s not forget the fishing. It’s the kind of place where you can truly disconnect and just be.

Iceland: Solo Road Adventure through the Land of Fire and Ice

Looking for a solo escape with awe-inspiring landscapes, a sense of safety, and super-friendly locals? Many introverts give Iceland two thumbs up.

Best Places for Introverts to Travel
Photo Credit: Pixabay

One Redditor suggests, “How about renting an RV and exploring the countryside at your own pace?”

And if you’re wondering about the best time to visit? “Early September is a win-win. You get to see both puffins and the northern lights,” another user chimes in.

A cool tip from the community is to fly via Icelandair. Why? They have this awesome Stopover program. Essentially, when you’re flying any of their transatlantic routes, you can pause in Iceland for one to seven days – without any extra flight costs. For solo adventurers often saddled with higher travel costs, this is a sweet deal.

And if you’re planning on basing yourself in Reykjavik, Reddit’s seasoned travelers mention loads of day trips to make the most of your journey without burning a hole in your pocket.

Scotland: For Stark and Silent Beauty

Craving a digital detox amidst rich history, remote escapes, and dramatic landscapes? Scotland should be on your list!

Best Places for Introverts to Travel
Photo Credit: Pixabay

One Redditor raves about the Highlands, calling them “vast and breathtaking—ideal for some deep introspection.” Another chimes in with a tip to explore the Outer Hebrides, praising its stunning, far-off beauty.

And for those who love trekking away from the bustling crowds, Scotland is a dream. A popular suggestion among the Reddit solo traveler community? Assynt. Described as “dramatically gorgeous” with plenty of trails, you can hike for hours and maybe, just maybe, not bump into a soul.

Sure, Scotland is often teased for its drizzly days. But leave it to an introvert to find the silver lining: “It’s the best backdrop for some reading and cozy naps. But if you’re out and about, there’s something really refreshing about it,” says a fan.

Switzerland: Silently Admire Amazing Scenery

Looking to unplug amidst pristine landscapes? Switzerland might just be your kind of getaway.

Best Places for Introverts to Travel
Photo Credit: Pixabay

One enthusiastic Redditor shares, “It’s tranquility on another level. No one’s going to randomly strike up a conversation. Plus, there’s hardly any raucous partying. Just hop on a train, and the views are entertainment enough. Seriously, the landscapes will have your jaw dropping.”

For those with a love for trekking, the Via Alpina awaits. “It was an epic 19-day journey, walking across Switzerland. Every day ends in a fresh town, starting from Sargans and wrapping up in Montreux,” raves a member of r/Travel.

There are also shoutouts for Grindelwald, a picturesque mountain village perfect for hiking in the summer and skiing when snow blankets the terrain. And if you’re looking for some high-altitude thrills, why not take the gondola to the peak of Mount Pilatus? Or challenge yourself with the 170 km Tour du Mont Blanc trail. Whatever you pick, Switzerland promises solitude and surreal vistas in abundance.

Japan: Upscale Solo Dining

Looking for a change of scene from European destinations? Head east to discover a world where introverted delights are the norm.

Best Places for Introverts to Travel
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Tokyo, Japan beckons with unique experiences like Ichiran Ramen. A favorite among introverts on Reddit, one user describes it as “an oasis for those who cherish solitude.” How does it work? You select your meal from a machine, then enjoy it in a private, one-seater dining booth reminiscent of a voting booth. Your ramen is discreetly delivered through a tiny service window, minimizing interaction.

But Japan’s reverence for personal space isn’t just limited to dining. One traveler notes, “In Tokyo, people genuinely respect your space,” and another chimes in with, “The city feels super safe. There’s so much to see and do, and everyone’s just doing their thing.”

Safety is a recurrent theme when Redditors talk about Japan. Many have dubbed it the ultimate haven for introverted travelers. And when you’re ready to explore? Japan’s efficient public transport, including the iconic Shinkansen or bullet train, is at your service. A suggestion from the community? “Spend a few days soaking in Tokyo’s energy, then hop on the bullet train to explore the serene countryside of Kyushu.” It’s an ideal mix of urban and rural adventures.

South Korea: For Solo Karaoke and Street Food

For those who love to wander solo, South Korea offers a unique blend of serenity and urban energy.

Best Places for Introverts to Travel
Photo Credit: Pixabay

According to travel enthusiasts on r/Travel, South Korea, especially its capital, Seoul, is a dream for introverts. Navigating the city is a breeze, thanks to its efficient subway system. Plus, it’s reassuringly safe – so much so that some members amusingly note that you could be “in the middle of the street at 3am” and still feel secure.

While the locals are warm and welcoming, they also have a natural respect for personal space. The best part? Whether you’re exploring ancient temples, indulging in scrumptious street food, or giving “solo karaoke” a whirl in a private booth, there’s no language barrier to worry about. English is widely spoken, and signs often include translations.

And when city life gets too much? Lace up those hiking boots and escape to Dobongsan mountain. Here, amidst nature, you’ll understand why hiking is South Korea’s favorite pastime.


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