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20 Best Food Delivery Apps in Philippines: Ordering Food is Now Fun [Travelers Guide]

best food delivery apps in philippines

Ordering food with just a few taps has become convenient. According to statistics from April 2023, Foodpanda is one of the most popular food delivery apps in the Philippines. However, there are more. This guide provides all you need to know about the best Food Delivery Apps in the Philippines.

From reviews and ratings, features & benefits, and user experience to order process and prices – get everything you need for a delicious, hassle-free meal every time! So why wait? Let’s get started with exploring the top 20 food delivery services in the Philippines that can help you order your favorite meals without leaving home.

Content Highlights
  • Food delivery apps like FoodPanda, Grab SuperApp, and McDelivery provide users with a convenient and easy-to-use interface for ordering food.
  • Most of these apps offer features such as delivery tracking notifications, secure payments, and cashless payment options to ensure a smoother experience.
  • For added convenience, many food service platforms offer exclusive promotions, discounts, deals, and rewards programs for loyal customers.
  • Making sure you check all relevant fees before placing an order helps the customer keep their costs within budget.

20 Best Food Delivery Apps In Philippines

Best Food Delivery Apps

Popular apps in the country include FoodPanda, Grab SuperApp, LalaFood, and, McDelivery, MetroMart, Jollibee, Shakey’s Super App, KFC Philippines, and Del Monte Kitchenomics.


As one of the top 20 food delivery apps in the Philippines, FoodPanda offers users a wide range of restaurant options and an easy-to-use, convenient interface. With tracking notifications and cashless payments, customers can enjoy a secure experience with reduced fees compared to other delivery services.

The app also provides promotions and discounts from time to time, making it an attractive choice for many Filipino foodies. Furthermore, many restaurants have partnered up with FoodPanda giving customers more dining choices than ever before.

Not only is ordering hassle-free on their platform, but they are focused on excellent customer service and totally safe contactless deliveries. All these features make FoodPanda a leader in the Philippine food delivery industry, making it incredibly popular amongst Filipino diners!

Grab SuperApp

is one of the top 20 food delivery apps in the Philippines, available 24/7 in most areas of Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao. GrabSuperApp stands as a “super app” for its users by offering services beyond food delivery, such as rides and financial services, that make it easier to handle everyday tasks all from within one app.

One feature offered through the app is GrabMart which lets customers order groceries from their favorite supermarket with ease, making shopping for fresh produce more convenient than ever.

With this model being so successful in Southeast Asia, it has become a major force in transforming the regional digital economy to provide more advanced services. Whether users are looking for transportation or just an easy way to collect some grocery items during busy days at work, Grab SuperApp provides them with different options to suit any lifestyle.


is one of the most popular food delivery apps in the Philippines. The app promises to deliver food within 45 minutes and allows users to track their delivery for a smoother, hassle-free experience.

LalaFood has become increasingly popular in Central Luzon, particularly in Zambales, Bataan, Pampanga, and Bulacan. Besides offering convenience and speed when it comes to ordering food online, customers should also be aware that there may be additional fees on top of the usual delivery fee when using this app.

Through features like tracking deliveries and incentives such as discounts and promotions, LalaFood makes it easy for Filipinos to enjoy delicious meals from restaurants all over Central Luzon with just a few clicks.

is one of the top 20 food delivery apps in the Philippines, and it caters to most cities in North and Central Luzon, Laguna, Lipa, Batangas, and Pasig City. It offers a convenient ordering process with a local service culture that provides customers with delicious food options to satisfy their cravings. has become associated with Pampanga – known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines – where users can find authentic Philippine dishes on their app that they wouldn’t find anywhere else! With its easy-to-use interface and loyalty program promotions available across partner restaurants near you, has become an essential part of the Filipino cuisine delivery experience within major metropolitan areas across the country.


McDelivery is a popular choice among Philippine diners for their food delivery needs, with users of cloud kitchens and food services in the April 2021 Rakuten Insight survey ranking it highly.

This top-ranking app offers Android users convenient online delivery from selected McDonald’s restaurants around the country. In addition to this, McDelivery also made it into the list of the 20 most popular apps for food delivery in the Philippines this year.

With its user-friendly interface and security measures like cashless payments, McDelivery has emerged as a leader among its peers by capitalizing on features that customers are looking out for, such as a wide range of restaurant options and attractive discounts.


is the number one grocery delivery app in the Philippines, and it is included in the top 20 food delivery apps as well. It provides users with a wide range of restaurant options from which to choose, a convenient and easy-to-use interface, secure and cashless payments, tracking for deliveries, discounts, and promotions that make orders more affordable.

Plus, it integrates into loyalty programs and rewards used by many popular restaurants like McDonald’s Philippines, which gives customers even more advantages when using MetroMart’s services.

The platform has grown rapidly in popularity in Central Luzon areas such as Zambales, Bataan, Pampanga, and Bulacan due to its reliable customer service experience. It also offers downloads for both Android and iOS devices, making seamless ordering an accessible convenience for everyone.


Jollibee is the largest and most recognized fast food chain in the Philippines, surpassing the popularity of McDonald’s and Burger King. Through its mobile app, customers can order their favorite Jollibee items for delivery 24/7 right to their door.

The app offers exclusive promotions, discounts, and deals, as well as an easy-to-use interface with features that allow users to track orders in real-time. Jollibee’s signature dishes, such as fried chicken murals, burgers, and pies, are known across the country for their quality and deliciousness, making them a popular option among Filipino families and individuals alike.

With more Phillippine restaurants joining forces with top food delivery apps such as FoodPanda, Grab Super App, LalaFood MetroMart, etc., ordering from Jollibee has become easy and convenient regardless of where you live or work!

Shakey’s Super App

is a cutting-edge service that provides an enhanced delivery experience and is recognized as one of the top food delivery apps in the Philippines. It allows users to have greater control and convenience over their orders with features such as real-time order tracking, cashless payments enabled through SuperCard management, and exclusive discounts for Shakey’s customers.

The launch of this app marks an important milestone for the company by enhancing its off-premise capabilities to meet customers’ expectations. Together with an easy-to-use user interface and reliable customer service support, both existing and new Shakey’s diners can now enjoy their favorite meals from the comfort of their own homes like never before.

KFC Philippines

KFC Philippines is one of the most popular food delivery apps in the country and is owned by the Ramsar Group of Companies. It has over 329 KFC franchises located throughout the Philippines, allowing customers to order delicious fast food and have it delivered right to their door.

The restaurant’s own mobile app facilitates convenient ordering from a wide range of menu choices, with options for both pickup and delivery, as well as easy payment through secure channels such as credit cards or cash via courier.

The lightweight app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices for instant access to all your favorite meals. KFC Philippines also offers promotions, including discounts and exclusive deals that are not available anywhere else – making it an ideal choice for time-pressed customers who crave delightfully tasty comfort food quickly!

Del Monte Kitchenomics

This is a cooking app and lifestyle blog developed by Del Monte Philippines, associated with the top 20 food delivery apps in the Philippines. This user-friendly app aims to make cooking easier and more enjoyable for all kinds of cooks.

It comes with an array of recipes featuring diverse cuisines from around the world. The convenient application also equips home cooks with useful tips, techniques, and recommendations when preparing meals at home or ordering via a food delivery app like FoodPanda or Grab SuperApp.

With its variety of recipes, this handy kitchen gadget is perfect for anyone looking to experiment and expand their culinary skills. By providing access to fresh ingredients right at users’ fingertips, Del Monte Kitchenomics makes meal preparation a simple yet rewarding experience.

Angkas Food

Angkas Food is a subsidiary of the well-known motorcycle ride-hailing platform Angkas in the Philippines. This service allows users to access an extensive selection of restaurants and enjoy swift and convenient food deliveries. Leveraging the efficiency of motorcycle couriers, Angkas Food offers a unique and efficient delivery experience.


Deliveroo has gained popularity as a prominent food delivery app in the Philippines. It collaborates with numerous local restaurants to provide users with a seamless and user-friendly platform for ordering food. The app offers real-time delivery tracking, ensuring that customers can monitor their orders closely. Additionally, Deliveroo offers a diverse range of cuisines to cater to various culinary preferences.

Food Ninja

Food Ninja operates in several cities in the Philippines and boasts an extensive network of partner restaurants. The app is designed to simplify the food ordering process, making it convenient for users to order their favorite dishes with ease. With a focus on hassle-free food delivery, Food Ninja strives to provide a satisfying dining experience.


While primarily known as a delivery and logistics platform, Lalamove has expanded its services to include food delivery in select areas of the Philippines. Users can order food from their preferred restaurants and expect prompt deliveries, thanks to Lalamove’s efficient courier network. This extension offers an additional layer of convenience to Lalamove’s existing services.


Honestbee is a versatile app that covers both grocery and food delivery across several Philippine cities. It offers an extensive range of food and grocery options, making it a comprehensive solution for users’ daily needs. Honestbee prioritizes convenience and accessibility, aiming to simplify the shopping and meal-planning experience for its customers.

GrabFood (Grab Philippines)

GrabFood, an extension of the popular ride-hailing platform Grab, provides users with the ability to order food from nearby restaurants and have it delivered to their location. The app offers a diverse selection of cuisines and dining options to cater to various tastes. It leverages Grab’s established network to ensure efficient and reliable deliveries.


FoodMNL is a food delivery platform serving multiple cities in the Philippines. It offers users access to a diverse range of restaurants and eateries, ensuring a wide selection of food options. The app is designed with simplicity in mind, streamlining the food ordering process to provide a convenient dining experience for users.


Primarily focusing on grocery delivery in select Philippine cities, HappyFresh also provides a variety of fresh food and meal options for delivery. The app aims to simplify grocery shopping and meal planning, offering users a convenient solution for their daily shopping and dining needs.


PandaMart is FoodPanda’s grocery delivery service, offering users the convenience of ordering groceries and essential items alongside their food orders. It serves as a practical solution for users looking to shop for both food and household necessities in a single transaction.


SpeedRegalo is a versatile app that combines food delivery with gift delivery services in the Philippines. Users have the option to send food and gifts to their loved ones, making it an excellent choice for special occasions and celebrations. The app focuses on providing thoughtful and convenient gifting options for its users.

Features and Benefits of Food Delivery Apps

Food Delivery Apps

With a variety of features and benefits, like delivery tracking and secure payments, these food delivery apps make ordering food more convenient than ever. Get all the details in this blog!

Wide Range of Restaurant Options

Food delivery apps are increasingly popular in the Philippines due to their convenience and diverse menus for customers. These food service platforms offer an expansive range of restaurant options, from fast-food pizza chains to gourmet restaurants, enabling users to order practically any cuisine imaginable.

With these apps, customers no longer need to worry about being limited by location when ordering food — they can now explore various cuisines while staying within their budget. As well as allowing you to mix burgers with biryani or Korean BBQ with Mexican tacos, the wide selection of restaurants on these apps also allows them to cater to different dietary needs, such as vegetarianism and veganism.

Food delivery services in the Philippines eliminate boring mealtimes by providing access to all sorts of flavors and dishes right at your fingertips!

Convenient and Easy-to-Use Interface

Food delivery apps in the Philippines are designed with ease and convenience at the forefront. With simple and intuitive user interfaces, these apps allow users to browse menus, customize their orders, place orders quickly, as well as track deliveries in real time.

The restaurant ordering process is seamless from start to finish thanks to features such as instant payment options via credit card or e-wallet applications, detailed breakdowns of each order’s cost, final receipts from restaurants for confirmation purposes, and email notifications regarding order status updates, among others.

For added convenience, all app users have access to an online customer service support system that allows customers easy contact with their restaurant or driver if needed while ensuring smooth transactions every time a meal is ordered.

Delivery Tracking and Notifications

Delivery tracking and notifications are important features in successful food delivery apps as they provide real-time updates on order status and help customers stay informed of the progress.

This ensures that customers know when to expect their orders as well as any potential delays or changes. Furthermore, this feature also offers convenience through push notifications which inform users of the delivery person’s contact details and progress.

This level of visibility leads to greater transparency, customer satisfaction, and trust with the restaurant or food provider, allowing for repeat business in an increasingly competitive industry.

Promotions and Discounts

Food delivery apps in the Philippines regularly offer promotions and discounts to attract customers. These incentives aim to provide cost savings as well as an incentive for users to use these services over their competitors.

Promotions may include discounts on select food items or free delivery for a limited period of time, making them more appealing options that can save customers money. Additionally, popular applications are constantly updating their promotions and rates in order to stay competitive and draw even more users.

This constant assessment allows restaurant partnerships to expand while also ensuring customers always have great deals available when ordering online from their favorite establishments.

Secure and Cashless Payments

Food delivery apps in the Philippines, such as FoodPanda and Grab SuperApp, offer customers a safe and secure way to pay for their food orders. These platforms enable cashless payments through various gateways like credit cards and Paypal, or customers can opt for cash on delivery if they prefer.

This payment system is beneficial for both the user and restaurant owners as it helps streamline the ordering process while providing an extra layer of security against fraud or misappropriations.

Customers enjoy speedier checkout times plus access to promotions or discounts related to their transactions. Moreover, restaurants are able to accept payments from multiple sources across different countries with little effort required on their end.

User Reviews and Ratings

Get insights into an app’s performance from consumer feedback, ratings, and testimonials to make informed decisions before ordering food.

Feedback on App Performance and User Experience

is essential in ensuring the success of food delivery apps. It helps in improving the app’s user experience by ensuring customer satisfaction with its performance and convenience. Through feedback, customers can rate their experiences and leave comments or suggestions, which can be used to provide useful insights into how the app can better serve their needs.

  • Reviews from customers help developers identify areas where they need to make improvements or corrections, as well as enhancements that would further improve the user experience on their apps. This is especially true for food delivery apps since customers expect an easy, secure, and fast ordering process. Any bugs or flaws in design can have a negative impact on customers’ perception of their experience of the app and cause them to switch to other options.
  • Helpful customer feedback continues to be an invaluable source of information that developers can use to make sure that their apps are providing excellent service to their users. Such feedback often takes into account not just technical aspects such as navigation and speed but also aesthetics such as design and visuals, thus giving developers an idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a great customer experience within their applications.
  • Furthermore, continuous customer feedback makes it easier for developers to analyze trends in customer preferences over time – further enhancing user experience by enabling developers to create better services tailored specifically towards different types of users depending on location or cuisine preferences.

Ratings for Delivery Speed and Accuracy

  • Reviews and ratings of different food delivery apps are some of the major factors that influence the decision-making process when selecting an app.
  • App users provide ratings to measure performance, such as ease of use, cost, quality of food, customer service, delivery speed, and accuracy.
  • A study by [INSERT STUDY NAME] found that environment indicators such as signal strength and network coverage play an important role in user experience.
  • Even a slight delay or detour from the expected route caused by navigation issues can have a severe impact on the overall rating.
  • Thus, good network connectivity and accurate mapping systems are key for ensuring fast and efficient food deliveries.

Latest Updates and Innovations in Food Delivery Apps

Apps are increasingly integrating new features and technologies such as contactless delivery options, loyalty programs integration, expansion of delivery areas budgets, and restaurant partners to drive an improved user experience.

Introduction of Contactless Delivery Options

During the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless delivery has become an important part of providing safe and secure food delivery. This involves the delivery person bringing the orders to customers’ doorsteps or designated dropoff points without requiring personal interaction between them.

This provides customers the convenience they demand without having to sacrifice their safety in exchanging money or touching food containers before consumption.

Food businesses have thus taken it upon themselves to embrace digital technologies in order to keep up with the ever-changing industry landscape and customer expectations. With advances in technology, business owners now have access to solutions that can facilitate fast and secure no-contact deliveries, such as using mobile payment platforms for cashless transactions or equipping couriers with Bluetooth thermal scanners for temperature monitoring of delivered meals, etc.

These efforts ultimately help ensure that restaurant-quality meal delivery services remain accessible yet also continue doing their part in helping minimise potential virus exposure risks making them pivotal towards restoring a sense of confidence within our communities.

Integration with Loyalty Programs and Rewards

Food delivery apps in the Philippines are investing in loyalty programs as an effective customer retention strategy. Customers have the ability to accumulate points based on their spending, which can then be redeemed for various incentives and rewards such as discounts, cashback, or exclusive deals.

By incentivizing customers with these benefit models, food delivery apps help increase retention rates, encouraging customers to return over time. Moreover, it helps build trust between customers and platforms, delivering them food while providing a personalized experience that they appreciate.

Such loyalty programs also provide customers with instant benefits to motivate them to order more often from their favorite restaurants without worrying about sky-high bills. In conclusion, the integration of loyalty programs into food delivery apps has enabled restaurants and partners to deliver delightful experiences at every step and drive higher levels of engagement overall!

Expansion of Delivery Areas and Restaurant Partnerships

The expansion of third-party delivery services in the Philippines has had a significant impact on the food delivery industry. With more restaurant chains partnering with multiple third-party fleets, customers can now enjoy convenient access to an ever-growing variety of cuisine choices from their favorite restaurants.

Not only are customers able to choose from a broader range of restaurants and dishes according to their preferences, but they also receive timely notifications when orders have been placed or delivered, as well as secure payment options for added peace of mind.

Restaurants also benefit greatly from these partnerships, given that they can reach out and cater to a potentially larger customer base without compromising on the quality of service offered.

Enhanced Customer Support and Chat Features

The latest food delivery app updates in the Philippines bring with them a range of customer-focused features and enhancements, such as enhanced chat support to improve communication between customers and delivery personnel.

This in-app chat system provides a reliable common touchpoint that allows for inquiries to be answered, issues to be swiftly resolved, and real-time updates about delivery status.

Furthermore, by introducing more efficient lines of communication between customers and businesses, providers can ensure an improved overall order experience while resolving any potential customer service concerns that might arise.

Ultimately this helps build trust between businesses and consumers alike as well as ensuring greater satisfaction from both parties when it comes time for their transaction’s completion. Additionally, you can also check about the Leaflet Delivery for Your Business.

Ordering Process and Delivery Experience

With an easy-to-follow process, customers can get their food delivered promptly – ensuring a positive overall experience.

Step-by-step guide on placing an order

  1. Select a preferred restaurant and browse its menu, review different meal options, and make selections accordingly. Added dietary restrictions can be considered before adding items to the cart.
  2. Personalize orders with desired specifications, like extra toppings or sauces for meals; side orders can also be added. Customers may also opt for special deals or discounts while ordering if any are available.
  3. Provide delivery information such as the exact address and contact details of the recipient so that the order reaches you conveniently and on time.
  4. Make payments using cashless methods such as credit/ debit cards, mobile wallets, etc.
  5. Confirm the order by reviewing the order summary along with the total cost, including all applicable taxes and service fee/delivery charges applicable for each transaction which varies based on distance from the restaurant to the delivery address/time taken for delivery completion due to traffic conditions, etc.
  6. Once accepted, customers will receive confirmation notifications from their chosen app about order status, such as ‘Order Confirmed’ and ‘On its way’, along with an estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Estimated Delivery Times and Options

Delivery apps in the Philippines offer convenient and reliable delivery options to customers. Delivery times vary from app to app, but most typically guarantee a delivery within an hour or two of ordering.

Additionally, apps may provide customized, scheduled deliveries at specified times and allow for express delivery options with faster-estimated arrival timeframes. These choices enable customers to accommodate their individual needs when ordering food online.

By taking advantage of these features, users can enjoy prompt service, accurate tracking updates, secure payment methods, and quickly delivered meals all in one place – allowing for greater satisfaction than ever before!

Packaging and Handling of Food

Proper packaging and handling of food are integral parts of ensuring a safe and satisfactory delivery experience. The safety, quality, taste, texture, and temperature of the food affect customer satisfaction, so it’s essential to use hygienic materials for packing that protect against contamination.

Delivery bags or boxes should be secure enough to prevent spillage during transit. Insulated liners can also help maintain hot foods at their desired temperatures while providing an extra layer of protection from external contaminants when used with disposable containers.

Food handlers must take special care to avoid leakage and spoilage by tightly sealing packages and properly storing cold items until turned over for delivery. Good handling techniques not only ensure customers receive their orders without mess or damage but can form part of a positive reputation cultivated by restaurants participating in online deliveries.

Regular updates on the estimated time of arrival are another way to keep customers informed about the status of their order throughout the process, which could ultimately contribute towards customer loyalty amongst patrons who regularly order convenience meals through apps designed for home delivery services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s learn about some related FAQs on this topic.

1. What are food delivery apps?

Food delivery apps are smartphone applications that allow you to order food for delivery from either local restaurants or grocery stores near your location in the Philippines.

2. Are all food delivery services available in the Philippines?

No, not all food delivery services are available across all cities and provinces within the Philippines. It is important to check which service is available nearby before ordering a meal for yourself or others.

3. How do I place an order with one of these apps?

To place an order with a food delivery app, simply select your desired restaurant and browse their menu selection online before adding items to your cart and completing checkout securely with payment details provided onsite. Alternatively, some apps offer voice-based assistance as well!

4. How soon can I expect my order after placing it through a food delivery app?

Different types of orders may have different delays depending on factors such as traffic or locations, but generally should take no longer than 1 hour from the time of purchase until you receive your meals at home!


The conclusion to this article about the best food delivery apps in the Philippines is that these services can make your life easier and more convenient. The wide range of food options available from around the world means you can enjoy quality cuisine at home, with coverage areas expanding all across the country.

Some popular food delivery apps include FoodPanda, Grab SuperApp, LalaFood, and, McDelivery, MetroMart, and many more. Customers often appreciate their convenience features, such as secure payment systems and contactless delivery options, for added safety measures.

Furthermore, each app has its own unique offerings, so it pays to research before deciding which one to use. Lastly, customers should always take extra care when ordering food online – ensure proper packaging of items delivered or pick them up yourself if possible – for maximum satisfaction!

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