Make Your Foodie Friends Go Crazy with These Five Recipes

Australia’s culture of takeaway services, meal kits, and meal delivery services is rapidly growing. Using food delivery apps online, you can now order any food you want to enjoy for lunch or dinner. The entire process of order booking to make payments remains online.

According to the latest statistics and figures elicited by New York-based Statista Inc., the revenue in Australia’s online food delivery market is projected to reach US$ 10.34 billion in 2023. Thus, food delivery apps are trending nationwide, and people are inclined to order meal kits online daily.

If you’re an office goer and want to impress your friend or just imagine you want to throw a party to surprise your foodie friend, a meal delivery service can be your best bet. You can ask for a wide variety of prepared meals or meal kits to satisfy the saliva of your foodie friends coming to your home.

Here are 5 Easy and Simple Recipes to make Your Friends Happy!

Apricot-Mustard Glazed Pork with Roasted Potatoes & Buttered Peas: This can be a great choice for you and your friends. This can be ideal for dinner. It is tender, moist, and savory. An ideal online order for delivery for dinner, this dish can be served with potatoes or rice and a side vegetable dish, if you like. Giving you a slightly sweetish taste, it is something where you find the delicacy of the glaze/sauce. You can make Glaze using apricot preserves, chicken broth, soy sauce, dry mustard, onion, garlic powder, and other condiments.

Coconut-Peanut Rice Noodles with Blistered Zucchini & Green Beans: This tasty item would be liked by all. Nobody can deny the love for a tasty noodle dish. The noodle is prepared with peanut sauce, lightly charred zucchini, and green beans. After this, fresh cilantro and chopped peanuts are put on top. The tart lime juice is put in before serving. This is a popular dish frequently ordered online.

Arctic Char Teriyaki Poke Bowl with Carrot-Ginger Salad & Sushi Rice is undoubtedly popular among Australians. However, this is a Hawaiian dish, and the foodies in Australia like it very much. The teriyaki sauce is added, and the Arctic char filets are cooked to perfection. Garnish it with fresh carrots, ginger salad, quick pickled cucumbers, and sushi.

Lamb Leg Roast: This is an all-time favorite of all Australians (and people spread worldwide). This can be eaten both at lunch and dinner. Food outlets can also order Home-delivered lamb leg roast on special occasions.

The lamb leg is marinated or seasoned with salt and pepper, rubbed with olive oil, and roasted. This can be served for all purposes, like family get-togethers or special occasions.

You can get delicious recipes and food items online from quitelike meal kits in time throughout Australia. In addition, everything in the meal box will be provided so you can even cook the dish as per your choice and taste.

Mapo Tofu over Udon Noodles with Ground Pork and Baby Kale: You can order this online and deliver it to your doorstep. It has a spicy flavor. This delicious food is ordered in Australia both for lunch and dinner.

This dish consists of tofu and minced meat cooked in a spicy sauce. One of the benefits of this particular dish is that you can also make it a vegetarian dish by simply removing the pork and adding mushroom or any other vegetable you may like. While ordering it online, clearly mention that you want vegetarian Mapo Tofu.

In Conclusion

The food delivery culture has taken a boom in Australia. About 65,000 restaurant locations currently deliver food across the country, and according to Finder, over 7,000 food orders are made every hour in Australia.

The use of Apps by different food outlets has further smoothened the order, payment, and delivery systems of meal deliverers. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to experience delicious dishes and make your friends happy, book your order for meal kits now!

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