French Regulators Approve Apple iOS Update to Fix iPhone 12 Radiation Levels

France ordered Apple to halt iPhone 12 sales and “fix” current smartphones to bring them into line with European electromagnetic radiation standards in early September. The increase in outgoing electromagnetic radiation noted by regulators over time appears to be the product of successive software updates given by Apple, and it was not there when the iPhone 12 was released in 2020.

According to the ANFR, Apple must “remove the iPhone 12 from the French market as of September 12 due to the model exceeding the limit” for electromagnetic absorption by the body. The agency also ordered Apple to recall every iPhone 12 sold in the nation. Ministers later stated that, while the radiation level was higher than the established norm, it was not harmful and that people could continue to use their phones.

Apple later announced that it would release a software upgrade for iPhone 12 owners in France to address radiation concerns. The French regulator ANFR responded by stating that the software upgrade would be tested. If the electromagnetic waves radiated by the device changed, ANFR claimed it would put the model into accordance with European standards used in France, and the marketing withdrawal order would be withdrawn.

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