Apple Buys Podcast App Scout FM from Spotify

Scout FM has been a popular podcast app on iPhone, Android device, and Amazon smart speaker.

Apple has launched its podcast service (Spotify Tech) to do better than to buy another startup. Apple has also bought several other startups, including Scout FM in 2020. Apple claims that its users will now be able to get better quality podcasts like a radio station.

Scout FM

According to Bloomberg, the company has recently bought another startup. This will strengthen the company’s other features through artificial intelligence. However, the company has not made public the information pertaining to it. At the beginning of 2020, Apple bought Scout FM, which has previously been a popular podcast app on iPhone, Android device, and Amazon smart speaker.

Scout FM curates and delivers podcasts for users through artificial intelligence. It also gives the option of an individual podcast to listen to traditional users. For example, if the user has an interest in the support topic, the app will create a separate station.

Podcast Content

Podcasts are an important area of content for Apple Inc. The iPhone-making company was one of the first tech players to make podcasting 15 years ago. Apple has added new features to the podcast app in almost all its devices. In addition, Apple is also developing the original podcast. According to Bloomberg, the company, which has been a company that has been able to vibrate Apple, has recently purchased a stock file of the podcast, which will also include the show of Joi Rogan. The deal also includes the exclusive right of the show. Let’s say that Joi Rogan is a popular comedian and TV host.

Apple and Startups

Apple has made several deals in 2020, including Scout FM. It also includes payment company Mobeewave Inc., weather app Dark Sky, virtual-reality content broadcasting company Next VR (NextVR). Also, it bought Voysis,, and Inductive to improve Siri and Artificial Intelligence. Apple has also purchased flamesmiths and VR software startup space for enterprise device management this year.


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