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Inside Woah Vicky’s Life: Net Worth, Biography, Controversies, and More [Updated]

woah vicky net worth

Are you wondering who Woah Vicky is and how she achieved such success? Look no further because we have all the relevant information on her full biography, net worth, career highlights, latest updates, and more.

Woah Vicky’s real name is Victoria Rose Waldrip, and she has made waves as an American model, Instagram personality, businesswoman, and rapper. With an estimated net worth of $2 million by 2023, Woah Vicky has become one of the most sought-after figures in the entertainment world.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of what to expect from our blog post – Woah Vicky net worth, interesting facts about her background, details regarding controversies that surrounded her during different phases of life, exhaustive knowledge of Woah Vicky’s wealth sources and financial milestones; insights into personal relationships & hobbies; entrepreneurial ventures & charitable endeavors; plus recent news making rounds all over social media.

So get ready to dive deeper into the fascinating life journey of this successful young lady!

Content Highlights

  • Woah Vicky is a 21-year-old American social media star and rapper with an estimated net worth of $2 million as of 2021.
  • She has gained fame thanks to her stunning looks and entrepreneurial spirit across multiple channels like YouTube, Instagram & Twitter – plus selling merchandise on her own website.
  • Controversies include claiming false black identity, using African-American Vernacular English (AAVE), offensive tweets, and slurs towards Mexican people which sparked public outrage from both fans & critics alike.

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Woah Vicky’s Biography

Woah Vicky

Atlanta, Georgia – March 7, 2000, marked the birth of a star – Victoria Rose Waldrip, better known as the one and only Woah Vicky. This dynamic personality has taken the world by storm with her electrifying social media presence, jaw-dropping style, and knack for stirring up the pot!

In 2017, Woah Vicky burst onto the scene with her extraordinary videos, leaving a trail of mesmerized followers in her wake. Her outspoken demeanor and flamboyant flair quickly set her apart, but it wasn’t just her boldness that grabbed attention. Woah, Vicky found herself in the spotlight for her use of controversial language and audacious claims to be Black.

But hold onto your seats because the journey was just beginning! 2018 brought a game-changing record deal with none other than Atlantic Records. In December of that year, she dropped her debut single, “Woah Vicky,” which became an instant hit. Critics couldn’t help but take notice, and the world couldn’t stop talking.

Woah Vicky wasn’t satisfied with just conquering the music world. In 2019, she expanded her empire with the launch of her very own fashion line, Woah Skin. This trendsetter knows no bounds, even gracing our screens in reality TV shows like “Dr. Phil” and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

She’s not just a controversial figure; she’s a phenomenon! With a following that stretches into the millions on social media, Woah Vicky has solidified her place in the entertainment industry.

And the story doesn’t end there! Fast forward to October 26, 2023, and guess what? Woah Vicky is still burning up the social media scene, dishing out fresh tracks, and word on the street is she’s cooking up a new reality TV sensation!

Don’t miss a beat because this is one celeb just starting her electrifying journey to the stars!

Original name

Victoria Rose Waldrip

Social Name

Woah Vicky


23 (as of October 26, 2023)


5’4″ (164 cm)


120 lbs (54 kg)


Internet personality, model, businesswoman, and rapper

Date of Birth

March 7, 2000


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Father’s name

Steve Waldrip

Mother’s name

Carla Johnson


Stephanie Waldrip

Notable Presence

Social media, music, and reality TV

Tiktok followers


Instagram followers


Youtube Subscribers


Facebook followers


Twitter followers




Annual Income

From $150,000 to $300,000


Holy Gabbana

Net Worth

$2 million (estimated)

Table: Woah Vicky Details

Woah Vicky’s Background and Early Life

Victoria Rose Waldrip, popularly known as Woah Vicky, is a 23-year-old American social media star and rapper.

Real Name and Age

Woah Vicky is the stage name of Victoria Rose Waldrip, an American social media celebrity and Instagram influencer born on March 7th, 2000. At just 23 years old, she grew a massive following online, leveraging her internet fame to become an entrepreneur in various fields like music, fashion, and lifestyle.

Her birth name also serves as a brand for her digital presence, which began in 2017 after becoming known on the app (now TikTok) and Instagram at age 17. As one of the few successful teen social media personalities known worldwide at a young age, with more than 14 million followers across all platforms by her early 20s, Woah Vicky inspired countless aspiring stars throughout the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Family and Upbringing

Woah Vicky, the girl who’s taken the internet by storm, was brought into this world on March 7, 2000, in the heart of Georgia, USA.

But the story doesn’t stop there. Vicky’s upbringing was under the loving guidance of her father, Steve Waldrip, a savvy real estate agent who knows a thing or two about making moves.

You might be wondering about her mom and any potential siblings, right? The mystery surrounding her mother, Carla Johnson, keeps fans guessing, and it seems like her siblings are just as enigmatic. One thing’s for sure, when it comes to Woah Vicky, expect the unexpected!

This rising star’s roots trace back to the charming city of Hiram, where she spent her childhood. And let’s talk about childhood because Vicky’s youthful years were far from ordinary. You see, she’s made quite a name for herself by embracing a unique identity that doesn’t fit neatly into any box.

Amidst the buzz, one thing remains clear – her early life was remarkably uneventful, setting a fascinating contrast with the whirlwind of attention she’s generating across social media. Stay tuned because Woah Vicky’s journey is far from over, and you won’t want to miss a single beat of it!


Woah Vicky, whose real name is Victoria Waldrip, attended Marietta High School before transitioning to homeschooling. Although she was not particularly skilled in academics, it was through school that her transition process began.

Eventually, Victoria dropped out of school due to poor grades and continued completing her high school education through homeschooling alternatives instead. There is no information about Woah Vicky’s college education which suggests she may have not pursued higher studies or alternatively pursued them under a different alias altogether.

Rise to Fame and Career

Woah Vicky gained popularity as a social media influencer before branching into music and entrepreneurship endeavors.

Social Media Influencer

Let’s dive into the world of the sensational Woah Vicky, a name that’s been echoing through the digital realm!

Tiktok followers


Instagram followers


Youtube Subscribers


Facebook followers


Twitter followers


When discussing social media giants, Woah Vicky sits at the top with a whopping 3.7 million Instagram followers. But wait, there’s more! This young dynamo has taken not just one but multiple platforms by storm. She’s a true force of nature with a colossal 9.1 million followers on TikTok, 1.16 million subscribers on YouTube, 336K on Facebook, and 44.2K on Twitter.

Woah Vicky’s journey started early, as she ventured into the social media universe during her teenage years. And boy, did she make waves! Her style and content broke the mold and set the internet ablaze.

Now, you might wonder what’s her secret sauce. It’s her incredible influence! She’s not just an influencer in the fashion world but also dabbles in music, lifestyle, and comedy, keeping her fans utterly captivated.

But that’s not all! Woah Vicky’s journey goes beyond the likes and the hearts. She’s got music in her soul and sharing her experiences with the world. Her music videos aren’t just catchy beats; they’re a diary of life lessons and personal struggles all rolled into one.

Brands have noticed that her loyal fan base can’t get enough of her. From endorsements to sponsored product campaigns, she’s raking in the green, thanks to her ever-growing fandom. You better believe her supporters are always ready to jump on board with her latest adventures!

So, whether you’re following her on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, you’re in for an electrifying ride with the one and only Woah Vicky. Buckle up, because this star is only getting brighter!

Music Career

Woah Vicky is an American rapper who used her newfound fame to advance her rap career. She has released songs like “Don’t Like Me,” which became popular in no time. Her music career has aided her wealth as her net worth is estimated at $2 million, much of it accumulated from her various music projects and tours.

Apart from this, she took part in the faith film project titled ‘God bless the Broken Road’ that helped scale up her success even more. She continues to release new singles and collaborations with other rappers and also appears on magazine covers showcasing a lifestyle generated by success and popularity within the industry.

Additionally, Woah Vicky is one of the most sought artists when it comes to shows because of consistent hits such as “Period’, ‘Parkin Lot Pimpin’, and ‘Philosophy (GYM)’ that have gained viral attention all over social media platforms such as YouTube where some videos have garnered millions of views.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Woah Vicky has made considerable strides in business, demonstrating her ability to capitalize on her platform and become a successful entrepreneur. She began by selling merchandise, which quickly became popular and remains prosperous even today.

Additionally, she collaborated with different brands to promote various products for promotional purposes. Her most notable venture was when she launched her own mobile game titled “The Woah Challenge,” which proved to be very successful at what could be considered a difficult time due to the pandemic crisis.

This further demonstrates how Woah can adapt and thrive under any circumstances. Furthermore, she also loves investing in cryptocurrencies, stocks, and real estate, providing lucrative investments for enhancing her revenue streams while providing long-term growth opportunities.

Controversies and Racial Claims

woah vicky controversies

Woah Vicky is no stranger to controversies, having made quite a few headlines through her racial identity claims and other notable issues. Find out more by reading this in-depth biography.

Notable Controversies

Woah Vicky has been involved in various controversial incidents throughout her career, which have sparked heated debates and public outcry from both fans and critics alike. Some of the most notorious events include:

In 2018 she was exposed for falsely claiming to be Black and had previously used African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) while speaking online.

She has since faced criticism from influential personalities such as Lil Yachty, who openly accused her of stealing black culture with malicious intent.

Following this incident, Woah Vicky took part in a YouTube video titled “I’M NOT BLACK | My REAL Ethnicity REVEALED!” where she further defended her ethnicity claims by displaying an ancestry DNA test result that allegedly suggested European origins.

The results were challenged by many viewers who questioned its authenticity due to the lack of evidence provided in the video itself. This drew even more controversy surrounding the identity fraud allegations against Woah Vicky as backlash increased despite her defenses on social media platforms.

Racial Identity Claims

Woah Vicky’s African-American heritage was first called into question when she took a DNA test that asserted her racial makeup to be 44% African. This claim quickly went viral but met criticism and skepticism from the Black community due to Woah Vicky’s mother being Caucasian.

Some critics questioned whether or not she’d fabricated her results in an attempt for fame, while others argued no matter how much African genetic material she had, it did not equate to embracing or understanding her cultural roots.

Woah Vicky defended her identity claims on Dr Phil, where experts weighed in on the issues of race and genetics with different views represented by each party. Despite this discussion of the facts surrounding Woah Vicky’s controversial claims, there still remains uncertainty over their authenticity, as evidenced by widespread disagreement.

Woah Vicky Net Worth and Wealth Growth

Woah Vicky’s net worth has seen rapid growth in the past few years owing to her social media presence and entrepreneurial ventures, providing an interesting read for all those curious about how she achieved wealth from an early age.

Read on to understand more!

Estimated Net Worth and Net Worth Growth

Woah Vicky has an estimated net worth of $2 million and has accumulated her wealth from different sources, such as YouTube revenue, endorsements, paid appearances, modeling contracts, and advertising income.


Net Worth in Million











Table: Woah Vicky’s Net Worth Growth

Her YouTube channel reportedly generates an estimated salary of around $30,000 per year, according to estimates compiled by Social Gray. She also receives significant amounts of money through Instagram influencer partnerships.

Besides being a YouTube star and social media sensation, she is also an aspiring rapper pursuing a music career, which could be another source of her wealth growth. Moreover, in 2021, Woah Vicky was reported to have launched her own lifestyle content creation account, which earned her even more clout among fans all over the world.

Income Sources

Woah Vicky generates income from her career as a model and social media influencer. She has gained prominence on numerous platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

On these platforms, she monetizes her content through ads and sponsored posts that boost her coffers. As part of her music career, she has collaborated with some notable artists and released several singles for which she earns royalty payments.

Vicky also profits through entrepreneurial ventures like selling merchandise on her website. Finally, Woah Vicky also earns income from brand sponsorships promoting products across the internet or via endorsements associated with celebrity events.

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Personal Life and Relationships

woah vicky relationshipsWoah Vicky has been open about her dating history, with a few notable relationships publically known and documented on social media.

Boyfriend and Dating History

In the world of Woah Vicky, love is as captivating as her social media journey. Her real name, Victoria Waldrop, has made waves in the dating scene, and we’re here to spill the tea!

You might recall the buzz around her rumored romance with rapper YBN Nahmir, but both set the record straight – they’re just friends.

However, the plot thickened when Woah Vicky’s close bond with social media sensation Boonk Gang came into play. The photos said it all, but no official word yet.

Fast forward to today, and we find Woah Vicky enjoying her single status. After a brief fling with TikTok star Deivys Nicola, she found love in the arms of American rapper Holy Gabbana. The two are painting the town red and looking forward to what the future holds.

The love saga continues, and with Woah Vicky, it’s always a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates in the world of her heart!

Personal Interests And Hobbies

Woah Vicky is a dedicated car enthusiast and owns five cars, including a luxury BMW. She is known for her love of fashion, with an expensive and particular taste for designer labels.

She is a passionate amateur photographer, often seen shooting photos across different cities in the US.

Vicky frequently plays basketball and has been spotted at several professional games across the states. In addition to basketball, Vicky enjoys playing tennis as well as volleyball on the court with her friends.

She practices yoga and meditation regularly to unwind after busy days and manages stress effectively by taking time out alone to dive deep into introspection about life and herself.

A certified pet lover, Vicky loves spending time with her Yorkie puppy ‘Prince’ whom she considers her best friend and companion in lonely times.


Woah Vicky currently resides in an exquisite and modern house located in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, USA. Her house is notably luxurious; it boasts a bright, open-concept interior with plenty of natural light and elegantly decorated living spaces.

The property also features a gorgeous backyard pool area that Vicky often shares snaps of on her Instagram page. Aside from its beauty, the residence serves as an ideal location for her creative work, providing ample space for entertaining influencer events or filming YouTube videos.

Recently, she upgraded her kitchen inventory, stocking up on all organic vegan products to maintain a healthy lifestyle which reflects her current values and preferences. She continues to put effort into developing the aesthetic appeal of this house by organizing regular renovation projects executed by professionals or selecting customization pieces each year, including new indoor furniture items and outdoor decor accents.

Business Ventures and Philanthropy

Woah Vicky is an entrepreneur and model who founded her clothing line and invested in other fashion products. She also supports several philanthropic causes, donating a portion of the proceeds from her sales to those in need.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Investments

Let’s talk business – the Woah Vicky way. This isn’t your typical social media journey; it’s about startups and making a difference.

Woah Vicky is a smart investor. She’s all about startups with heart and a solid plan. Her portfolio isn’t just about profit; it’s about impact.

But there’s more to this story. She’s on a mission for social change, raising capital for causes that matter. It’s not just talk; it’s action.

And if you thought that was it, think again. She’s ventured into wellness, launching a spa that offers hair services and massages.

But the kicker? Her latest project is an online music platform, a global stage for emerging artists.

Woah Vicky is not just about likes and followers; she’s a serious player in the business world. Whether it’s startups, philanthropy, or wellness, she’s making her mark in style.

Philanthropic Endeavors

Woah Vicky is known to be an avid philanthropist, regularly engaging in charitable activities that focus on helping the underprivileged and vulnerable populations.

She donates her time and resources to various non-profit organizations for causes such as raising awareness about homelessness, providing educational opportunities for the youth, and advocating for diversity and inclusion.

Woah Vicky has often shown her support through publicly fundraising events she hosts at galas or donating proceeds from merchandise sales directly to charities. Though there isn’t exact data available that outlines the full impact of Woah Vicky’s philanthropic initiatives, it’s clear that she takes giving back very seriously, as evidenced by her consistent advocacy work over the years.

Physical Appearance and Measurements

Woah Vicky has a distinctive style and is known for her chic fashion choices, standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall with petite body measurements.

Height and Body Statistics

Woah Vicky is known for her petite figure and unique style. As a public figure, her physical attributes often catch the attention of her fans. Here are some key statistics about Woah Vicky’s height and body:




5’4″ (164 cm)


120 pounds (54kg)

Body Measurements

33-27-35 cm

Shoe Size


Table: Woah Vicky’s Physical Attributes

These measurements contribute to her distinctive appearance and make Woah Vicky a sought-after figure in the world of social media and entertainment.

Style and Fashion Choices

Woah Vicky is one of the most prominent figures in the world of fashion influencers, Social media presence, and online style. She has gained attention for her unique personal style, kickstarting trends and inspiring others to stay ahead through her unique looks.

Her fashionable choices have been highly discussed among people all over social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Known for daring aesthetic and clothing pieces, Woah Vicky often presents herself with punk-inspired hair colors like blues and pinks and accessories that are nothing but exceptional.

Through her various posts on almost every mainstream social platform, she manages to capture a huge audience from around the world, due to which it’s not wrong to assume that Woah Vicky’s contributions to today’s online fashion culture are remarkable.

Even setting a new definition when it comes down to current streetwear brands by mixing high-end apparel with popular designer brands in order to bash up an utterly incomparable look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to know more about Woah Vicky, check the answers below.

1. Is Woah Vicky Popular Outside Us.?

Yes, WOAH Vicky has a large fan following not just inside the US but globally too! Her fans share funny videos online created by them based on meme templates, while others create parodies using songs sung by this internet sensation!

2. How Many Siblings Does Woah Vicky Have?

Woah Vicky has only one sister, and her name is Stephanie Waldrip. By profession, Stephanie Waldrip is a fashion designer.

3. How Did Vicky Get Rich?

This self-made millionaire’s fortune is fueled by lucrative paid advertisements and partnerships on her Instagram and YouTube platforms. She’s turning her online influence into cold, hard cash! 

Wrapping Up

Woah Vicky is an American model, rapper, Instagram personality, and businesswoman who has gained fame thanks to her stunning looks and savvy entrepreneurial spirit. With a net worth estimated at $2 million as of 2023, she continues climbing the ladder to success.

She rose to fame through meme-inspired images on social media, which allowed her to dip into different industries, such as music, by releasing rap singles. As well as creating content for her millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms like OnlyFans, ultimately helping boost her wealth considerably.

In spite of multiple controversies, including racism allegations that have been aimed towards Woah Vicky in recent years – the young star has shown strength beyond measure and continues to pursue endeavors despite any negative feedback or opinions from society.

Her future projects are certainly ones to look out for!

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