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Will Amazon Deliver to a PO Box? Your Guide to Shipping Restrictions and Options

will amazon deliver to a po box

For many online shoppers, the convenience of having packages delivered directly to their doorsteps is a given. But what happens if your only option for receiving mail is a PO Box? You might be wondering: Will Amazon deliver to a PO box?

It’s a common hurdle that could leave you puzzling over how to get your hands on that latest bestseller or new tech gadget.

Here’s something you should know: Amazon does indeed deliver to PO Boxes—yet not everything in their vast inventory can make its way into that secure little box at your local post office.

Some items have shipping restrictions due to size or vendor policies. This guide will help unpack those restrictions and present alternative options so nothing stands between you and your package.

We’ll navigate these waters together, ensuring that by the end of this post; you’ll be an expert in getting Amazon deliveries on your terms. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Will Amazon Deliver to a PO Box? The Possibilities

Navigating the intricacies of Amazon’s shipping policies reveals that while PO Boxes are viable destinations for many goods, certain limitations must be accounted for. The company’s nuanced approach to deliveries requires a closer look at restrictions that could affect how and when your items arrive. Will Amazon deliver to  a PO box? What are the possibilities?

Limitations with PO Box deliveries

Amazon delivers to PO boxes, but not all services are available. Same-day and 2-day delivery options don’t work with them. Most packages sent to a PO Box will get there in three to seven days.

This is longer than delivery times for street addresses.

Some items can’t be shipped to PO boxes at all. These include big or heavy things that the post office can’t handle. Also, if you buy something expensive, it might need a signature.

The postal service won’t sign for these deliveries at a PO Box.

You should check your item’s shipping information before you use a PO Box address. If it has special needs, like size limits or signature requirements, consider another delivery option.

Amazon Hub Locker or UPS Store pickups could be better choices for such items.

Shipping restrictions for certain items

Some items can’t be shipped to PO boxes due to their size or the delivery method required. Large packages, for example, won’t fit in your standard post office box. Also, if a package is sent through certain courier services like FedEx or UPS, it often requires a physical address because they deliver outside the postal system.

High-value items may also have restrictions. These need signatures upon delivery to ensure a safe receipt and are not typically left at post offices. Always check the shipping options during the checkout process for any limitations related to your PO Box.

Knowing these restrictions helps you plan better for receiving your orders without delays. If you buy bulky goods or expensive products online, consider using Amazon Locker or General Delivery as alternatives.

They provide secure pickup points that might work better for bigger parcels and valuable purchases that need a signature. In addition, you can also read an article on- Po Box 7251 Sioux Falls.

How to Use a PO Box as Your Amazon Shipping Address

amazon percel

Navigating your way to seamless Amazon deliveries starts with setting up your PO Box as the shipping destination—here’s a straightforward guide. Learn the essential steps for entering your PO Box details into Amazon and weigh in on the advantages and challenges that come with this delivery option.

Process of entering PO Box address

Entering your PO Box as your Amazon shipping address is easy. Here’s how to do it step by step.

  • First, log into your Amazon account and go to the ‘Your Addresses’ section.
  • Click ‘Add Address’ to put in a new place where you want packages sent.
  • In the address fields, type your PO Box number exactly as it appears on your contract.
  • Include your full name so the post office knows who owns the PO Box.
  • Don’t forget to add your phone number in case there’s an issue with delivery.
  • Double-check that the zip code you list matches the one for your PO Box location.
  • Submit this information and set it as your default if you plan on using it often.
  • Before finalizing, look over all the details again to make sure everything is correct.

Pros and cons of using a PO Box

When considering your Amazon shipping options, using a PO Box has its own distinct set of advantages and challenges. PO Boxes can offer a reliable solution for receiving packages for those without a traditional mailing address or seeking added security. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of using a PO Box for your Amazon deliveries.

Pros Cons
Faster delivery Limited to PO Box size
Stable address regardless of where you live or move Not all items can be shipped to PO Boxes due to restrictions
Secure location for mail and packages Large packages may require pick-up from a post office
Notifications for new mail or packages Signature requirements can complicate delivery
Convenient online management of services May not be suitable for all types of deliveries
Enhanced security for sensitive documents Independent contractor delivery issues may arise
Ideal for small business owners Additional steps for package interception or redirection

Personal users and independent business owners alike appreciate the security and consistent location a PO Box provides. With faster delivery times and notifications for new arrivals, you can swiftly collect your Amazon orders. However, it’s important to understand the size and shipping limitations, as these factors influence the feasibility of PO Box delivery for your specific situation. Whether or not a PO Box is right for you largely depends on the nature and frequency of your Amazon orders. Additionally, you can also read about- PO Box 400 Norwood MA.

Amazon Packages’ Delivery Alternatives for Non-PO Box Deliveries

For those times when a PO Box simply won’t suffice, Amazon offers a host of alternative delivery solutions that cater to the varied needs of its customers. Delve into the myriad of options available for receiving your packages with all the convenience and security you require, without being constrained by a traditional mailbox.

General Delivery

General Delivery offers a unique solution if you don’t have a permanent address but need to receive mail at a PO Box. It’s important to note, this service isn’t available at every post office.

Simply put “General Delivery” in the address line after the city, state, and zip code of your preferred location to use General Delivery. Remember, though, that you must pick up your packages within 30 days, or they might be sent back.

Got an Amazon package headed your way? Check with your local post office first to see if they accept general delivery for Amazon orders. This way, it ensures that even without a fixed street location, you can still get your online shopping delivered safely to you.

Keep it in mind for times when home delivery just isn’t an option!

Package Intercept

USPS offers Package Intercept if you need your Amazon package sent somewhere else before it gets to your PO Box. You can reroute the package for pickup at a different location. Keep in mind that this service comes with a fee, and not every post office provides it.

Check with your local branch about their services and fees.

Package intercept can be very handy when plans change or you realize too late that an item won’t fit in your PO Box. Make sure to act fast, though; the service only works if USPS hasn’t delivered the package yet.

Amazon Hub Locker

Amazon Hub Locker offers a smart way to get your packages if you can’t use a PO box. These lockers provide a secure spot where Amazon delivers items for you to pick up. Choose an Amazon Hub Locker location during checkout, and once your package arrives, you will receive an email with a unique code.

Head to the locker, enter the code, and the door pops open—it’s that simple!

Lockers are found in convenient locations like grocery stores, shopping centers, and gas stations. They’re accessible at different times of day, so you can grab your package when it suits you best.

This service is especially handy if you worry about packages being safe after they’re delivered or if someone needs to sign for them.

Using an Amazon Hub Locker means no more missed deliveries or trips to distant post offices. You avoid the stress of lost packages too, since everything stays locked away until you arrive.

Just make sure your item fits locker size limits before choosing this option at checkout!

UPS alternatives

You might find UPS Store Mailboxes to be a great alternative to traditional PO Boxes. These mailboxes give you a real street address, which can be key for deliveries from carriers that don’t ship to PO Box addresses.

You get package acceptance from all shipping carriers, not just UPS. This means your Amazon orders can land safely at your designated UPS store.

Choosing a UPS Store mailbox lets you access other services too. You can get text or email alerts when packages arrive—super handy if you’re waiting for something important! Plus, some locations even offer 24-hour access to your mailbox and packages; this way, you never have to arrange your day around store hours.

If it’s privacy and security you’re after, these mailboxes come with locks so only you (and anyone else authorized) can pick up your items.

If an item is too large or requires a signature upon delivery, the UPS Store staff will take care of that as well. They sign on behalf of the box holder and keep the parcel safe until pickup.

It adds convenience to know someone is there to receive urgent or sensitive orders without having them returned or risking theft at your doorstep. Remember though: while this service does often require more investment than standard PO boxes at post offices, many see it as worth every penny for peace of mind and flexibility in delivery options.If you want you can also read- PO Box 81129 in Austin Texas.

Complications with Amazon Deliveries to PO Boxes

amazon shipping

While navigating the convenience of Amazon deliveries, PO Box users often encounter hiccups—such as size constraints and the need for signatures—that we’ll unpack further to streamline your receiving process.

Package Size restrictions

If your package is too big, Amazon might not ship it to a PO Box. This happens because larger items need more space than a PO Box can offer. Think about size before you order items like furniture or big electronics.

Always check the product details to know if your item could face this issue.

Some carriers that work with Amazon can’t deliver large packages to PO boxes either. They may require physical addresses for delivery. If you’re ordering something heavy or huge, use an address where carriers like UPS or FedEx can go.

This ensures your package arrives without any hitches.

Signature-required deliveries

Some packages need a signature when they’re delivered. This can be tricky with PO boxes since someone must be there to sign for them. Amazon might skip PO Box delivery if your item needs a sign-off.

Independent contractors deliver many of Amazon’s packages. They might not get into the post office to drop off items that need signatures. This is due to the rules and insurance issues they have to follow.

Consider this before you use a PO box for orders that are valuable or require extra security. You may want to pick another delivery option just to make sure you get these kinds of packages without any trouble.

Independent contractor issues

Independent contractors face unique challenges when delivering Amazon packages to PO boxes. Delays can occur because same-day and 2-day delivery options are typically not available for these addresses.

This affects the schedules of independent contractors, who have to plan for longer delivery windows.

Amazon relies on various carrier services, including the United States Postal Service, which does deliver to PO boxes. However, not all sellers or carriers may choose to deliver to these locations due to their own policies or constraints.

Independent contractors must then work around these limitations, sometimes leading them to miss out on deliveries that could affect their earnings and efficiency.

A solution like general delivery from USPS is available but comes with its own set of rules. Contractors must pay close attention to package pickup times and availability restrictions at post offices serving postal codes where customers request general delivery.

This requires additional coordination from the contractor’s side, ensuring they align their drop-offs within the specific time frames offered by post offices.

Ensuring Successful Amazon Delivery to PO Boxes

To secure a seamless delivery experience when using a PO Box for your Amazon orders, it’s crucial to take certain steps. This includes being cognizant of size and weight limitations, understanding the nuances of shipping options, and utilizing features like Amazon Prime to enhance the likelihood of successful delivery.

Measures for successful delivery

Amazon delivers to Post Office boxes, but you should know a few things for everything to go smoothly. These tips will help make sure your Amazon packages arrive at your PO Box without trouble.

  • Check the size: Before ordering, ensure your item isn’t too large for your PO Box. The U.S. Post Office has size limits.
  • Update your address: Make sure your Amazon account has the correct PO Box information.
  • Delivery times: Understand that deliveries might take three to seven business days.
  • Use General Delivery: If your package is too big or you’ll be away, consider General Delivery. Just add “General Delivery” to the address line with the appropriate city, state, and zip code.
  • Pick up promptly: You have 30 days to pick up items sent by General Delivery. After this period, they might be returned.
  • Prime memberships work: Even with a PO Box, you can enjoy Amazon Prime benefits like faster shipping.
  • Verify restrictions: Some items can’t ship to PO boxes due to weight or content. Always check the product shipping details first.
  • Track packages: Use Amazon’s tracking system to keep an eye on your shipment’s status. This way, you won’t miss its arrival.
  • Double-check services: Not all delivery services will drop off at PO Boxes; confirm first which ones do.
  • Stay informed: Keep an eye on any emails from the e-commerce platform about delivery updates or changes.

Using Amazon Prime with a PO Box address

You can enjoy Amazon Prime benefits even with a PO Box address. Just make sure to check the size of your box. Large items won’t fit in standard boxes, and you’ll miss out on same-day delivery options.

But for most orders, Prime gives you quick shipping, usually three to five days.

Link your PO Box to your Prime account by simply adding it as your default shipping address. This way, you get free two-day or even same-day shipping where available. Remember, some special services, like Amazon Fresh, might not ship to PO Boxes due to perishable goods needing faster handling.

To keep getting all the perks of Prime, always double-check if your local post office accepts large packages or has street addressing available. That means they’ll hold bigger parcels that can’t go into a regular-sized box.

Plus, when new movies and shows hit Prime Video, stream them anytime—your membership covers more than just shopping!


Will Amazon deliver to a PO box? Amazon makes it easy to get your orders to a PO box. Just remember, large items and ones needing quick delivery might not fit the PO box route. Always check if your item has any special shipping needs before using your PO box address.

With options like General Delivery and Amazon Hub Lockers, there’s usually a way around these hurdles. Happy shopping at with peace of mind!

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