US Election 2020: Who is Joe Biden?

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., known as Joe Biden. In the United States presidential election, this Democratic Party candidate is against Republican candidate Donald Trump. Biden served as a senator for two terms with former US President Barack Obama.

Biden is in the leading position in the U.S. presidential election results. He has bagged 264 in the 270 electoral votes so far. He needs only six electoral votes to become the elected U.S. president for the first time.

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The eldest of four siblings grew up in Scranton, New Castle County, and Delaware. Father Joseph Robinette Biden Sr. and Irish-born mother Catherine Eugenia Finnegan.

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Biden studied history and political science at the University of Delaware. Later he took a degree in law from Syracuse University.

In 1966, while studying at Syracuse University, Biden married Nilia Hunter. They have three children in their room — Joseph and Beau, Beau, Robert Hunter, and Naomi Christina. In 1972, Nilia was killed in a road accident while buying Christmas trees before Christmas. His daughter Naomi died in the accident.

To Nilia, Biden said that by the age of 30, his dream was to become a senator. The next goal of being a senator is to be president of the United States. He was steadfast in his aim. In 1973, a year after losing Tolia, Biden married Jill Tracy Jacobs. They have a daughter named Ashley Blazer in their house.

Joe Biden was elected the New Castle County Councilman of Delaware in 1970. Then he didn’t have to look back. He fulfilled his dream of becoming a U.S. senator at the age of 30.

In November 1972, he became the Democratic candidate against the then popular Republican Senator Salib Bogs. Then the name is written in history. At the age of 30, he was elected the youngest senator in U.S. history.

Joe Biden was elected a senator from Delaware six times. He established himself on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He also enacted several important laws in the United States, including the Violence Against Women Act.

He was elected again in 2007. Barack Obama became president and chose Biden as the running mate. He served as Vice President from 2009 to 2017.

In 2015, he lost his favorite. Joe was devastated by the death of his eldest son Beau Biden in brain cancer. He withdrew before the Democratic Party was nominated for the 2016 presidential election.

Joe Biden turns around after many developments in personal and political life.

Biden served on the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations for a long time. As the chairman of the Senate committee, the decision to allow the Republican president to go to the war in Iraq in October 2012 was up to him.

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Before the Gulf War, 11 years ago, President George H.W. Bush voted against The Authorization of Saddam Hussein’s army. Despite the warnings of Biden, the gulf war was decided and a few Americans died in that war.

Since then, Biden has been described as weak on foreign and national defense policy.

The following few years, after widespread criticism of the vote, Biden began to show strong international standing, such as his support for the Us position in the Balkan Civil War, the bombing of Iraq, and the establishment of occupation in Afghanistan.

When President George W. Bush proposed a fresh war in Iraq, Biden was strongly supportive of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

After the Iraq war, Biden turned to the left. He opposed the increase in American troops in Iraq and called for the withdrawal of troops from there.

As vice president, he advised against strengthening US forces in Afghanistan and launching operations against Osama bin Laden.

He also defended the US support of Saudi Arabia in Yemen’s civil war after announcing his intention to run for the Democratic presidential election.

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