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US Election 2020: Who Will Win? Donald Trump or Joe Biden

Today is the 59th presidential election of the United States. The world’s most powerful country will elect White House representative for four years from January 2021. If the current president will return to power, Donald Trump will be the 46th president of the United States.

The US presidential election is a conflict between elephants and donkeys. The Republican and the Democratic Party, are the two main political parties in the United States, these two American Political Parties. The symbol of the Republican Party is the elephant and the Democratic Party’s symbol is a donkey.

The US President is not just the most powerful man in the United States; he is one of the most powerful figures in the world in the current political situation. The election is a chance to change power. The world is also looking at the important elections of the country that is dominating the international arena.

Meanwhile, some of the most influential media in the world conducted separate surveys surrounding the election. The poll shows that Democratic candidate Biden is in a more favorable position than his rival Republican candidate Donald Trump. Several polls suggest Joe Biden is running for president. The NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll says that Biden is 10 points ahead of Trump. NBC and The Wall Street Journal published the results of the survey on Sunday, reports Xinhua.

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The NBC News and Wall Street Journal polls show that 52 percent of registered voters in the country support Biden and 42 percent support Trump. The survey was conducted from October 29 to 31. It shows that in black, young, senior citizens, women, college-graduates, whites and independent voters, Biden is ahead of Trump. Among black voters, 87 percent support Biden and only five percent support Trump. Among young voters between the ages of 18 and 34, 60 percent support Biden and 32 percent support Trump. Among senior voters, 58 percent support Biden and 35 percent support Trump.

Among female voters, 57 percent said they support Biden and 37 percent support Trump. Among white voters with college degrees, 56 percent support Biden and 41 percent support Trump. Among independent voters, 51 percent support Biden and 36 percent support Trump.

The pre-election final poll also shows that Biden is in a more favorable position than Trump in the 12 swing states that are known to be battleground. Biden is six points ahead of Trump. The states are Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Fifty-one percent of voters in these states said they would support Biden and 45 percent of voters would support Trump.

Meanwhile, 51 percent of white voters support Trump, and 41 percent support Biden. Among white voters without college degrees, 58 percent said they support Trump and 37 percent support Biden.

The US Presidential Election Process

The US President is not elected by direct vote of the citizens; rather, the election process is indirect. First, people vote and elect an electoral college. Here’s a particular note: the ballot paper says the names of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. And according to the rules of each state, the name of the elector may be mentioned, or may not be. People vote for a particular presidential candidate, which means choosing the selectors of that candidate’s party.

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The next time the electoral council voted, the people’s choice was to elect the presidential candidate. However, under US federal law, the electoral college is not obliged to vote for the candidate of the people’s choice. That means the elector scan can go outside the party and vote for the opposition candidate. However, in 24 of the 50 states of the United States, such “betrayal” is considered a crime. And in the present era, no elector is seen to vote for anyone other than his party’s candidate. So, the people who vote for the presidential candidate will get all the electoral votes in that state.

How is the election day fixed?

There was no separate day for the first 69 years of US history. The states were organizing their favorite day of voting. But it would have caused chaos. To prevent this chaos, it was decided in 1845 that the first Monday of November will be held on Tuesday, the day after the country’s first vote. There was also a proposal to set Sunday as election day. But that offer was immediately rejected. Because that day, everyone goes to church to participate in weekly prayers. Monday was also thought of. But it was also cancelled. Later it has been fixed that voting will be held on Tuesday. So, this year the election date is fixed for November 3.

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