Travelling: 6 Best Low-Cost Holiday Destinations around the World

Traveling has become a great hobby for all of us. Every year we plan lots of getaways. If you can take a trip or two in style to the most exotic and striking destinations we can find.

Traveling is not usually cheap as we extend the distances to our destination. The price of the trip soars.

If you are a member of the working-class, you have a low salary and the budget that is not very buoyant for traveling. You may not have been able to afford large destinations to travel to date. You limit yourself to popular beaches in the country and cheap flights to nearby European capitals.

The main costs of a trip are associated with transport and stay. So, in order to travel cheap, you must try to reduce the budget of these elements.

In terms of transportation, the essential thing is to know how to find cheap flights. For this, track all the websites of flights you can and arm yourself with patience. It will not be easy but it is not impossible.

There are numerous websites of offers that look for the best rates that accommodation can offer. In addition, depending on how exquisite you can always give up the comfort of a hotel, for a hostel, an apartment or shared rooms.

Something that can help make your trip cheaper is to try to find destinations where money “spreads more.”  That is, in front of cities with high standards of living where simply the cost of a beer eats half of the budget, it locates interesting places with a lower standard of living that makes the costs associated with shopping, meals, and leisure more affordable.

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Based on all these elements, from Business Insider we have compiled the best low-cost destinations to travel to if you are a person of the working class. Six awesome places to know and, why not, to envy on your Instagram.


Morocco is one of the low-cost destinations that will also amaze visitors with all that this country has to offer. Let yourself be seduced by the colors, flavors and smells of its main cities, and discover why this country has been marveling at artists, intellectuals and celebrities from all over the world for years.

There are many regions to explore, such as Tangier, the gateway that connects Africa and Europe. The place may be one of the best options if you are looking for cheap travel.

Bathed by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, you can relax on its exotic beaches, get lost in the souks, tour its bazaars or remember its glorious past as one of the oldest cities in Morocco visiting the caves of Hercules or the Kasbah. You can stay in 5-star hotels even for less than 60 euros a night.

By ferry from Algeciras or Malaga, you can arrive for less than 45 euros per person if you travel without a car. There are low-cost companies like Ryanair with which you can reach Tangier for more affordable prices. At the end of July, there are flights for less than 95 euros each way. What makes Tangier a perfect cheap destination to travel in 2019.


While we all would love to spend the summer lost on some Greek island, bathed in the blue sea, majestic light and ancient and glorious past, the truth is that all that little has a cheap destination. But not all is lost. That same thing you can find in Albania, a perfect low-cost destination that hides in its interior endless secrets with which to surprise the tourist.

Perhaps, one of the least known countries in Europe, Albania, due to its communist past, has been open to tourism for a short period of time. Something that offers a plus to the visitor, who will not be bothered by the terrible agglomerations of tourists that are killing many cities.

This also means that prices have not yet been inflated by demand. A cappuccino can leave you for less than 1.20 euros and a meal for two in a restaurant for just over 20 euros.

Stunning mountains and beaches reputed archaeological sites (Such as Apollonia or Butrinto) and a capital, Tirana, with hectic urban life and a fusion of modernity and classicism is only part of everything in Albania. A country that oozes Italian, Ottoman and Mediterranean influence in its different regions is positioned as one of the best low-cost destinations to travel.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


In general, Poland is positioned as one of the most affordable European destinations so far. What does not detract from all that this country has to offer its visitors?

Of all the destinations, Krakow stands out for its history, beauty and cultural and artistic wealth. Getting lost in its streets, let yourself be imbued with the effervescent university environment and know the corners of one of the oldest and best-preserved cities in Europe are elements that have long seduced anyone who decides to know this outstanding destination.

World Heritage, its Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture intermingle with its hectic and modern urban life. In Krakow, you can stroll through the streets of its old town for hours, tour the Jewish ghetto, the Grzegórzki and Plac Nowy markets or witness one of the darkest events in our European history by visiting the Auschwitz Holocaust memorial.

You can also get to know the city without the trip entailing shearing your savings. As an example, among some of the best hotels in Krakow, many barely exceed 50 euros a night.


Africa is undoubtedly one of the most exotic and attractive destinations that exist. Although sometimes this majestic continent is not exactly cheap, most African countries later have lower living standards than ours, so the stay will be quite affordable.

Of all of them, Mozambique can be a great option. It is a cheap destination, a little tourist and also safe. According to the indications of the government of USA, traveling to Mozambique does not imply extreme caution. It is true that due to its tendency to natural disasters it is advisable to be aware of the meteorological parts.

Described by Lonely Planet as one of the most attractive capitals in Africa, Maputo shows visitors the mix of the architecture of low houses and adobe with the large buildings resulting from its past as a Portuguese colony.

Chaotic and visceral, you can spend the day haggling in their markets and fish markets or lying on the beach. The country is bathed by the Indian Ocean and offers true wonders for lovers of sand and the sea.

In addition, the rest of the country has many offers, the island of Mozambique, the Quirimbas archipelago or Lake Niassa are some of the most wonderful landscapes.


Crossing the Atlantic is also possible even if you are looking for low-cost destinations to travel.  Ecuador is the place you are looking for.

Although you may not find it shocking or popular enough first, be sure it will not disappoint you. A colonial architecture, Andean peaks and of course the Amazon rainforest are treasures that you will only find in the country that is located in the center of the world, hence the equator line.

To start, the simplest and most affordable is to get to Quito. The capital allows visitors to immerse themselves in their Spanish colonial past, with churches, shrines, and mansions still very well preserved. Located at 2,800 meters of altitude, the city has a rich historical heritage to know and its old town is one of the best-preserved in Latin America.

If you are looking for something else, the city will not disappoint you, the kindness of its people and the festive atmosphere of many of its main streets will make your stay in Quito unforgettable.

The country offers natural wonders such as the Galapagos Islands, Andean peaks, indigenous villages or impressive national parks.

Reaching these exotic and distant lands is not as expensive as it seems. From Madrid, it is easy to find flights to Quito that are around 500 euros without much anticipation, which makes it one of the cheapest destinations if you want to reach the other side of the Atlantic.


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Southeast Asia is one of the regions that most excitement seems to be waking up late in travelers. It is that for a few years it seems that everyone has to go to Thailand. Bali seems to have become the Beni dorm of millennials.

If the money does not arrive for great trips, it can be more difficult to know the many charms of the millenary cultures and the exuberant nature that these destinations offer. But as an alternative, there are somewhat more affordable countries than others in this region.

Among the cheapest destinations in Southeast Asia, Myanmar (also known as Burma) is placed as a great option. To start even if flying away entails a significant outlay, you can find interesting offers to this country with anticipation. From Barcelona, it is possible to fly to Yangon (Yangon) for less than 500 euros (of course with stops). In this sense, you can try to book a flight with a stopover, long stops that in addition to lowering the price can allow you to know other destinations.

Staying does not necessarily have to be very expensive. In this city, you can easily find 5-star hotels for about 80 euros. So, you can always lower the quality a little and save more. All this makes it a great low-cost travel destination.

Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan temples, Inle Lake or the religious settings of Mount Popa and the Golden Rock are some of the most magical and essential places in the country.

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Lonely Planet selects top 8 Places to Travel in 2020

It is time to think about the trips we will do in 2020. Long trip is better to plan in time. The travel magazine Lonely Planet already has begun to draw its rankings of the best destinations for you to organize and look for prices. These are the eight most interesting sites for a vast selection.

  1. Bhutan

    The hermetic Asian country embedded amid the Himalayan mountains that did not open its borders until 1974 is experiencing a tourism boom. Although with limitations, of course, since it can only be accessed in a regulated and agreed manner with local travel agencies. This year it has risen to number 1 on the list because its government plans to become the first fully organic and non-polluting nation in mid-2020. Of course, the trip will be expensive and you will have to plan it for a lot of time.

Gurnards Head
Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  1. The English Coast

    England will open in England, the England Coast Path, the longest coastal route in the world that will allow you to travel virtually the entire island on foot. You can discover the beautiful beaches of Norfolk, for example, a county in the east of England famous for its coast, washed by the North Sea, so they are very cold water (but beautiful, long, large and fine sand). Another recommendation is the ‘tip’ of the southwest, Cornwall County, which faces the Atlantic and is marked by its beaches full of cliffs and cliffs that create an unforgettable coastal landscape.

  2. North Macedonia

    The political conflict with Greece by its official name is over (North Macedonia wanted to be called only Macedonia, but the northern and border region of Greece was called that and they didn’t want to share a name, so there was a deep debate that lasted for years and ended this decision). That is why 2020 is a good year to remember this country tremendously forgotten by European tourism and visit some of its great attractions, such as Lake Ohrid or Solunska Glava Mountain and its natural park.

  3. Salzburg (Austria)

    According to Lonely Planet, the best city for this 2020 is Salzburg, which saw Mozart being born. Precisely, its music festival is the main claim since in 2020 it celebrates a century of classical music and will celebrate it in style.

  4. The Silk Road

    Asia and Europe were connected for many years by the silk route. Although it fell into disuse for many years, the monuments of its great commercial past are still preserved. Some of the countries that inherited their wealth are Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, each with its own characteristics (for example, Kyrgyzstan has more natural, while Uzbekistan has more monumentality).

    In addition, the last years the borders were opened, even more, facilitating visas and travel permits. A good time to rediscover this region is forgotten by our continent.

  5. Budapest, Hungary

    Hot tubs, hot springs, Turkish baths, saunas and massages are available to everyone in Budapest, one of those destinations. In addition to being affordable, it opens the doors to dozens of places designed to take care of you.

    Aim: the Széchenyi spa is one of the largest thermal enclosures in Europe, the Rudas is considered one of the most beautiful Turkish baths in the world and the Gellert spa is the best known in the city for its main pool, which has left in dozens of magazines and television commercials. None is too expensive: tickets cost between 10 and 20 euros.

  6. Cairo, Egypt

    In mid-2019 the new Egyptian museum was released in Giza, near the Pyramids. It is the largest archeology museum in the world, a new way to explore Egyptian art and history, a must-see. In addition, as we discussed in another article, Egypt is a very, highly recommended and safer destination than we usually believe.

    Estados Unidos of United States

Photo Credit: Unplash

  1. Washington DC, United States

    The capital of the United States is also an anniversary. 100 years have passed since Amendment 19, which gave women the right to vote. Therefore, the city will be filled with exhibitions and demonstrations to celebrate American suffragists. A good opportunity to visit the USA city and stroll through its filmed streets and monuments, which many films have starred in.

    In his guide, in addition to these points, he recommends other cities and regions for many reasons, from anniversaries to interesting openings. Top 20 are Aruba (colony of the Netherlands in America), Swaziland (in South Africa), Costa Rica, Liberia, Morocco, Uruguay, Galway (Ireland), Bonn (Germany), La Paz (Bolivia), Kochi (India), Vancouver (Canada) or Denver (United States). Now, get ready for the holidays.

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Los Angels

The Best Places in the United States for 2020

Do you want to visit the best places in the United States in 2020? It is one of the largest and most visited countries in the world and the country has a lot to offer. There are places in the United States for all tastes.

You are one of those tourists who love cities and urban routes. If you prefer nature in all its expression, do not hesitate to travel to the “Giant of the North.” In this article, we tell you what are your best urban places.

The Best Places in the United States for 2020: Where to Go?

Every year it receives millions of tourists from all over the world. The United States has in its thousands of km² too many attractions to go only once. If you do not know which destination is the best for traveling, we suggest these unmissable sites:

  1. New York

It is the best-known city in the country, an icon of American life and the scene of thousands of movies and series. Who has not seen a scene in the Big Apple, on Wall Street or in Central Park?

With its beautiful skyscrapers (including the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center), there are Statue of Liberty, bridges (especially that of Brooklyn), museums, shopping on Fifth Avenue and theaters on Broadway in New York.

2. Los Angeles

The city of cinema and entertainment, celebrities and the “well-off” life of Beverly Hills is located on the West Coast and is the second-largest in the United States. Between mountains and beaches towards the Pacific Ocean, Los Angeles has a very important Hispanic community.

In addition, it is a perfect destination to go with the family due to its large number of theme parks (Studios). Museums and shopping are a must in LA. You’ll feel a star on the Walk of Fame!

3. Miami

We return to the East Coast but this time to the south of the country. Located on the Florida peninsula, Miami is considered the “City of the Sun” and we could also add shopping. Due to its pleasant climate, it receives visitors from January to January all year round.

Many Latino immigrants have settled in this city and that is why they speak more Spanish than English. You can learn more about the life of these communities in Little Havana and Little Haiti, for example. Beyond shopping in its large shopping centers, we can enjoy the night at Ocean Drive and the beach at South Beach.

  1. San Francisco

    The “Jewel of the West” is located between hills and flows into a beautiful bay, which can be crossed by various bridges, although without a doubt the Golden Gate is the most famous. San Francisco is a center of finance and commerce, but it is also a tourist destination par excellence.

    San Francisco
    Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
  2. Among the most important attractions, we highlight the Alcatraz prison (it is reached by ferry) or the cable tram that advances along the steep streets (and has its own museum). Also visit the Victorian houses known as “The Painted Ladies”, Union Square, the Golden Gate Park and Pier 39 with its Fisherman’s Wharf.


  1. Orlando

    It is one of the places in the United States preferred by family tourism and entertainment. Millions of people visit Orlando to its famous Walt Disney World complex with its different theme parks, as well as Universal Studios and the Sea world.

    Orlando Park
    Image by Eduardo Neri Du from Pixabay
  2. It is also a perfect destination to shop and enjoy other attractions such as Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral.

  3. Las Vegas

    “Everything that happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” It is a well-known phrase among tourists who arrive in the City of Sin. Here the casinos and luxury hotels are the main protagonists, as well as the shows at any time of the day.

    It belongs to the State of Nevada and more and more people visit it because of its unbridled style. Near Las Vegas is the beautiful Colorado Canyon (with its glass platform 1200 meters above the void).

    “One’s destiny is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller

    Of course, there are many more places in the United States that you can choose — Chicago, Washington, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle, Boston, and Texas. Which one do you want to go to?

    Information Source:

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10 Best Family Resorts in Asia

Do you know which are the best family resorts in Asia? However, it is the dream of all loving, hardworking parents to take their kids and enjoy a family vacation at least once a year. But unfortunately, all hotels or resorts do not offer a family-friendly atmosphere.

Therefore, we have provided a list of 10 best family resorts located in Asia:


The Bali Padma Hotel, located on the beach in Legian, is a great place to go on vacation with family. It comes with a fitness center, has two swimming pools, and offers a range of activities for its guests, such as cooking classes and yoga. the resort also comes with a kid’s club and games center. The club offers babysitters for the kids.


The Victoria Hoi a Beach Resort and Spa in Vietnam is another family-friendly beach resort. The resort comes with a host of activities for guests of all ages to stay occupied and have a good time. Hoi an, where it is located, is an exciting and exotic town where the guests can enjoy shopping and sightseeing.

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The Novotel hotel located in Phuket of Thailand is an amazing destination for family vacations. It comes with a kid’s games room and also the provision of babysitting services for its guests.


Another great family resort is Singapore’s Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa. This resort has also managed to achieve the highest honors in TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice awards for Family Hotels in Asia. The range of activities offered to its guests includes trapeze as well as kayaking. One can relax and enjoy a family vacation completely as this hotel offers supervised fun and courtesy of its Toots Club.


Thailand’s Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa is not only a resort which is a great family destination, but it is also an elephant conservation center. It is located near the border of Thailand (with Myanmar and Laos). At this place, guests can learn about and see the animals upfront and also learn about the Thai heritage.


The 137 Pillars House located in Chiang Mai of Thailand offers multiple restaurants, yoga and tai chi lessons. It also a spa as well as a wellness center for its guests.  This resort comes with an infinity pool as well as 30 suites offered to its guests, which gives them a more private experience than a regular luxury hotel.


The JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa in Thailand is a 5-star luxurious family destination. The resort comes with the Mandara Spa, which is an award-winning spa. This resort offers multiple restaurants as well as cooking classes for its guests.


The ITC Grand Bharat is 104-suite resort, located in Gurgaon, Haryana on India. It comes with an in-house spa which offers Ayurveda spa treatments, and the resort offers exotic food as well as yoga classes. The hotel offers majestic decor and a fantastic view of the meadow and mountains outside.


The Mulia & Mulia Villas in Bali, Indonesia is a seaside resort offering up to 745 rooms for its guests. It comes with a separate area just for children to play in, and also offers a spa as well as fitness center.


The Shangri Las Mactan Resort and Spa in the Philippines is a tropical and glamorous family destination. It comes with seven restaurants offering different kinds of cuisines for all taste buds, a luxurious spa, and also the resort’s very own Marine Sanctuary.

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