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Find Out the Top 20 Richest Families in the World in 2024

richest families in the world 2024

Many of us can’t help but wonder who is at the very top of the financial food chain in a world that frequently feels divided into haves and have-nots. You’re not alone in your curiosity about the lives and fortunes of those families whose wealth resonates through every level of global power and economy.

From royal lineages drenched in oil money to self-made magnates shaping retail empires, their stories are as compelling as they are complex. By diving into this blog post, you’ll unravel the veil surrounding 2023’s wealthiest families—learning how they’ve built their assets and how it all impacts our everyday lives.

Get ready to step inside a world where billions aren’t just figures but daily realities for some. Keep reading to unlock the secrets of extravagant affluence!

Content Highlights

  • The Waltons hold the crown, their Walmart empire built on discount dreams and shrewd business acumen. The Al Saud family’s fortune flows from Saudi Arabia’s black gold, their legacy intertwined with the nation itself.
  • The Kochs rule over a sprawling empire of oil, chemicals, and pipelines, their influence reaching every corner of American life.
  • Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, a diversified behemoth of petrochemicals, telecom, and retail, has propelled him to the forefront of Indian business.
  • The Mars family’s sweet success with candy giants like Snickers and M&Ms proves that sugar truly can coat the path to unimaginable wealth.
  • Hermès and Chanel, helmed by the Hermes and Wertheimer families respectively, weave threads of exquisite craftsmanship and exclusivity into their billion-dollar fashion empires.

Top Richest Families in the World 2024

Money makes the world go round, they say, and few things turn our heads like glimpses into the lives of those with the most of it. 2023 has witnessed the awe-inspiring financial prowess of the world’s wealthiest families, whose fortunes collectively tower over global economies. In 2024, a select group of families reign supreme in the realm of unimaginable wealth, wielding influence that transcends borders and industries.

Following closely are other dynasties that have entrenched themselves in industries synonymous with luxury, retail dominance, and resource management.

The Al Thanis of Qatar have catapulted to prominence as one of the globe’s richest royal families thanks to their vast petro-fortunes. Their entrance into Bloomberg’s annual family fortunes ranking is a testament to how energy revenues can shape economic landscapes far beyond their borders.

[Video Credits @TrendMaxTV]

Meanwhile, Walmart owners—The Walton Family—command consumer markets worldwide as they retain substantial ownership stakes at 46%, showcasing enduring success in retail innovation and expansion. Here is the list of top 20 richest families in the world 2024 based on reputable sources like Forbes and Bloomberg.

Rank Family Estimated Net Worth (USD Billion) Source of Wealth
1 Walton (Walmart) $244.2 Retail (Walmart)
2 Al Saud (Saudi Royal Family) $210.0 Royal family, diversified investments
3 Koch (Koch Industries) $153.5 Industrial manufacturing, commodities
4 Ambani (Reliance Industries) $143.6 Petrochemicals, energy, and telecom
5 Mars (Mars, Inc.) $142.5 Food manufacturing (candy, pet food)
6 Hermes (Hermès International) $132.3 Luxury goods (fashion, leather goods)
7 Wertheimer (Chanel) $125.0 Luxury goods (fashion, beauty)
8 Al Thani (Royal Family of Qatar) $121.5 Royal family, sovereign wealth fund
9 Dassault (Dassault Aviation) $103.2 Aerospace, aviation
10 Page (Alphabet/Google) $101.5 Technology (internet, search, AI)
11 Thomson (Reuters) $88.9 Media, financial data
12 Bettencourt Meyers (L’Oréal) $87.1 Cosmetics
13 Hoffman (Roche) $86.5 Pharmaceuticals
14 Porsche & Piëch (Volkswagen Group) $83.5 Automotive
15 Lee (Samsung) $77.1 Electronics, smartphones, and technology
16 Skoch (Sistema) $76.0 Diversified investments (technology, retail)
17 Dell (Dell Technologies) $75.1 Technology (computers, software)
18 Lauder (Estée Lauder Companies) $74.8 Cosmetics
19 Knight (Nike) $73.5 Apparel, footwear (Nike)
20 Duncan (Devon Energy) $72.4 Oil and gas production

Table: List of Top 20 Richest Families in the World [January 2024 Updated]

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Walton Family

The Walton family owns a huge part of Walmart, the big store chain. They own about half of it. This ownership makes them very rich in America. Walmart made lots of money last year—over $600 billion. It has thousands of stores all around the world.

Jim Walton and his siblings are always on the list of very rich people because they have so much Walmart stock. Their parents were also famous for having a lot of money. The Waltons make sure that Walmart keeps making a lot of sales and stays important in the retail business. They come 1st in our richest families in the world 2024 list.

Net Worth

$244.2 billion (as of January 5, 2024)

Rank among the richest families

Richest family in the world in 2024

Wealth Source

The majority stake in Walmart (the world’s largest retailer)

Notable Members

Jim Walton, Alice Walton, Rob Walton, Christy Walton, and Lukas Walton

Inheritance Strategy

Sam Walton distributed significant shares to family generations before Walmart’s massive growth, minimizing estate taxes.


The Walton Family Foundation, one of the largest in the U.S., focuses on education, the environment, and community development.


Labor practices, environmental impact, and anti-union activities

Public Perception

Mixed, with admiration for their business success and criticism of their wealth and influence.

Table: Walmart – Richest Family in the World in 2024

Al Saud Family

The Al Saud family rules over Saudi Arabia, and their wealth comes from the oil found in the country’s deserts. They have a lot of money because they own places where they get oil out of the ground.

The Public Investment Fund is one big place where their money is kept, and it helps them make even more money by buying different things that can grow in value.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a big role in how this fund is used. He looks after assets that are worth a lot—over $1 billion just by himself! His choices help shape not only his family’s riches but also what happens inside Saudi Arabia.

The crown prince keeps getting more powerful, and this makes people around the world watch him closely.

Oil isn’t all that the Al Saud family cares about anymore. They are putting their money into new kinds of businesses to make sure they stay rich even when we use less oil someday. This change means they will keep having an impact on both Saudi Arabia’s economy and politics for many years to come, making them the 2nd in our richest families in the world 2024.

Estimated Net Worth

$210 billion (As of January 5, 2024)

Sources of wealth

Oil: Saudi Aramco (a state-owned oil company) and vast fossil fuel reserves Investments: real estate, technology, finance (e.g., Kingdom Holding Company)

Number of Family Members

15,000 (though wealth is concentrated in ~2,000)

Wealthiest Individual

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (estimated net worth of $20 billion)

Current Leader

King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Heir to the Throne

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Known Extravagant Spendings

Yachts, palaces, and supercars (some gold-plated); luxury travel and vacations; art collections and philanthropy


Inequality and poverty within Saudi Arabia; human rights concerns; influence on government policies and global affairs

Table: Al Saud – 2nd Richest Family in the World in 2024

Koch Family

Moving on from the royal lineage, we arrive at the Koch family, whose empire began with oil. Now it runs a massive business called Koch Industries. This company pulls in about $125 billion every year! Charles Koch is not just about making money; he also gives back.

He gave away shares worth $5.3 billion to help others.

Koch Industries touches many parts of everyday life, from making materials for clothing to refining oil and chemicals. The Kochs have a big spot among the world’s richest families because of the huge business they control and run.

They show how one family can sway what happens in economies around the globe with their wealth from managing such an extensive company. They come 3rd in our richest families in the world 2024 list.


3rd richest family in the world 

Total Wealth

$153.5 billion (As of January 5, 2024)

Source of Wealth

Koch Industries (a diversified conglomerate)

Company Revenue

$125 billion

Key Businesses

Pipelines, chemicals, software, automotive components, and consumer goods (Dixie cups)

Family Members

Charles Koch, David Koch, Frederick Koch, and Julia Koch

Individual net worth

Charles Koch: $60 billion

Political Involvement

Active supporters of conservative causes and candidates


Donors to various education, medical, and cultural institutions

Table: Koch – 3rd Richest Family in the World in 2024

Ambani Family

Shifting focus from the vast wealth of the Koch family, we move to India’s Ambani clan, another powerhouse among the world’s richest families. Mukesh Ambani leads this group as both chairman and major shareholder of Reliance Industries.

This huge company works with petrochemicals, oil refining, and telecommunications. Today, their success places them firmly in the 4th position in our richest families in the world 2024 list.

Reliance Industries stands out as India’s biggest publicly traded company by revenue. This brings a lot of money to the Ambanis’ bank account. Their reach doesn’t stop at big industries; they are also big players in retail stores, media shows, and movie businesses across India.

richest families in the world 2024

With such a wide reach into different parts of everyday life in one of the world’s most populated countries, it’s no surprise that they have built such an impressive fortune.

Net Worth

$143.6 billion (As of January 5, 2024)


4th among the wealthiest families in the world

Source of Wealth

Reliance Industries (petrochemicals, retail, telecom)

Family Head

Mukesh Ambani (Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries)

Other family members

Nita Ambani (wife, chairperson of Reliance Foundation), Isha Ambani Piramal (daughter, director of Reliance Retail), Akash Ambani (son, director of Jio platforms)

Company Highlights

Reliance Industries: India’s most valuable company by market capitalization Jio Platforms: India’s largest telecom operator; Reliance Retail: India’s largest retailer


Reliance Foundation, one of India’s largest philanthropic organizations, focuses on education, healthcare, and rural development.


Allegations of market manipulation, political influence, and cronyism


Antilia family’s $1 billion residence in Mumbai, considered one of the world’s most expensive homes

Table: Ambani – 4th Richest Family in the World in 2024

Mars Family

Shifting focus from luxury fashion with the Ambani family, we land on the sweet and savory success of the Mars family. Ranked as 5th in our richest families in the world 2024 list, their impressive fortune amounts to $142.5 billion.

This wealth comes largely from irresistible treats and beloved pet care products that most families have enjoyed for generations.

The Mars family’s journey began in 1902 and has since become a story of entrepreneurial triumph spanning five generations. Their secret recipe for success includes iconic candies like M&Ms and an array of other popular confectioneries.

On top of that, they’ve made smart moves beyond sweets by nurturing a booming pet care business.

In 2023, they stirred up excitement with an offer to purchase Hotel Chocolat, a premium UK chocolate brand valued at $664 million. This bold move shows how they stay ahead in the market by keeping an eye out for fresh opportunities to expand their empire into new areas of luxury confections.

This powerhouse doesn’t stop at chocolates and pet snacks; they hold significant influence in high-end fashion too, owning more than two-thirds of Hermès. From scrumptious bites to stylish accessories, the Mars legacy touches various facets of everyday life while steadily increasing their financial foothold on a global scale.

Estimated Net Worth (2024)

US$160 billion

Source of Wealth

Mars Inc. (Candy & Pet Food)

Rank among the wealthiest families

5th (Globally)

Notable family members

Jacqueline Mars, John Mars, Paul Mars, and Victoria Mars

Major Brands Owned by Mars Inc.

Snickers, M&Ms, Twix, Milky Way, Skittles, Pedigree, Royal Canin, IAMS, Ben’s Adventure

Annual Revenue of Mars, Inc.

US$40 billion

Number of employees of Mars, Inc.


Headquarters Location

McLean, Virginia, USA

Year Mars Inc. Founded


Known for their philanthropy:

Yes, supporting education, environmental causes, and animal welfare

Known for their privacy:

Yes, family members rarely appear in public, and details about their personal lives are not widely known.

Table: Mars – 5th Richest Family in the World in 2024

Hermes Family

With a huge pile of money, the Hermes family has climbed high on the list of richest families. They hold a big part of their fancy fashion company. Since 1837, they’ve been all about making beautiful things like clothes and bags.

They’re known for their Hermes brand with super fancy Kelly bags and scarves. People around the world love these items. Their success in selling luxury stuff has helped them get super rich over many years.

This family keeps growing its wealth as they sell more and more high-end products. They come 6th in our richest families in the world 2024 list.

Total Wealth

$132.3 billion (as of January 5, 2024)


6th richest family in the world

Richest family in Europe


Number of family members

Over 100

Source of wealth

Ownership of the luxury fashion house Hermès

Major assets

Controlling stakes in Hermès, real estate, and investments

Key family members

Axel Dumas (Executive Chairman), Pierre-Alexis Dumas (Artistic Director)


Active in cultural and educational initiatives through the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès

Company performance

Revenue of €11.6 billion in 2023, strong growth in Asia

Brand value

Ranked as the 22nd most valuable brand globally by Interbrand

Known for

Iconic Birkin and Kelly bags, high-quality leather goods, luxury apparel

Unique feature

Family-controlled and resistant to acquisition, with a focus on craftsmanship and heritage

Table: Hermes – 6th Richest Family in the World in 2024

Wertheimer Family

The Wertheimer family owns the famous Chanel fashion house, which makes them very rich. They have $125 billion! This makes them the 7th richest family in the world 2024. Chanel started a long time ago, in 1837, and since then, it has become a big name for luxury things like clothes and perfume.

People know about Chanel No. 5 perfume all over the world. The Wertheimers keep making money because their brand is so loved and fancy. Their company, Mousse Partners, takes care of their money by picking good places to invest it.

Thanks to Chanel’s success in selling high-end goodies like handbags and more, the family stays at the top among wealthy families everywhere.

Estimated Net Worth

$42–$47.7 billion (combined for Alain and Gerard Wertheimer)


Switzerland’s Richest Family

Source of wealth

Chanel (majority owners)

Other Assets

Vineyards in France and Napa Valley, Thoroughbred Racehorses

Increase in Wealth

+9 billion Swiss francs in 2022, +3 billion francs in 2023

Key Factors Contributing to Wealth

Post-pandemic luxury goods boom, strong Chanel performance, strategic brand management

Ownership Structure

Alain and Gerard Wertheimer share control of Chanel equally.


Known for being extremely private


Support various cultural and social causes, but details are rarely publicized.

Table: Wertheimer – 7th Richest Family in the World in 2024

Al Thani Family

The Al Thani family has ruled Qatar since the 1800s. They are super rich, with $121.5 billion in wealth. This family owns cool hotels and fancy fashion brands, like a part of Valentino.

They got really wealthy because of the oil and gas found in Qatar. Even when other countries didn’t talk to Qatar, Al Thani’s money kept growing.

richest families in the world

They have big power in their country, too. The most important people in the family make the decisions. They come 8th in our richest families in the world 2024 list.

Total Net Worth

$335 billion

Source of Wealth

Oil and Gas Industry (Qatar Petroleum)


Diversified investments


Crown property holdings

Family Size

Approximately 8,000 members

Head of Family

Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

Notable Acquisitions

London’s Shard skyscraper


Olympic Village, London


Harrods department store


Stakes in Barclays Bank, British Airways, and Volkswagen


Paris Saint-Germain Football Club


Education City is an educational and research hub.


Silatech initiative for job creation and entrepreneurship


Various charitable donations and foundations

Table: Al Thani- 8th Richest Family in the World in 2024

Dassault (Dassault Aviation) Family

The Dassault family, synonymous with the aviation giant Dassault Aviation, boasts a remarkable history intertwined with innovation, military prowess, and, of course, immense wealth. 

Marcel Bloch, the patriarch of the Dassault family, laid the foundation with his passion for aviation. Founded in 1929, his company, Société des Avions Marcel Bloch, initially focused on military aircraft, supplying bombers and fighters to the French Air Force. World War II brought a devastating halt, with factories occupied and Bloch imprisoned. Undeterred, he emerged from the ashes, changing his name to Marcel Dassault in 1947 and rebuilding his company as Avions Marcel Dassault.

The Dassault family has not forgotten its philanthropic roots. They actively support cultural institutions, scientific research, and educational initiatives. Committed to sustainable aviation, they invest in research and development of cleaner technologies and fuel-efficient aircraft. They come 9th in our richest families in the world 2024 list.

Family Member Business Involvement Estimated Net Worth (Individual) Source of Wealth
Serge Dassault (deceased) Chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation (1986-2018) $5.8 billion (2018) Dassault Aviation, Dassault Systèmes, real estate, investments
Thierry Dassault Director at Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault, holds shares in Dassault Aviation and Dassault Systèmes $9.74 billion (Jan 2024) Dassault Aviation, Dassault Systèmes, Immobiliere Dassault, BioMeriux, Le Figaro
Laurent Dassault Independent Member of the Supervisory Board of Vivendi SA, invests in art and vineyards $8.1 billion (Jan 2024) Dassault Aviation, Dassault Systèmes, Immobiliere Dassault, BioMeriux, Le Figaro

Table: Dassault – 9th Richest Family in the World in 2024

Page (Alphabet/Google) Family

Larry Page, a visionary with a passion for problem-solving, and Sergey Brin, a brilliant mathematician with a knack for algorithms, met at Stanford University in 1995. Their shared fascination with organizing the vast expanse of the internet sparked a partnership that would change the course of technology. In 1998, from a humble dorm room, they unleashed Google, a search engine that shattered the boundaries of information retrieval and set the stage for a digital empire.

As Google’s reach expanded beyond search, encompassing email, maps, video streaming, and a plethora of digital services, Page and Brin sought to create a structure that could accommodate their boundless ambitions. In 2015, they formed Alphabet Inc., a parent company under which Google became a subsidiary, allowing for exploration of diverse ventures while maintaining the core strength of their search engine.

Family Member Business Involvement Estimated Net Worth (Jan 2024) Source of Wealth
Larry Page Co-founder of Google, former CEO of Alphabet, controlling shareholder $101.5 billion Alphabet Inc.
Sergey Brin Co-founder of Google, controlling shareholder of Alphabet $116 billion Alphabet Inc.

Table: Page – 10th Richest Family in the World in 2024

Factors Contributing to Their Wealth

The vast fortunes of the world’s richest families are a complex tapestry, woven from a multitude of factors that include savvy investments, strategic business ventures, and the significant advantage of generational wealth. Dive deeper to unravel these influential elements driving their unparalleled financial success.

Generational Wealth

Generational wealth is money and assets that families pass down from one generation to the next. It’s like a running start in life, where kids get benefits from what their parents or grandparents built.

Many of the richest families keep getting richer because they have this advantage. They use their wealth to make more money by investing in different companies or buying valuable things that can grow in worth over time.

For example, think about the Hermes family, who started Hermès International way back in 1837. They kept holding on to most of the company for many years. Now, with each new family member born into it, they share a piece of that luxury brand success story.

This kind of long-lasting family power shows why generational wealth is such a big deal for these top-earning clans around the world.


Building wealth across generations often involves smart investments. These rich families know how to grow their money by investing in different things like businesses, land, and stocks.

The Al Nahyan family from Abu Dhabi has put their money into many areas. They have almost $1.5 trillion worth of stuff because they make good choices about where to put their funds.

The Walton family also made wise investments that paid off big time. They now own 46% of Walmart, the world’s largest store by sales. This shows how putting your money in the right place can make a family really rich.

Investing is not just about starting new businesses; it’s also about knowing when to join others that are already doing well or getting bigger through things like buying other companies.

Families look for chances around the world, sometimes even owning parts of really famous brands or essential services we all use every day! This helps them keep making more money over time and keeps their spot as some of the richest folks on Earth.


Many of the richest families in the world make their money through a mix of smart businesses. They own companies that sell everything from pet food to designer clothes. For example, the Mars family and their huge $47 billion revenue come mainly from pets eating their products.

It’s not just dog food; they sell all kinds of things for furry friends.

Other families, like the Al Thanis, have a big say in different areas like hotels and fashion. They shocked many when they sold part of Valentino to a French company for billions. Money moves like these show how these families stay rich by making good choices with their businesses.

The Koch brothers keep their wealth growing too, but it’s not all about keeping money just for them. Since 2020, they have given away over $5 billion to groups that help others. This shows that even some of the wealthiest can share.

Next up is “Standout Wealth Increases in 2023.” Let’s see who made the biggest jumps this year!

Standout wealth increases in 2023

In 2023, families with the most money saw their wealth grow a lot. These are some of their stories:

  • The Al Nahyan family’s wealth is huge. They have $305 billion now. This comes from oil and businesses all over the world.
  • The Al Thani family from Qatar also got richer because of oil. They are now worth even more, with lots of money coming in from natural resources.
  • The Walton family keeps making a ton of money with Walmart. Owning 46% of the company brings them big profits as it sells more things.
  • The Hermès family gained an extra $56 billion. They make fancy bags and scarves that people love and want to buy.
  • The Mars family makes pet food and candy like Snickers. More pets mean they sell more products, making their business worth billions.

Impact of the Richest Families on the Global Economy

The richest families in the world have big impacts on the global economy. They own huge companies like Walmart and luxury brands. These families can change how money moves around the world.

When they decide to put their money into new projects or businesses, it can create jobs and help cities grow. They also give a lot of money to kind causes that help many people.

These powerful families control a large part of the food supply, fashion, oil, and gas industries. Their choices affect prices and what products you see in stores. For example, when the Walton family makes decisions for Walmart, it influences what millions of customers buy every day all over America.

Now let’s think about what might happen to these wealthy families in the future.


We’ve looked at the richest families, how they got their money, and where they come from. Big companies and old fortunes help them stay rich over time. They make a lot of money, and this affects businesses all over the world.

What happens with these families might change how we all live in the future. Remember, big family wealth can shape our world in many ways!

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