Top Tips for Standing Out on Social Media as a Business

In today’s digital age, social media plays a significant role in the success or failure of many companies. Every company with a plan to survive and outshine competitors understands the need for a social media presence. 

Social media platforms are free to use, largely contributing to their growth. There are billions of users across the globe. Similarly, many businesses, including your direct and indirect competitors, now have a social media presence.

It is almost impossible for any business to survive without a social media presence.

Meanwhile, to efficiently leverage social media opportunities for your business, it is vital to separate yourself from the pack; you need to stand out. Social media presence is only effective when it is carefully planned and executed with a strategic approach.

The quality of content you see from big brands and competitors may make you wonder if you can grab people’s attention. The good news is that to be distinct and get noticed; you do not have to do the same thing as them.

Whether you are hiring a social media agency or want to do it yourself, below are some actionable insights to help your business stand out on social media for all the right reasons.

Identify the right social media platform

There are many popular social media platforms out there. Choosing the right one for your business can be challenging, and efficiently managing all can be overwhelming, especially if you have a small team and budget. 

As a business, investing more in a strategy that gives the highest Return on Investment (ROI) is crucial. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to be on all platforms for an effective social media strategy.

Research your targeted audience to identify the social media platforms they are most likely to use. In addition, strategize how your products or services can be best marketed on these platforms. 

If your content doesn’t resonate with the audience on a particular platform, then that platform may not be worth your time.

A business can only stand out on a social media platform where it has the most advantage, not where its targeted audience almost does not exist.

Be Authentic and Personable

To stand out, you have to be different. There is only one brand like yours; others are competitors or copycats. This is why you must be authentic and not fake anything with your audience.

You may generate your content from behind-the-scenes footage of your product manufacturing process to showcase the creativity that goes into making your product.

Another way to be authentic is by sharing customer feedback and real-life videos of how your product affects customers’ lives.

Do not only build social media followers but also build relationships. The person in charge of a firm’s social media pages should engage the audience by replying to their queries and compliments.

Social media engagement that helps you stand out goes beyond posting just for views. Replying to individual comments on your page can show that you give personal attention to every follower.

Be Consistent

Going viral or getting noticed on social media can take time. Experts recommend posting content at regular intervals. However, avoid flooding your social media pages with posts; you cannot expect overnight success in your social media campaigns.

Also, research the social media platform to understand the best time of the day to post and the number of posts required to keep your audience engaged.

You can create a content calendar for each platform to keep track of your campaign. This calendar will contain the kind of content to post and the best time to publish it.

Some social media platforms have analytic tools that help businesses identify the time of the day that most of their audience is active.

No matter how big your business is or which social media platform you use, it is recommended that you maintain consistency in these areas:

  • Brand identity
  • Brand messaging
  • Posting cadence
  • Hashtags

Get Insights from Current Trends

The proper use of hashtags can give you overnight exposure—likewise, posting content related to a current trend.

Meanwhile, not all trends are worthy of joining; some might damage your brand. Therefore, be careful when implementing this tip.

If you notice a current trend you can join, ensure your content is creative and adds value to the topic.

For example, during the lockdown, many challenges, such as the flip switch challenge, kept people entertained. This viral social media challenge saw people change clothes, poses, and personalities seamlessly as the lights turned on and off. 

A business that intends to participate might use the challenge to narrate its journey so far in the industry. A switch might capture their founding date, another for the date their first product was launched, and so on.

Seasons and holidays are also trends you can leverage. For instance, you may post a creative quote with captivating graphics to celebrate your Christian customers on Christmas Day. 

Provide Special Offers

Social media is an open space for all businesses. The primary goal of any business on a platform is to improve its customer service or increase sales.

For businesses to increase sales, consistently marketing your products and services is vital.

With so much competition, special offers can help you stand out. You also have to be creative about it.

Announcing special deals for your followers can encourage them to spread the word about your business.

Overall, social media is a powerful tool for boosting sales. Once you deeply understand your audience’s needs, present them with mouthwatering offers. Have fun and create deals that your potential customers cannot resist.


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