Meta’s Threads Faces Downfall as Active Users Drop by 70%

You know, it’s a bit of a bummer to see what’s happening with Threads. After such a massive splash in the microblogging scene, it feels like its sparkle is starting to fade, and fast too.

Instagram had some big dreams of taking on Twitter with Threads, but it seems like those plans are hitting a bit of a speed bump.

Declining Reports

So, get this: Forbes just dropped a report saying Threads – the supposed “Twitter slayer” – is losing users like crazy. Despite Zuckerberg, the big guy at Meta, talking up the daily user numbers, they’ve fallen off a cliff. The app has lost a whopping 70% of its active users since its heyday in early July. We’re talking a plunge from 44 million to just 13 million.

Now compare that to Twitter, strutting around with about 200 million users popping in every day. No wonder Meta’s probably feeling the burn, especially after such a promising start. It’s pretty clear that folks aren’t really vibing with Threads – they’re treating it more like a passing fad. Not a great look for its future, right?

So, despite all this, Meta’s bigwigs are still pretty hopeful. They’re saying they’ve got new features in the pipeline to give Threads a bit of a boost. But how they plan on making it stand out from Twitter, or even better, is anyone’s guess. Right now, it’s pretty much a Twitter copycat. But judging by the tumble in user activity, Threads needs more than just a little polish – it needs some real game-changing stuff to make it shine.

And here’s another downer: people are spending way less time on Threads. Like, they’re down to just 4 minutes a day from an earlier 19 minutes, according to the folks at Sensor Tower. This has got the tech pundits branding Threads as the would-be “Twitter killer” that couldn’t quite deliver. But let’s not forget, despite the drop in user engagement, Threads did make a bit of a splash at first, racking up 150 million sign-ups.

Interestingly, Threads has really caught on in certain places. India, for instance, is leading the charge with about 32% of all downloads. Brazil’s not far behind with around 22%, and the US comes in third, accounting for nearly 16% of the downloads.

Battle with Twitter

Threads’ tussle with Twitter? Yeah, it’s proving to be quite a struggle, especially with the massive difference in daily active users. Now, we’re all waiting to see if Meta can pull off a comeback, make Threads shine again, and reel users back in. Or, are we going to see Threads miss the mark in the social media showdown?

But wait, there’s more. It seems like the competition’s about to get even spicier. Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky is gearing up, ready to bring its A-game. So, watch this space!


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