How can They See Everything We Write When Browsing? Avoid It

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When we browse the internet, our privacy may be violated in a number of different ways. Hackers can use strategies to find a way to steal information and see what we write on our mobile or computer, either when browsing or using applications such as WhatsApp, etc.

To avoid these problems, you need to be ready and take steps to improve security and safety on the network.

How can they See What We Write When Browsing?

These problems can happen when you type anything in Chrome, use apps like WhatsApp, or send an email. Have you ever thought about how much you can write on your computer or phone at the end of the day? This includes passwords, personal information, and data that may be secret. It is very important that no one reads all of this.


How can they See What We Write When Browsing
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Hackers often use a keylogger, which is a device that records what keys are pressed. It is a type of software that gets onto your computer or mobile device and records every key you press. For example, what you write to send by WhatsApp, the websites you view, and even the passwords you write.

This kind of software can get in in many different ways. For example, a fake file sent by mail, a program that looks legal but is actually a scam, an Excel or Word document, etc.It’s important not to make mistakes, have a good security program, and keep everything up to date.


With Trojan horses, the same thing happens. It is a type of malware that lets attackers take control of a computer. For example, they could delete or create files, access the computer from afar, or even just handle one program. So, they could read everything we write if they used a certain app.

Skygofree is a type of Trojan that can read what we type. This threat affected Android, and an attacker could read texts from not only WhatsApp but also other apps like Skype. They could even read SMS. Like with keyloggers, it’s important to use common sense, have good security tools, and keep your system up to date.

Unprotected Wi-Fi Networks

If you join to a public Wi-Fi network, everything you write could also be at risk. If you join to an unsecured network, like one in an airport or shopping center, they can see what you write through programs that don’t use encryption or a security hole.

In these situations, the best thing to do is use a good VPN to secure your connection and keep them from seeing what you share on the network. If you use a VPN and the Internet is slow, you might have to fix some programs, but a promise program is a good way to avoid problems.

As you can see, hackers could use different methods to read everything you type on the Internet. The most important thing is to not make any mistakes, only run programs from official sources, use a good antivirus program, and keep everything up to date. You’ll be safer because of that.

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