The End of Asus Zenfone: Asus Zenfone 10 to be the Last Phone in the Series

The Zenfone 10 was recently made available for pre-order in the US this month, but according to a new source, Asus has allegedly discontinued that brand of smartphones.

According to Taiwanese media, Asus is implementing a “organizational restructuring” that has reduced the company’s PC department’s workforce in both Taiwan and China. According to an internal Asus letter, there were intentions to transfer numerous staff to the company’s mobile phone divisions, Zenfone and ROG Phone, but they were ultimately let go.

This is reportedly due to Asus’ decision to close its Zenfone division and transfer its staff to other divisions or the ROG Phone team. The report reads as follows:

According to the source with knowledge of the situation, ASUS mobile phones are divided into ROG and Zenfone series. However, the most recent Zenfone 10 will be the series’ final generation, and the Zenfone team will either be combined with the ROG team or other departments in the future. If you want you can also read – Asus Zenfone 9 Review: Key Features, Specifications and Prices

According to reports, Asus will end production of the Zenfone range, which has been in existence since 2014, with the Zenfone 10. With the lineup taking a back seat in the United States and remaining a small participant in other nations, the Zenfone series has never been a particularly significant player in the Android market. However, the Zenfone 9 and 10 have received glowing reviews recently for their superior battery life, top-notch software, and uncommon usage of a small display.

Asus has not yet responded to this report in the media, however Digitimes previously wrote about the company’s restructuring efforts.

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