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80 Spring Nails Designs: Elevate Your Nail Game

spring nails

Welcome to the colorful world of spring nails! As the weather warms up and nature bursts into bloom, it’s the perfect time to refresh your manicure with vibrant and playful designs that capture the season’s essence.

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From delicate daisies and abstract florals to bold stripes and retro-inspired patterns, spring nail art offers endless possibilities to express your creativity and embrace the spirit of renewal.

Do you want to learn about spring nails? If so, then keep reading and learn more about it. 

What is Spring Nail?

Spring nails refer to nail designs and manicures that are inspired by Spring. These designs often incorporate elements such as pastel colors, floral patterns, vibrant hues, and nature-inspired motifs to capture the fresh and vibrant essence of Spring.

Spring nails can include a wide range of styles, from simple and minimalistic designs to intricate and artistic nail art. They are a popular way for individuals to express their creativity and embrace seasonal aesthetics during the Springtime.

80 Spring Nail Designs

spring nails design

Now we’ll discuss the 80 spring nail design with a short description. So keep reading. 

1. Simple Stripes

Achieve a clean and fresh look with this double French manicure. Follow the expert advice of New York City-based nail artist Alicia Torello, who suggests using a thick striping brush or nail-striping tape for precise lines. Try the Emilie Heathe Nail Artist Striping Tape for an effortless application.

2. Springy Squiggles

Unleash your artistic side with this squiggle manicure. Nail stylist Elle Gerstein recommends using nail polish liner brushes and pastel colors for an imperfect yet eye-catching design. Get inspired and create your version of this vibrant and playful nail art.

3. Blooms and Brights

Can’t decide between a French manicure and a floral design? Embrace both with this unexpected combination. Elle Gerstein suggests using two favorite nail polish shades on the tips and dotting tools dipped in white and yellow polishes to create the flowers. Achieve a fresh and blooming look with this creative approach.

4. Half-French Manicure

Add a contemporary twist to the classic French manicure with this design. Suitable for all nail lengths, adjust the size of the tips to maintain proportionality. Create consistent results by starting with a dot of polish in the center of your nail as a guide. Experiment with different variations of the half-French manicure to express your personal style.

5. Retro Perfection

Indulge in the retro aesthetic with this playful nail design. LeChat’s Park recommends using nail paints with an ultrafine brush to create intricate details and patterns. Consider the LeChat CM Nail Art or the China Glaze Stripe Right polishes for a flawless result.

6. 70s-Inspired Swirls

Take your love for the ’70s to the next level with these groovy swirls. Combining a matte texture and subtle pearl shimmers adds a unique touch. Let your creativity flow as you recreate this retro-inspired look.

7. Garden Party

Combine two trends into one with slanted French tips and a retro floral design. Created by Mabelyn Martin, the creative director of NYC nail salon Paintbox, this nail art captures the essence of a garden party. You can visit the salon or follow a step-by-step tutorial to recreate this stunning design at home.

8. Dripped in Gold

Take minimalism to the next level with three-dimensional metallics. Los Angeles-based manicurist Queenie Ngyuen recommends incorporating metallic elements for a chic, eye-catching look. This trend adds a new dimension to the popular chrome trend.

9. Metallic Dots

For minimal nail art lovers, this design is perfect. United Kingdom-based nail artist Kate Smith suggests starting with a sheer-base manicure to hide any growth. Then, use highly pigmented colors to create metallic polka dots. Choose a nude or beige base shade like Essie’s Wild Nude and apply the metallic dots using a fine line brush or dotting tool.

10. Pride Stripes

Celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride with this fun rainbow-striped look. Hand-paint the vibrant lines using highly pigmented colors. Use a thin nail art brush like Micro Trader’s 3Pcs Ultra-Thin Nail Art Brush to achieve clean and straight lines.

11. Delicately Dotted Rainbow Nails

This simple yet stunning manicure is perfect for beginners. Paint each nail a different pastel color and add tiny white dots using a toothpick or dotting tool. Embrace the spring vibes with this colorful and playful nail design.

12. Graphics with Negative Space

Make a statement with this nail design inspired by the Black movement and the fight for equality. Use a thin art brush to paint whispy half-moon-style lines on each nail. You can leave the base bare or apply nude or light-pink polish for a subtle touch.

13. Floral Crystals

Create a transparent flower garden on your nails with this elegant design. Apply floral Swarovski jewels using glue and a toothpick. You can find affordable crystal flower appliqués on Amazon. Add a coat of shiny clear polish for a lustrous finish.

14. Mid-Century Modern Purple

Channel the Art Deco style with this funky and multicolored creation. Blend two shades of purple, lavender, and dark grape, and create a grid pattern using a striping nail stencil and a thin nail art brush. Let your creativity flow with this unique and retro-inspired nail art.

15. Black and White Color Blocking

Achieve a mod-inspired look with black-and-white color blocking. Before starting the design, wipe down the surface of each nail with alcohol to remove any tackiness and ensure crisp lines. Using a stencil for clean lines, use any black and white shades from your collection to create this bold and graphic nail design.

16. Evil Eye Accents

Create a unique negative space nail look with an evil eye design. Dip a dotting tool in blue polish to achieve the eye shape, and use a fine line brush to add swirly white lines for added detail. Nail artist Kirsten Camenforte suggests this simple DIY technique for an eye-catching look.

17. Muted, Marbled Pastels

Combine two popular nail trends—embellishments and muted colors—with this stunning nail look. Create a marble effect by dipping your nail art brush in acetone to make the polish watery. This technique helps achieve the marbled look. Alternatively, you can find beautiful marble-patterned press-on nails on Amazon or Etsy.

18. Muted Terracotta

Embrace a warm, muted terracotta orange shade for an effortless, trendy look. To recreate this aesthetic, Los Angeles-based nail artist Rachel Messick recommends trying Cirque Colors Nail Lacquer in Arabesque. This color will give you that lifestyle-blogger vibe.

19. Delicate Daisies

Create an adorable daisy-inspired manicure with milky beige nude nails as the base. Once dry, add petals using an opaque white polish, such as OPI’s Alpine Snow. Complete the look by adding a tiny gold dot to the center of each flower using a dotting tool or a fine-line brush.

20. Punchy Colors with Negative Space

Embrace bold colors with negative space nail art. Use a bright orangey-red polish and a liner brush to create this eye-catching look. Mischo Beauty’s Nail Lacquer in Diana is recommended for achieving a similar vibrant shade. Clean up any mistakes using a small dense eyeshadow brush.

21. Nature-Inspired Accents

Neutral nails with nature-inspired accents are on-trend. Paint your nails ivory or off-white as the base, then use a fine line brush to create sun and rainbow designs using colors of your choice. Olive and June’s OBVI polish is recommended for adding a glittery sun accent.

22. Robin’s Egg Blue

Achieve a quick and stylish manicure with a robin’s egg blue and marigold color combination. Start by painting your nails, except for one finger designated as the accent nail, with a light blue shade like OPI’s Suzi Without a Paddle. Once the rest of your nails have dried, use tape to create a diagonal line on the accent nail. Paint the uncovered part blue, remove the tape, and then paint the remaining part with a creamy yellow polish like Côte’s No. 57.

23. Slanted French Tips

This manicure gives Cierra Carlini-Smith a sophisticated twist to the classic French tips. Use a leaf gel long liner brush to create a vertical line where you want the design to cover, and then fill in the space using a short liner brush. Carlini-Smith suggests using a piece of tape cut into a diagonal line across the nail to achieve a clean finish if you’re attempting this look at home.

24. The Midas Touch

Don’t limit darker hues to autumn—nail artist Canishiea Robinson suggests that different shades of brown color blocking against a milky background can create a beautiful look for any season. To take it to the next level, add gold and pearl embellishments. Mix and match various nail art gems to customize the design.

25. Green and Blue Swirls

Recreate this abstract swirly design using your preferred color scheme. If you want to achieve a similar look, try Olive and June’s WKF Polish for the green and UN/DN Laquer’s Bad Tendencies for the blue shade shown here. Use a thin, clean brush for smooth lines, and consider adding additional coats to achieve the desired thickness.

26. Skittle Nails

Instead of single-colored manicures, embrace multi-colored tips for a dynamic and playful look. Nail artist Sigourney Nuñez recommends adding a mega dot at the cuticle area to give it a mod feel. This is a great option if you’re not confident in your nail art skills but still want to create an eye-catching manicure.

27. Garden Green Tips

Embrace the trend of green nail designs with abstract styles. Start by painting an initial swirl or line using a thin brush, then build on that with additional colors above it. Nail artist Sarah Haidar of @helunails recommends experimenting with different colors to create your unique garden-inspired nail design.

28. Gilded Butterflies

For an elegant nude butterfly set, use butterfly stickers that can be found on Etsy or Amazon. Apply them over a cured topcoat, and then add another topcoat to ensure they stick to the nail and remain in place. Nail artist Ceirra Carlini-Smith suggests this technique for adding a touch of sophistication to your manicure.

29. Earthy Two-Tone

Find inspiration in ceramics with this earthy two-tone nail design by Canishiea Robinson. Using tape for clean lines, use different green and yellow polishes to create two-toned designs on each nail. To add an extra touch, incorporate a splatter effect using a polish like Cirque Colors’ Speckled Nail Polish, which adds intricate detailing effortlessly.

30. Abstract Florals

Celebrate spring with a fun and graphic floral design by Canishiea Robinson. Paint your nails in different colors, adding an abstract element to the middle two fingers. You can create shapes and designs using a dotting tool and a fine-line brush. Use a dotting tool for the flowers and let your nails dry completely before painting them on.

31. Jelly Nails

Embrace the trend of jelly nails for a spring manicure with a twist. Sigourney Nuñez suggests creating a monochrome version by combining a jelly pink and a creamy pink to create contrast. You can use a jelly shade or create your own by adding a small drop of color to your topcoat. Nuñez recommends using her bottle brush technique, rotating your finger as the brush glides across the tips of your nails to achieve a gorgeous French manicure effect.

[Video credits @Gabby Angelique]

32. Green Chrome

Green is a popular color for nail art trends, and Gina Edwards suggests drawing inspiration from the Pantone colors for the season. Achieve a green chrome look by applying clear and neutral-colored base coats, then using chrome powder like those from OPI. Once the topcoat is dry but dentable, apply the powder all over using your finger and seal it with a clear topcoat.

33. 3D Layers

Step up your nail game with three-dimensional layers. Create shapes or lines using gel polish, stacking layers with the same design. After a few coats, you’ll achieve a tactile and psychedelic result. Miss Pop recommends using gel polish like OPI gel color for this look.

34. Sunset Nails

Capture the essence of spring and warmer weather with a sunset-inspired nail design. Miss Pop suggests creating a sunset effect using the OPI Xbox Collection. Apply different shades of pink, purple, and blue with a disposable foam eyeshadow applicator, blending them together for a seamless transition. Add clouds using the tip of the applicator for a perfect spring touch.

35. Marbled French

Elevate your nail look with marbled French tips, a perfect choice for spring. Sigourney Nuñez recommends pairing pastel shades with this classy design. Blend two shades and apply them using a makeup sponge, creating a diagonal color placement. Use a clean-up brush and nail polish remover to create a swoosh shape for added elegance. OPI’s Racing for Pinks and The Pass is Always Greener makes for a heavenly color combination.

36. Pearls Galore

Create a trendy and embellished look with pearls on your nails. Gina Edwards suggests using a wooden stick with a small piece of used gum at the end to pick up and fasten each pearl to the nail using nail glue. The intricate flow of different colors and the addition of pearls make this design relatable to fashion trends without being over the top. If you’re new to nail art, you can start with accent nails for a more subtle and on-trend look.

37. Lava Lamps

Miss Pop describes lava lamp nails as amorphous blobs of color or metallic that rise across the nail in abstract shapes, with each nail being different. This design allows for artistic freedom and doesn’t require precise application, making it easier to DIY. Choose three of your favorite colors, apply a clear topcoat, and paint the shapes individually, allowing each to dry before layering the next. Finish with another topcoat for a glossy finish.

38. Decal Heaven

Nail decals have become famous for their ease of use and trending designs. Sigourney Nuñez suggests using nail decals to achieve detailed nail art without needing advanced skills. After applying two coats of a shimmering shade following your base coat, press the nail sticker onto your nails using a plastic cuticle pusher. Finally, apply a topcoat to seal the design and add shine.

39. Blue Nails with Flowers

Create a timeless and classic Spring nail look with delicate daisy flowers set against a clear blue sky backdrop. The combination of royal blue nail color and daisy flowers makes this design a standout choice for Spring.

40. Make Your Luck

Embrace the neglected color of the Spring palette by opting for vibrant green nail polish. Apply two coats of your favorite green polish and cure your nails for 60 seconds. For added sparkle, apply one coat of glitter to select fingers.

41. Cute Spring Nails

Embrace the softer hues dominating the beauty scene with this adorable Spring nail design. Combining a green light color blending with warm yellow and daisy flowers creates a charming and fresh look.

42. Green Tips with Small Flowers

French tips are always a favorite, and these Spring nails feature dark green tips adorned with minimalist flower nail art. Recreate this look using a tiny brush or toothpick and white nail varnish.

43. Blink Bang Nails

For a more elegant Spring look, try striking hot pink nails with lighter-colored and beautifully decorated nails. The combination of hot pink, swirls, and mini flowers creates a trendy and refreshing design.

44. Royal Blue Nails

Achieve a royal yet simple Spring nail design with great blue nails. Apply two coats of your favorite royal blue polish and cure your nails in a UV lamp for 60 seconds. Finish with an extra shiny coat for a polished look.

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45. Mixed Colors Spring Nails

Experience the beauty of all Springtime colors with this eye-catching nail design. Blue and pink gel colors create a trendy and popular Spring nail combination.

46. Bold and Bright Nails

Channel the joyful atmosphere of Springtime festivities with multi-colored nails reminiscent of fair lights. Layer different nail varnishes for a cool and 3D effect.

47. Tropical Nails

Capture the essence of a beach vacation with pink pastels and subtle detailing. Start by painting flowers, then use a toothpick dipped in green varnish to create vine-like lines between them.

48. Spring Daisies

Refresh your nails with a matte finish and hand-painted daisies. This popular Spring nail design is both elegant and worth recreating.

49. Pastel Lilac

Combine adorable flowers and French tips in a classy purple style. These Spring nails will upgrade your look and earn you compliments.

50. Minty Nails

Pay homage to the freshness of Spring with these stunning nails. The minty color is slightly minimalist and pastel, creating a subtle and beautiful look.

51. Pastel Colors Block

Play with color blocking in this creative Spring nail idea. The multi-colored tips are playful, while the patchwork accent nail requires some extra work but is worth it.

52. Flowers to Cheer

Bring a smile to your face with these heart-warming nails that exude the laid-back vibes of Spring.

53. Blue is Life

Embrace elegance and sophistication with this chic Spring nail design. The classic French tip is elevated with an easy-to-replicate underlined line and two full-colored blue nails, making it a perfect DIY Spring manicure.

54. Lilac Spring

Prepare for the comeback of lilac this Spring with a trendy and easy-to-master manicure. Stay ahead of the trend by practicing this Spring-inspired look that may be challenging at first but becomes easier with practice.

55. Diamond Of The First Water

Try creamy white nails with a subtle French tip for a more understated and elegant Spring nail design. The milky color and delicate hint of French tip create an intriguing and sophisticated look.

56. Blossom Nails

Embrace a funky and chic vibe with these floral-inspired nails that combine French tips and flower motifs. This nail design captures the essence of Springtime beauty uniquely and stylishly.

57. Soft Textures

Melt hearts with these charming nails that feature exciting textures, fun patterns, and faint pastel colors. Ideal for those seeking something extra special this Spring.

58. Purple Spring Nails

Perfect for girly girls, these Spring nails are cover-ready, Instagram-worthy, and inspired by the season’s vibrant colors.

59. Simple Spring Nails

Short on time? Don’t worry! You can still achieve beautiful nails with minimal effort. Paint one hand with a rich pink polish and leave two nails on the other hand for an intricate floral design using multiple nail polish colors and a toothpick.

60. Lemon Sorbet

Impress everyone with these deceptively easy-to-replicate Spring nails. This design is achievable for intermediate nail artists, featuring straight lines, alternative French tips, and small flowers.

61. CareBears Nails

Sugar, sweet, adorable, and colorful, these CareBear nails are a fresh and dazzling look for Spring. For the full effect, it’s recommended to visit a nail technician.

62. Green Spring Nails

Create a striking look by mixing neon green tips with delicate daisies near the cuticle. These nails will make a statement and are perfect for a night out or a Spring clubbing scene.

63. Shades of Blue

If you prefer more muted colors, this Spring nail design is ideal. Achieve an easy yet beautiful manicure that captures the essence of Spring without the bold and bright hues.

64. Feeling Tropical

These unique and stunning nails are a tropical paradise at your fingertips. While replicating this design may seem challenging, the results are gorgeous and worth the effort for a standout Spring look.

65. Spring Floral Nails

Channel the chic vibes of the 60s with these nails adorned with funky-fresh flowers and vibrant vines. The color-blocked base adds a fun and fashionable touch to this eye-catching design.

66. Midweek Blues Nails

When you need a mood boost, these nails are perfect for your springtime look. They balance cute, casual, and elegant, offering a trendy appeal for any occasion.

67. Manifesting Spring

For those eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring, these nails are a delightful choice. Combining hints of glamour and elegance, they exude a warm, pleasing aesthetic that captures the season’s essence.

68. Negative Space Florals

Embrace the negative space trend with these stunning spring nails. Instead of full coverage, use your natural nails as a canvas to create artistic floral designs that are right on-trend.

69. Smiley Mint Nails

Infused with shades of chic-goth, punk, and rebellion, these bold spring nails are loaded with personality and fun. They’re the perfect choice to get you in the Spring mood with their unique and edgy style.

70. Matcha Mondays

Take a moment to relax and enjoy the cozy temperatures of Spring with a cup of matcha tea while admiring your nails inspired by the soothing green hues of matcha. This design is a perfect reflection of the season’s ambiance.

71. Lucid Dreaming

Indulge in a mystifying and intriguing Spring nail idea that stands out. This design pushes boundaries and adds an element of intrigue to your manicure, making it perfect for those who crave something different.

72. Trendy Spring Swirls

Swirls have been a huge trend this year, and these Spring nails take full advantage of their popularity. With soft edges, fading lines, and sweeping angles, this design allows you to play with exciting color blends and whirls, creating a captivating look.

73. Pastel Tips

Experience a continuous dopamine boost with these dreamy and delicate nails. This manicure is the epitome of sweetness and charm, featuring contrasting pastel colors and adorned with little daisies.

74. Blossom Spring Nail Designs

This delightfully girly nail design captures hearts with its overlapping flowers. The unique touch of floral arrangement makes it a standout choice for Spring.

75. Orange Spring Swirls

Adding a fresh twist to the swirls trend, these Spring nails incorporate a vibrant orange hue with a zestful twist. It’s a new, exciting take on a popular trend, perfect for those who love experimenting.

76. Blue Frenchies with Butterflies

Embrace the “soft girl” trend with these delicate baby blue French tips. Adding a white accent nail, adorned with stunning butterflies adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to this charming manicure.

77. Wavy Spring Nail Tips

Elevate the classic French tip with a creative twist. These beautifully colored “stage curtain” nails steal the show with their captivating colors and unique design, perfect for Spring.

78. Mother Nature Spring Nails

Make a bold statement with multiple shades of green nails that embody the power and style of Spring. This striking manicure showcases your dedication to the season and your style.

79. Spicy Spring Nail Design

Unleash your fun side with these wacky-chic Spring nails. Each nail is a unique masterpiece of personality-packed nail art, ensuring a playful and vibrant look that can be enjoyed even after Spring has passed.

80. Wildflower Spring Nail Design

While many Spring nail designs embrace bold colors and shapes, these delicate nails whisper their magnificent beauty. Focusing on intricate details and understated elegance, they subtly and captivatingly capture the essence of the season subtly and captivatingly.

Care Instruction for Nail

nail care tips

Proper care and maintenance of your nails are essential to keep them healthy, strong, and looking their best. Here are some care instructions to help you maintain beautiful and well-groomed nails:

Keep nails clean: Regularly clean your nails with a gentle brush or soft toothbrush to remove dirt, bacteria, and debris. Use a mild soap or nail cleanser and warm water to avoid drying out your nails and cuticles.

Moisturize regularly: Apply a nourishing hand and nail cream or cuticle oil to keep your nails and surrounding skin hydrated. This helps prevent dryness, cracking, and splitting.

Trim and shape nails: Use a sharp and clean nail clipper or nail file to trim your nails regularly. File them into your desired shape, such as square, rounded, or oval. Be cautious not to file too aggressively or in a back-and-forth motion, as this can weaken the nails.

Don’t cut cuticles: Avoid cutting or trimming your cuticles excessively, as they serve as a protective barrier against infection. Gently push back the cuticles using a cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick after softening your nails in warm water.

Protect your nails: Wear gloves when doing household chores, gardening, or using harsh chemicals to prevent damage to your nails. Prolonged exposure to water and chemicals can weaken and dry out the nails.

Avoid using nails as tools: Avoid the temptation to use your nails to open cans, scratch surfaces, or pry objects. Using your nails in such a manner can cause them to chip, break, or become weak.

Use gentle nail care products: Choose nail polishes, removers, and treatments that are acetone-free and gentle on the nails. Harsh chemicals can strip the nails of moisture and weaken them over time.

Maintaining a healthy diet: A balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins promotes nail health. Include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts to provide essential nutrients for strong and healthy nails.

Limit exposure to harsh conditions: Excessive exposure to moisture, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather conditions can weaken the nails. Protect your nails with gloves or a barrier cream whenever possible.

Give your nails a break: Occasionally, allow your nails to breathe and recover by going polish-free. This helps prevent discoloration and allows your nails to regain their natural strength.


We hope you’ve now no more confusion about spring nails. As we wrap up our journey through the realm of spring nails, it’s clear that this vibrant and expressive form of self-care is a beautiful way to embrace the season’s energy and celebrate its beauty.

From delicate and intricate designs to bold and playful patterns, spring nail art offers something for everyone, allowing individuals to showcase their personality and creativity through their fingertips. 

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