Top Tips for a Successful Singapore Visa Application

Are you planning to visit Singapore? This iconic city with towering skyscrapers and white sand beaches is a must-experience for travellers.

But, before visiting this country, Indian nationals need a visa to enter. This blog will cover some essential tips to help you apply for a Singapore visa for Indians in no time.

Best Tips for a Smooth Singapore Visa for Indians Application

Before applying for your visa, remember these amazing tips for your first trip to Singapore. These are essential tips to ensure a seamless application process:

Plan Ahead

One of the golden rules for a smooth visa application is to plan well in advance. Rushing through the process can lead to errors and delays. Start your preparations at least two to three months before your intended travel date.

Choose the Correct Visa Type

Before you move on to applying for any Singapore visa for Indians, first, look at what visa type you must apply for. Do some research and find the visa type that meets your travelling intent. 

Eligibility Criteria

Meeting the eligibility criteria is vital in ensuring a successful visa application. Criteria may vary based on the visa type, but common requirements include financial stability, a clean criminal record, and a legitimate reason for your visit.

Ensure You Have All Your Documents

Before applying for your visa, ensure you have all the required documents, such as passport, flight tickets, and accommodation bookings. This will help you complete the application steps when certain information is required.

Choose The Correct Online Portal

Indians can only apply for a Singapore visa through an invitation, authorised visa agents, or strategic partners. This requires applying for your visa at a strategic partner portal like Atlys. You can read more about it later in the blog. 

Meet The Photo Requirements

When you take your photo for the online submission, ensure that it meets all the requirements, such as having a white background and a neutral facial expression. It will help you complete the process quicker since incorrect photos will not be accepted.

Check Your Visa Status

Once you have applied for your visa, you can do a visa status check. This will allow you to see your visa’s current status. If there are any missing or incorrect documents, you can see them when doing a status check. This will then allow you to correct the documents without further delays.

The Basics of Singapore Visa

Understanding the Singapore Visa Types

Now that you know some good tips for obtaining a Singapore visa, let’s also explore the various types of visas available.

Here are the common visa types Indian citizens can apply for:

Tourist Visa: Before travelling to Singapore for leisure and tourism, you must apply for a Singapore visa for Indians. With this visa, you can stay in the country for up to 30 days at a time, providing enough time to explore this amazing city. 

Business Visa: Singapore offers a business visa for travellers who visit the country to perform business activities, such as attending business meetings or conferences.

Student Visa: Indian students looking to enhance their education and study in Singapore must apply for a Singapore student visa. The student visa is considered a long-term visa used for students studying in Singapore for longer than 30 days.

Golden Visa: Singapore offers a Golden Visa, which is an exclusive permanent residency visa. The golden visa provides an opportunity for investors to become citizens of the nation by making large investments. 

Obtaining a Singapore Visa

Unlike the traditional ways of standing in a queue at an embassy, Indians can now apply for a Singapore visa online. This allows you to obtain a visa without leaving your house. 

Indian nationals can only obtain a Singapore tourist visa when applying through a local contact, authorised agency, or a strategic partner

Indians cannot obtain a Singapore e-visa, but the online application is very similar and just as convenient.

The application steps vary based on where you apply for your visa. Online portals require you to complete the online application, pay the visa fees, send in your documents, and then wait for your visa to be processed.

Your passport and visa will be sent to you when your visa gets approved.

Benefits of Applying for a Visa Online

Now that we have seen the simplicity of the online application. Here are some benefits when you obtain a visa online:

Quick and Convenient: Applying for a visa online is a breeze. You can complete the application process online, and when your visa gets approved, your passport with your visa will be sent to you. This allows you to obtain a visa without leaving the comfort of your own house.

Reduced Paperwork: No need to deal with piles of paperwork. The Singapore online visa application is digital, reducing the hassle of document submissions.

Professional Help: If you encounter any difficulties while completing the online application, there are multiple ways to reach out and ask for help on the online portals. These visa portals have professional assistance to help you with any application query.

There You Have It!

In conclusion, we have seen that Indian nationals need a visa to visit Singapore. Luckily, you can apply for a Singapore visa for Indians online quickly and conveniently. This does not require visiting the embassy yourself. We also learned some essential tips to help you apply for your Singapore visa.

Now, you are ready to obtain your visa quickly and easily.

Enjoy your travel to Singapore!

Government Source:

If you would like to learn more about the Singapore visa for Indians. Be sure to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore.


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