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Press Your Luck Season 5 – Most Thrilling Game Shows in 2023

press your luck season 5

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The anticipation and excitement surrounding the Press Your Luck season 5 are at an all-time high. This beloved game show, known for its nail-biting tension and high stakes, is set to return with a new season, promising an even more thrilling experience for its fans. 

Having successfully delivered four seasons, each better than the last, “Press Your Luck” is gearing up to outdo itself with many exciting twists, challenging questions, and a talented ensemble of contestants. As we draw closer to the premiere, the air is electric with anticipation for what promises to be the most engaging season yet.

All-Star Cast of Press Your Luck Season 5

The much-awaited Press Your Luck season 5 is packed with an all-star cast that has been instrumental in bringing the show to life with their charisma and competitive spirit. The returning cast members, who are fan favorites, are set to light up the stage with their unique strategies and infectious enthusiasm. Here’s the star-studded lineup for the upcoming season:

  • Neil Ross ( Show announcer)
  • Elizabeth Bank (Show host)
  • Pam Kirk
  • Theodore Kooper
  • Cathy Cisniros

Highlighting the All-Star Cast of Press Your Luck Season 5

press your luck opening scene

Press Your Luck season 5 brings an all-star cast that promises to elevate the thrilling competition to new heights. Let’s delve into the stellar lineup:

  • Peter Tomarken: Returning as the show’s seasoned host, Tomarken is renowned for his lively and quick-witted hosting style that brings charm and charisma to the game. His rapport with contestants and audience engagement has made him a fan favorite.
  • Elizabeth Banks: The vivacious co-host, Banks, is set to bring her charm and energy back to the show. Her quick thinking, coupled with her vibrant on-screen presence, enhances the dynamic nature of the series.

Plot and Storyline of Press Your Luck Season 5

As a beloved game show, Press Your Luck season 5 promises an exciting, high-stakes competition with thrilling twists and turns. While the game’s basic structure remains the same, the new season plans to introduce new elements that will challenge the contestants in unprecedented ways. 

The storyline revolves around contestants answering trivia questions to earn spins on the Big Board for a chance to win cash and prizes while trying to avoid the dreaded ‘Whammy,’ which can take away all they’ve won. This season teases more strategic gameplay, potential alliances, and high-intensity decision-making.

With the introduction of new contestants, each bringing their unique tactics to the table, Season 5 is set to elevate the drama and tension of the game, making it a must-watch for all game show enthusiasts.

Overview of the Plot, Storyline, and Characters of the New Season

Category Details
Season Season 5
Season Name  Press Your Luck
Plot and Storyline Exciting, high-stakes competition with thrilling twists and turns. Contestants answer trivia questions to earn spins on the Big Board to win cash and prizes while avoiding the ‘Whammy.’ More strategic gameplay, potential alliances, and high-intensity decision-making.
Genre Game Show
Release Date June 30, 2023
Trailer Updates Check the official ABC website and social media platforms for the latest trailer updates.
Language English
Where to Watch

ABC (Broadcast Network)

Hulu (Streaming Platform)

Disney+ (International Streaming)

IMDB Rating  6.4/10
Released Season   4
Main Characters

– Peter Tomarken as Host

– Elizabeth Banks as Co-Host

Possible Plot Twists and Surprises

While specifics about Press Your Luck season 5 are under wraps to preserve the element of surprise, here are a few potential plot twists and surprises that we could see:

  • Introduction of New Spaces: The Big Board could introduce new spaces with added benefits or disadvantages, throwing contestants off their well-planned strategies.
  • Surprise Double Whammies: There might be unexpected Double Whammy hits, causing an unforeseen turn of events and drastically changing the course of the game.
  • Increased Stakes: The cash and prize values might be increased, making the competition more intense than ever and raising the stakes for contestants.
  • Alliance Formation: Contestants could form strategic alliances to navigate the game, creating a new dynamic and possibly causing drama.
  • Wildcard Entrants: There could be surprise entrants at various points in the season, introducing new competition and potential disruptions to the existing game strategy.
  • Hidden Advantages: Contestants could earn hidden advantages through particular trivia questions or chance events, potentially turning the tide in their favor.
  • Audience Participation: There could be interactive elements added where the audience gets a chance to affect the course of the game.

Remember, these are mere speculations, and the plot could unfold differently. The unpredictability and suspense make “Press Your Luck” a thrilling watch!

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Behind the Scenes of Press Your Luck Season 5

behind the scene of press your luck

Behind the glitz and excitement of Press, Your Luck Season 5 lies a tale of immense dedication, innovation, and resilience. The show’s production saw various challenges, from devising new game elements to ensuring a seamless experience for contestants and viewers alike. The crew had to adapt to new filming techniques due to evolving circumstances, which resulted in innovative approaches to the game’s presentation. 

In an exclusive interview, the director and writer shared insightful stories about their quest to retain the essence of the beloved show while making it more engaging and thrilling. They also spoke about the camaraderie amongst the crew and contestants, which has made the journey of creating Press Your Luck season 5 an enriching experience. Indeed, the untold stories behind the scenes of “Press Your Luck” Season 5 are as riveting as the on-screen action, embodying the spirit of persistence and innovation.

Production Challenges and Innovations During Filming

The production of Press Your Luck season 5 was an adventurous journey marked by unforeseen challenges and ingenious innovations. The creators faced a myriad of complexities, from adapting to new technologies and filming methodologies to ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for the audience. Despite the hurdles, the production team’s steadfast determination to deliver a high-quality show led to creative solutions and advancements. 

These innovations helped overcome the challenges and added fresh dimensions to the game, making Season 5 a testament to the team’s resilience and ingenuity. Let’s delve into the specifics of these production challenges and the innovations that arose during the filming of this anticipated season.

What to Expect from Press Your Luck Season 5?

What to Expect from Press Your Luck Season 5

Press Your Luck season 5 is expected to push the envelope further, providing fans with more intense and gripping gameplay. Here’s what you can expect from the upcoming season:

  • Elevated Gameplay: The stakes are higher than ever. The contest will be more challenging and engaging, with increased prize values and tougher trivia questions.
  • Fresh Faces: With new contestants entering the game, expect new strategies and tactics, which could potentially disrupt the existing gameplay dynamic.
  • Plot Twists: The new season teases more unexpected plot twists and turns. From surprise Double Whammy hits to wildcard entrants, anything could happen.
  • Alliances and Rivalries: Expect to witness the formation of strategic alliances and rivalries amongst contestants, adding a new layer of intrigue to the game.
  • Audience Participation: More interactive elements might be introduced, allowing the audience to engage with the game in novel ways.
  • Evolving Game Elements: There could be modifications to the Big Board and the introduction of new spaces or rules, making the game even more unpredictable.

As always, fans can expect high-energy hosting, a lively atmosphere, and a perfect blend of knowledge-testing and chance that makes “Press Your Luck” the thrilling game show it is. Get ready to be entertained as Press Your Luck season 5 promises to be a rollercoaster ride!

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Analysis of the Show’s Strengths and Weaknesses

“Press Your Luck” has managed to captivate audiences with its unique blend of knowledge-based competition and sheer luck. However, like all shows, it has its strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Engaging Gameplay: The show’s combination of trivia questions and the spinning Big Board keeps the audience on their toes.
  2. Dynamic Host: The charisma and wit of the host, Peter Tomarken, add to the show’s charm and appeal.
  3. Unpredictability: With the presence of the Whammy, the game’s unpredictability adds an exciting element of risk.
  4. Diverse Contestants: The show features contestants from various backgrounds, adding different dynamics to the game and making it more relatable for the audience.
  5. Interactive Elements: The show’s interactive elements engage the audience, making them feel a part of the game.


  1. Over-Reliance on Luck: While luck makes the game interesting, it can sometimes overshadow skill and knowledge, which may frustrate some viewers.
  2. Repetitiveness: The game structure can become repetitive over time. The show could benefit from more variety in question types or game elements.
  3. Lack of Deep Engagement: While the show is entertaining, it lacks a deeper narrative or character development due to its nature as a game show.
  4. Predictability of Questions: Some critics argue that the trivia questions could be more challenging, as they often fall into predictable categories.

Despite these weaknesses, “Press Your Luck” continues to be a beloved game show due to its exciting gameplay and the infectious energy of its host and contestants.

Overview of the Previous Seasons

“Press Your Luck” has had an exciting journey over its past four seasons, establishing itself as a popular and thrilling game show. Let’s take a brief look back at the previous seasons:

Season 1: The inaugural season set the tone for the series. It introduced the classic elements of the game – the trivia questions, the Big Board, the prizes, and, of course, the dreaded Whammy. Its blend of knowledge testing and chance quickly captured the audience’s attention.

Season 2: The second season saw a ramping up of the stakes. The trivia questions became more challenging, and the prize values on the Big Board were increased. The season also featured several memorable contestants and nail-biting finishes.

Season 3: This season is remembered for its surprising twists and turns. Several new elements were added to the Big Board, making the game even more unpredictable. A notable addition was the Double Whammy, which added an extra layer of risk and excitement.

Season 4: The fourth season introduced the concept of alliances among contestants. It also brought back popular contestants from previous seasons, adding to the nostalgia and making the competition even fiercer.

Each season of “Press Your Luck” has built on the success of its predecessor while adding new elements to keep the audience engaged. As we look forward to Season 5, we can’t help but anticipate what exciting new surprises await us.

Music of Press Your Luck Season 5

Music is pivotal in setting the tone for any television show, and “Press Your Luck” is no exception. As we gear up for Press Your Luck season 5, the show promises to continue its tradition of a vibrant and engaging musical score that mirrors the high energy and suspense of the game.

The soundtrack will likely continue to employ a lively blend of music, with triumphant tunes accompanying victories, tense tracks for high-stakes moments, and the classic whimsical yet foreboding theme for the dreaded Whammy. The score enhances the viewer’s connection to the game, making every spin of the Big Board a thrilling auditory experience and a visual one.

We can also expect some new musical elements in Press Your Luck season 5. These additions, whether new themes for the fresh faces joining the game or unique tracks for new twists and turns, will only enhance the atmosphere of exhilaration and suspense that “Press Your Luck” is known for. The music will undoubtedly continue to be integral to the experience, heightening the drama and anticipation at every turn.

Fan Theories and Predictions for Press Your Luck Season 5

As the anticipation for Press Your Luck season 5 builds, fan theories, and predictions have been circulating on social media and various online forums. Here are a few that have been making the rounds:

  1. Surprise Comebacks: Some fans predict the return of fan-favorite contestants from previous seasons for a surprise twist.
  2. New Game Elements: Theories about adding new elements to the Big Board, such as added benefits or increased risks, are popular.
  3. Wildcard Entrant: Fans speculate about a potential wildcard entrant who could shake up the competition.
  4. Hidden Advantages: Some fans believe the show might introduce hidden advantages that contestants can earn through particular trivia questions or chance events.
  5. Increased Audience Participation: Many fans hope and predict that the new season might introduce more interactive elements that allow the audience to impact the course of the game.
  6. Alliances and Rivalries: Fans are also predicting the formation of alliances among contestants that could change the game’s dynamics.

Remember, these theories and predictions are just speculations from excited fans, and the actual season could unfold quite differently. One thing’s for sure: Press Your Luck season 5 is bound to keep us on the edge of our seats!

Release Date and Availability for Press Your Luck Season 5

The much-anticipated Press Your Luck season 5 is set to premiere on June 30, 2023. The show continues to air on its original network, ABC, with episodes released weekly. The new episodes will be available on Hulu a day after their original broadcast for fans who prefer streaming services. International viewers can catch the show on Disney+, releasing episodes simultaneously with the US broadcast. 

This ensures that no matter where you are, you won’t miss out on the thrilling gameplay and nail-biting finishes that “Press Your Luck” promises to deliver in its latest season. So, mark your calendars and prepare for an exciting season filled with trivia, strategy, and the ever-looming Whammy!

Where and When to Watch the New Season?

Press Your Luck season 5 is set to premiere on June 30, 2023. It will air weekly on ABC, its original broadcast network. Viewers can tune in to watch new episodes as they unfold, filled with the same thrilling tension and exciting gameplay that has made the show a favorite among fans.

For those who prefer streaming their favorite shows, “Press Your Luck” Season 5 will also be available on Hulu. Episodes will appear on the platform one day after their original broadcast, allowing fans to catch up at their own pace.

International viewers can enjoy the new season on Disney+. The platform will release the episodes simultaneously with the US broadcast, ensuring that fans all over the globe can join in on the excitement.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional TV or prefer streaming, plenty of options are available to ensure you won’t miss a moment of Press Your Luck season 5. Prepare to press your luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Fun Facts of The Press Your Luck Season 5

Press Your Luck season 5 is filled with intriguing elements, making it a unique game show. Here are some fun facts about the upcoming season:

  1. Record Number of Contestants: Season 5 will see the largest pool of contestants in the show’s history, featuring players from diverse backgrounds and walks of life.
  2. New Big Board Design: For the first time since the show’s inception, the Big Board will feature a new design. While the details are kept under wraps, it’s sure to add an exciting twist to the gameplay.
  3. Youngest Contestant Ever: Season 5 will feature the youngest contestant in “Press Your Luck.”
  4. Celebrity Appearances: The new season will feature special celebrity guests, adding an extra layer of excitement.
  5. Live Audience Participation: As a first for the show, live audience members will have a chance to participate in the game in a small way, creating a more interactive experience.
  6. Longest Filming Day: One episode of Season 5 reportedly took the longest to film due to unexpected gameplay twists.
  7. Highest Prize Value: This season boasts the highest cumulative prize value across all episodes, making the stakes higher than ever before.

These fun facts only add to the intrigue of Season 5, promising to make it the most exciting “Press Your Luck” season yet!

Critical Reception and Ratings of Press Your Luck Season 4

“Press Your Luck” Season 4 was met with positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised its energetic presentation and exciting gameplay.

The season maintained strong ratings throughout its run, demonstrating the consistent popularity of the game show format. It garnered an average viewership of 3.7 million, a solid number in the current television landscape, showing the strength of its fanbase.

Critics appreciated the blend of strategy and chance that the show offered. The introduction of alliances among contestants in Season 4 was particularly lauded as an intriguing addition that added a new dimension to the gameplay. The season was noted for its surprising twists and turns, which kept the audience on their toes.

Audience reviews were largely positive as well. Fans appreciated the mix of returning contestants and new faces and the heightened stakes and challenging trivia questions. The charismatic hosting of Peter Tomarken also continued to be a highlight for many viewers.

Overall, “Press Your Luck” Season 4 was a success, keeping its core fanbase entertained while attracting new viewers. The positive reception of Season 4 bodes well for the upcoming Season 5, which is expected to push the envelope even further.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Press Your Luck Season 5

As we approach the premiere of Press Your Luck season 5, the anticipation is palpable. Building on the success of the previous seasons, the upcoming season promises to deliver an exciting blend of knowledge-based competition, strategic gameplay, and the unpredictability of chance. With a diverse cast of contestants, innovative twists, and the ever-present threat of the Whammy, the show will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The trailer and promotional materials have hinted at surprises and new elements, sparking theories and predictions among eager fans. Behind the scenes, the show’s creators have overcome production challenges and have worked hard to elevate the viewer’s experience, enhancing both the visual spectacle and the musical score.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of “Press Your Luck” or a newcomer to the show, Season 5 promises a rollercoaster of highs and lows, triumphs and disappointments, strategy, and luck. As the contestants grapple with trivia questions and the Big Board, the viewers will find themselves invested in their journeys, rooting for their successes and feeling the sting of their losses.

So get ready to “Press Your Luck” and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of one of television’s most entertaining game shows. The ride begins on June 30, 2023 – don’t miss it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Press Your Luck Season 5

Are you eagerly anticipating the fifth season of the thrilling game show “Press Your Luck”? We’ve covered you with frequently asked questions to provide you with all the essential information about the upcoming season. Check out the following FAQs to satisfy your curiosity and prepare for the most engaging season yet!

Is there going to be a season 5 of Press Your Luck?

The letter network has picked up Press Your Luck for a fifth season. The news was spread through social media. Press Your Luck is a prime-time game show based on a CBS daytime show from the 1980s that ran for three seasons.

Is Press Your Luck returning?

In 2019, Press Your Luck started running as a weekly primetime show on ABC. Elizabeth Banks is the host, and Neil Ross is the announcer and the voice of the Whammy. The version on ABC has had four seasons so far, and a fifth is set to start in 2023.

How many seasons of Press Your Luck are there?

There are a total of 8 seasons.

How do you become a contestant on Press Your Luck?

If you want to be on Press Your Luck, you can fill out an application on the show’s casting page. No one knows when filming will start, so get there as soon as possible. We want you to be the first person to win a million dollars on the show.

Where is Press Your Luck filmed?

Press Your Luck was filmed at the Television City Studios in Hollywood, California, at the Genesee Gate. Since it opened in 1952, The Studios has become a popular place for many shows to film.

Why did Press Your Luck to End?

Larson’s streak had gone on so long that CBS had to split the airing into two half-hour segments. The network was so embarrassed by the board’s mistake that they only aired the shows once. The show ended in September 1986, just two years after Larson appeared on Press Your Luck.

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