How to Select the Right Payroll System for Your Small Business?

Indeed, paying your staff on time and accurately should always be a top business priority. That means selecting payroll software is a decision that requires a lot of careful consideration. After all, an inefficient and complex system will cost you a boatload of time and money. In addition, if you’re reliant on manual methods, staying submissive with numerous payroll laws across different states is a significant challenge.

Furthermore, collaborating with a provider that satisfies your business’s requirements will help you stay on top of payroll intricacies. By doing so, you can invest your time in your people and grow your business.

Are you struggling to find the right payroll software for your company? Well, it’s a good thing you came here because this article enlists everything there is to consider when selecting a payroll system to fund your workforce.

With so many payroll systems in the market, how do you find the right pick? Don’t fret; below is a list of all the aspects you must consider when selecting payroll software for your small business.

  1. Features

The perfect payroll software for your business will hold various essential features to ensure payroll is a continuous process. Below is a list of all the features your preferred software should have:

  • Tax Compliant: When you pay your employees or yourself, various payroll taxes require consideration. These include Medicare, income tax, social security, amongst other standard finances. Sound payroll systems will help automate all these functions by reporting and deducting the amount, enabling you to report these funds to the appropriate dealer, whether the state or your local tax authority.
  • Off-Cycle Payroll: Another essential feature is the practicality of off-cycle payroll. It will allow you to process a final or advance payment, distribute bonuses, or make a correction.
  • Direct Deposit: When funds transfer directly to your employee’s bank accounts, it offers speed, convenience, and a lower risk of fraud.
  • Several Income Types: The ideal payroll software should enable various incomes, including holiday pay, bonuses, commissions, expense reimbursements, and other taxable benefits.
  • Variety of Deduction Types: Your payroll needs to deduct costs such as life insurance and medical.
  • After the Fact Payroll: It allows you to access the standards of payroll that have already been issued. It also helps to ensure thorough compliance reporting.
  • E-File W-2s & W3s to SSA: A premium quality payroll system will enable you to E-file W2s and W3s to the SSA and numerous other states at no additional costs. Please do not skip this feature, as it will boost your business’s growth.
  • Accessibility: Go for cloud-based payroll software that allows you to access information anywhere with an internet connection, a suitable device, and a browser. It gives you the luxury of accessing your data from anywhere, anytime. Mobile versions of cloud-based software and applications allow employees to view their payslips and follow your announcements promptly even when there are not in the workplace.
  • User Experience: Indeed, computing payroll is a daunting task, even with one employee in your funding situation. Not everyone is skilled at it. That said, you need to pick software that is easy to use for everyone in your company. A reliable payroll program would have a slight learning curve with minimal training, so your employees and staff will know their way around with little effort.
  1. Security

Payroll software manages some of your business’s most sensitive data, from salary figures, social security records, bank account details, etc. As such, it is adequately securing this information is of the utmost importance. Failing to do so could make your company susceptible to harsh penalties. So when it comes to selecting good payroll software for small businesses, security is an essential aspect.

Ensure that you are aware of how the vendor secures your sensitive data. The payroll system should be insured, bonded, and carry a robust sense of encryption. With such a feature, you will have the peace of mind that your information is safe.

  1. Flexibility

Select a flexible solution and a vendor that can grow with your business. How easily will you be able to add components if your business needs change? When browsing, ask every vendor if their system supports work locations, changing employee assignments, and pay rates.

  1. Robust Customer Support

When you use payroll software, you possess control over your payroll. However, you mustn’t be alone if you have any queries. A vendor that provides vital support could assist your in-house payroll team to overcome barriers to accurately sending payments on time.

So the goal is to search for providers that will support your every step. Some payroll providers offer over-the-phone support, online, or even both. Based on your personal preference, you will want to consider the kind of customer support you’ll receive as you narrow your choices.


A reliable and efficient payroll system is worth the hassle. It alleviates obstacles to compliance, removes administrative overhead from your payroll staff, and offers a remarkable level of steadiness that your employees can count on. Other than that, payroll software is the one thing that will keep your company running, so ensure you make the right calls. Just follow our tips, and soon you will find a system that accomplishes all your needs and will help you build a business that runs smoothly for years and years.

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