Why Don’t Traders Have Consistent Outcomes in Forex?

You must have seen investors don’t have consistent results. They follow the method and implement the strategy but the outcome is divergent every time. This industry changes based on the information and people struggle to keep up with recent events. Professionals emphasize maintaining a consistent performance but this is the most challenging task in Forex. If you are thinking about why this situation arises, you will find the answer in this post. 

In this article, we will explain this phenomenon and provide some tips. Novice traders should read this as they initially struggle to make money. By developing a balanced plan, investors can improve their performance.

The trends changes constantly

One of the most annoying things about currency trading is the volatile nature of price movements. Professionals fail frequently to identify the right movements. Techniques are used to predict but that is also not successful. People who have invested know this market scenario. If you want to forecast based on international information and the global economy, the chances of failure are high. Most people cannot comprehend Forex. Websites can’t always be updated with the latest information.

Changes in the trend are not a big issue but you must have the caliber to deal with the major trend change. People who are involved in commodities trading business faces trend change very often. But due to their strong skills, they can withstand all the challenges. Just like them, you should have the skills to identify the major change in the trend. If possible, try to learn about the price action trading strategy as it will give you a better idea about the existing trend.

Techniques are not updated

Obsolete methods are implemented by the community. Developing a plan from scratch is extensive but the result is profitable. People consider this simple but layer they give up. They begin to copy plans from the community which has been developed years ago. Even if the market appears predictable, the scheme should always be compatible with present situations. Investors underestimate the volatility. This results in losing money even during favorable trends. To remain profitable, traders should use the methods with relevant tools. Use the correct risks to reward ratio or stop-loss to prevent losses.

Emotions make the decisions

Emotions can be a destructive force in Forex. People get excited after achieving the profit. They believe they are on a winning roll and keep on trading. When they lost, they lose all the profit. Experts have found out that people make wrong decisions under the influence of emotions. Brains release chemicals known as dopamine which persuades the mind to overtake risky trades. The orders are placed on the market without analyzing the risks. This danger is even greater as you have to deal with mental stress. Plenty of examples can be found where a person lost all their capital after losing one trade after winning continuously. If emotions can be kept apart, the result will be more consistent. Professionals never let their minds take over control of their accounts. They focus on analysis and make decisions based on market movements.

Greed and overconfidence

Traders start their careers and initially all develop at an equal pace. Later they begin to show improvements and many get overconfident. Once people apprehend the potentials, losing mind is common. Brokers falsely advertise the future which attracts more people. Gradually greed takes into the mind and overconfidence develops. After winning in the demo, traders start flying and after achieving targets in live accounts they feel like understanding this industry.

People start making decisions based on their confidence and lose money. They get derailed from their initial style of analyses. They grow arrogant and their performance decline. Later their account is empty and they contemplate why they could not maintain their career consistently. Learning is the only way to make money. To remain profitable and build a long-term career, never be overconfident. Always check the predictions by analyzing the trends.


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