Surprising Benefits and Facts of Onions

Since ancient times, onions were used as food as well as medicine. Onion is no longer so important in the medical science era, but science also acknowledges its benefits. Today, we are telling you that if you sleep by placing an onion near your bed at night, you will also be amazed at the benefits.

The benefits

If you cut an onion into four halves and fall asleep near your bed, it can relieve the problem of cold cough. In fact, onions have anti-bacterial properties, which relieves bacterial infection. It is believed that even in the old times, people used this method to prevent infection. Keeping onions near the bed will also make you sleepy.

It will also relieve you of mosquitoes and insects. In addition, onions are also very beneficial for detoxing the feet. To this, cut the onion into pieces and place it on the soles of your feet and wear the socks. Keep the legs on the same overnight. This will also lead to your foot detox and blood circulation in the legs.

Onions also beneficial for hair and skin

Sulphur is found in onion juice. So applying onion juice to your hair will also make your hair thick and black. Also, if you cut onions and put it on your skin it will also benefit your skin immensely. With the help of onions, hard stains on clothes can also be cleaned. Cleaning the windows and doors of the house will also eliminate the risk of bacterial infection by mixing baking soda and water in onion juice.


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