How to Spend a Great Nightlife in Frankfurt

Known as the financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt is also identified as a major hub for nightlife. Frankfurt Am Main is the place where the concept f nightlife was born. The concept of disk jockeys, nightclubs, and pubs was invented in this city, which is why this city is known to be always partying. From never-ending concerts, ad live music to electro-pop and other creative genres, Frankfurt is always ready to party at any hour.


During the daytime, Frankfurt is one of the economic hubs of Germany with amazing attractions such as museums, Main Tower and Romerberg Square. You can also entertain yourself even after the evening as it has hundreds of traditional restaurants, bars, and parks. This city is home to a good number of people, who are always happy to party. With so much entertainment available in the city, it is a great tourist hotspot. All kinds of tourists love to stay here and party.

How to get there?

Reaching Frankfurt is quite easy. If you are flying from any country, the city’s airport is functional 24/7. There are different highways and railroads that connect Frankfurt with other German and European cities and you can always avail of local transport to reach here. But for starters, it is highly recommended that they acquire the services of a renowned travel agency. Traveling to any destination or a city requires some planning, and it is always wise to hire a professional to do that for you in order to avoid any hassle. It can also help you shave off some expenses from your trip as these travel agencies do offer healthy rebates on tickets, discounts promos, and cheap holiday packages. I was able to find cheap flights to Islamabad the capital of Pakistan when I was visiting this Asian country’s mountains. So, if I can find a discount, why can’t you?

Nightlife in Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s association with music

Frankfurt’s association with music

Frankfurt is considered the birthplace of techno music and regularly host different techno music festivities in its clubs. Legendary Cocoon club is one of the most important techno music clubs in the world. This place is the exact location where this genre of music was born. Their DJs are considered the best in the world.

The diverse population of Frankfurt is one of the biggest reasons why it has some of the diverse taste in music. The young population mostly like pop and electro-pop genre, whereas the ex-pats, rich, and businessmen like all the classical and exceptional genres of music. Mostly these clubs are also equipped with wine bars, so the elite can also enjoy their drinks along with the music in the background.

Frankfurt is one of the best cities in the world to pursue higher education. More than 40,000 students come to this city each year from other parts of Germany, Europe, and the world. Although students are primarily there to study, they do tend to party a bit and enjoy the nightlife in order to relax and blow off steam as they are away from their families and loved ones. For this reason, Bockenheim is the best place to listen to modern music and drink beer in the local pubs. Other important music and drinking points with multiple bars include Salzhaus, Kaiserstrasse, Dreieichstrasse, Bruckenstrasse, etc.

Discos and nightclubs in Frankfurt

There are many discos and nightclubs in Frankfurt. One of the most prominent nightclubs in this city is Tanzhaus West. Though it is an underground club that is very popular among the young people of this city, you can visit it any time and dance to the wide selection of music. Summertime comes with summer parties, concerts, DJs, and other amazing activities.


This place can send you over the sky with its rock and alternative music. Opened in 1976, this place’s legacy is over 40 years now and it continues to grow with time. Although the club is quite small with respect to space, the instruments and acoustics are amazing. You are also always close to the stage, so there is a better chance of a sound and interacting with the playing artist. Over the years, many international artists have played here and even today, you can visit and see your favorite artist playing. Better visit this place on a Friday or a Saturday night to witness some of the best DJs turn this place upside down with their music.

Hafen 2

Hafen 2 is not only a nightclub, it is more of a cultural center that organizes concerts and theater plays along with DJs, concerts, and dance nights. If there is a part of any other cultural event taking place, I highly recommend you to visit this place and witness the beauty of this amazing place.


Located in an old fire shelter, O25 is now a disco club. The place is generally smoky and it employs a dark theme. They put up a different style of music each night and it is perfect for young people, such as students, to take part in different music genres and try to taste some music history.


Open since 1952 and now famous all over the world, Jazzkeller is unarguably one of the most famous clubs in Frankfurt. This club has seen some of the paramount jazz artists of all times such as Louis Armstrong, Eddie Harris, Chet Baker, and Dizzy Gillespie. There are different events and concerts taking place here all the time as well as dance nights on Fridays.

Pubs and Bars in Frankfurt


More than 150 years old, this old-style pub serves tourists as well as locals of Frankfurt. You can find the best apple wine in the basement of Dauth-Schneider, which is served with fried potatoes, sauerkraut, sausages, and much more. They also have local beers and other drinks for you to select.

Luna Bar

Luna Bar is considered one of the best cocktail bars in Frankfurt. This bar has some of the finest interior and decoration work, with amazing wall art, tables, and a curved bar. It is visited by students, businessmen, tourists and almost by every class living in this city. Luna Bar is known for its amazing environment. They also offer music, cocktail menus, and juices.

Jimmy’s Bar

Opened in 1951, Jimmy’s Bar is a famous place in Frankfurt to eat and drink. These American styles bar is mostly visited by elite businessmen who want to socialize after working hours. It is also visited by tourists and other people.

The Anglo-Irish Pub

An Anglo-Irish Pub is a place for everyone to visit and drink as much as he or she can. Based on an Anglo-Irish theme, it has multiple genres of music playing in the background. It is visited mostly by students, tourists, backpackers, and the locals who want to take off their heads from work and their daily life routine and enjoy their time.

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